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From Louise Gluck:

Summer after summer has ended,

balm after violence:

it does me no good

to be good to me now;

violence has changed me.

– From “October”


"First Memory" by Louise Glück

Long ago, I was wounded. I lived
to revenge myself
against my father, not
for what he was—
for what I was: from the beginning of time, 24 more words


Snowdrops, Louise Glück

Snowdrops, Louise Glück

Do you know what I was, how I lived? You know
what despair is; then
winter should have meaning for you.

I did not expect to survive, 54 more words

Louise Glück

How to Wait for Nothing (A Step-by-Step Guide)

(This is for the girl who fell in love with a boy named Nothing.)

How to Wait for Nothing
(A Step-by-Step Guide)


Tell yourself it’s okay to be desperate… 190 more words


"Real Love" / Memorable Fancies #1299

[“He came into existence when they met” – Louise Glück]

Clea imagined a friend, a man. Concentrating hard, she made up all the virtues she wanted him to have: handsome, brave, talented, loving,… 60 more words


Book Review: A Village Life, Louise Glück

A Village Life, written in 2009, is Louise Glück’s eleventh collection of poetry. This was a lot different from her earlier collections that I’ve read. A lot of reviews have described this as a verse novel, but I don’t think there is a true narrative here, especially compared to something like… 356 more words


"Hesitate to Call" by Louise Glück.

Lived to see you throwing
Me aside. That fought
Like netted fish inside me. Saw you throbbing
In my syrups. Saw you sleep. And lived to see… 25 more words