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"a flower sprang, lilylike, more brilliant / than the purples of Tyre": Louise Glück's "Hyacinth"

I wish I’d been able to celebrate National Poetry Month with more fanfare, Dear Readers—next year, I hope, will be different—but I hope you’ve had the chance to read a poem or two more than usual. 109 more words

Recommended Reading

Read To Me - Day Twenty-Six

Time, by Louise Glück

There was too much, always, then too little.
Childhood: sickness.
By the side of the bed I had a little bell — 322 more words


Wikipedia Poem, No. 66

“I’m / here to follow pages on academics and turn Burt / to a decade / of hits”

Year went to 
get a
  bunny at Orange 

he was dating a musician who 
is fake 

and new 
    and full 
	    of businesses. 165 more words

Mutable Earth by Louise Glück

Mutable Earth

Are you healed or do you only think you’re healed?

I told myself

from nothing

nothing could be taken away.

But can you love anyone yet? 148 more words


The Wild Iris (Gluck)

It would be easy to dismiss this collection, a Pulitzer Prize winner, as just another nature collection, but that would, I think, be to miss the point. 88 more words


Poetry Favorites: Marita Dachsel

Who is your favorite living poet?

Karen Solie

Who is your favorite dead poet?

Robert Louis Stevenson

What is your favorite poem of all time? 274 more words

National Poetry Month