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Kentucky Tornado

John Marshall Vaughn Jr. was born in 1814 or 1815 in Cumberland County, Kentucky. He was married to Louisa Richardson prior to 1840. Louisa Richardson was born 25 March 1819 in Kentucky. 582 more words

Family Stories

Mystery In Denver

John Alexander Vaughn/Vaughan is one of those interesting people on the family tree that you have bits and pieces of information on and interesting, but unsubstantiated stories. 552 more words

Family Stories

Louisa waits: Sentencing POSTPONED Again, Defense prepares a leniency filing!

Sentencing POSTPONED Again
From 1/27 – To 2/24 -To  3/23
Justice delayed is Justice denied

Help get Justice for Louisa

URGENT- the squeaky wheel gets the oil! 1,005 more words


Louisa's Law :To Reduce DV by Prevention, Services and Accountability

BettyJean Downing Kling

In the US, nearly 4 women are killed daily at the hands of their domestic partner, a woman is raped every few* … 745 more words

Supreme Court denies guns to domestic abusers

By David G. Savage

Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Washington —- The Supreme Court Tuesday upheld a broad federal gun control law that strips gun rights from the many thousands of people who have been convicted of any domestic-violence crime. 471 more words


One Last Kiss

This is a cry for Justice from: BettyJean Kling

On 2/20/09, ( we think that was the date – no one informs any of us) Louisa Richardson – Rodas was rushed from Kessler Institute in West orange , NJ to Hackensack University Medical Center  Emergency Room with a life threatening emergency. 1,118 more words


Rihanna Assault Calls Attention to Violence Against Women

Cross Posted from NOW- Kim Gandy-
Illustrated by Bettyjean Kling

“Whether you are rich or poor, famous or not, young or old–domestic violence does not discriminate,” says NOW President Kim Gandy. 488 more words