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"Hesitate to Call" by Louise Glück.

Lived to see you throwing
Me aside. That fought
Like netted fish inside me. Saw you throbbing
In my syrups. Saw you sleep. And lived to see… 25 more words


"The Edge" by Louise Glück.

Time and again, time and again I tie
My heart to that headboard
While my quilted cries
Harden against his hand. He’s bored —
I see it. 62 more words




Ang sabihing wala akong takot —
Hindi iyon totoo.
Takot ako sa pagkakasakit, sa kahihiyan.
Tulad ng kahit sino, may mga pangarap din ako.

92 more words

Louise Glück, from “Witchgrass”


A more poetic life

The other day I found an old notebook — the 6×9 spiral-bound steno kind, green-tinted and Gregg ruled. All but a few pages had been summarily ripped out—cleanly, of course, with no paper detritus clogging up the spiral—so I was curious to see what made it worth saving. 359 more words

Sammitt Says ...



The sun rises over the mountain.
Sometimes there’s mist
but the sun’s behind it always
and the mist isn’t equal to it. 330 more words

Poetry Daily

To reread a book* is to make a pollard**

of it.***


This is what my poets-writing-about-poetry pantheon looks like. Mary Ruefle, Lyn Hejinian, Louise Glück.

I also think they will reign there for a while for I need to re-read all three books in question before I can begin to grasp how they do it: write lucidly about what goes on their minds when writing poetry and what they desire to do with language all the while quietly insidiously making larger arguments on the nature of truth, honesty, art and life…you know, the BIG things. 843 more words

Books I Re-read