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End of Winter, Louise Gluck

Over the still world, a bird calls
waking solitary among black boughs.

You wanted to be born; I let you be born.
When has my grief ever gotten… 99 more words


"Utopia" by Louise Glück (repost)

When the train stops, the woman said, you must get on it. But how will I
know, the child asked, it is the right train? It will be the right train, said the… 97 more words


Eye for an I; or Thinking About Louise Glück essays and Art for Our Time

Louise Glück’s critical eye reminds me of the red-tailed hawks that patrol the highways, sharp of eye, beak, and talon. Even in my car I feel like prey. 558 more words

Love Poem

📝 Love Poem

👤 Louise Gluck

There is always something to be made of pain.
Your mother knits.
She turns out scarves in every shade of red. 57 more words


Poetry Wednesday: Louise Gluck

Excerpt from the poem The Evening Star

by Louise Gluck

Tonight, for the first time in many years,
there appeared to me again
a vision of the earth’s splendor: 29 more words


Oblivion: A New Year's Prayer

As we make the turn from one calendar year to another, let us remember this: “whatever returns from oblivion returns to find a voice.” That applies to the personal, the political, the metaphorical, and the planetary. 445 more words


What kind of poetry do you like? (If any.)

Hello! I made a short video about a couple of poetry books I really enjoyed–years ago. It was inspired by reading Louise Glück’s book Averno… 33 more words