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POETRY: Thrush by Louise Glück

Snow began falling, over the surface of the whole earth.
That can’t be true. And yet it felt true,
falling more and more thickly over everything I could see. 128 more words

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POETRY: A Summer Garden by Louise Glück


Several weeks ago I discovered a photograph of my mother
sitting in the sun, her face flushed as with achievement or triumph.
The sun was shining. 567 more words

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POETRY: Parable Of The Trellis by Louise Glück

A clematis grew at the foot of a great trellis.
Despite being
modeled on a tree, the trellis
was a human invention; every year, in May, 143 more words

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“There is no edged thing in all the night/Save in my breast.”


“The Muse of  Happiness”

The windows shut, the sun rising.
Sounds of a few birds;
the garden filmed with a light moisture.
And the insecurity of great hope… 153 more words

POETRY: The Empty Glass by Louise Glück

I asked for much; I received much.
I asked for much; I received little, I received
next to nothing.

And between? A few umbrellas opened indoors. 324 more words

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POETRY: Evening Prayer by Louis Glück

I believe my sin
to be entirely common:
the request for help
Masking request for favor
and the plea for pity
thinly veiling complaint.

So little at peace in the spring evening, 128 more words