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POETRY: Vita Nova, by Louise Glück

You saved me, you should remember me.

The spring of the year; young men buying tickets for the ferry boats.
Laughter, because the air is full of apple blossoms. 174 more words


archaic fragment :: louise glück

I was trying to love matter.
I taped a sign over the mirror:
You cannot hate matter and love form.

It was a beautiful day, though cold. 52 more words


Meadowlands by Louise Gluck

I went on a kick of reading everything Penelope-related. Anything that played with the Odyssey, I read it. Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood? check. Collection of modern Greek poetry by Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke? 483 more words


Poem that makes me think... Midsummers, Louise Glück

On nights like this we used to swim in the quarry,

the boys making up games requiring them to tear off  the girls’ clothes

and the girls cooperating, because they had new bodies since last summer… 660 more words

A Myth of Innocence

There is something interesting here about looking back and re-examining your life. I like this presentation of Persephone, how she may not have been what we had originally thought. 329 more words


"Aboriginal Landscape" by Louise Glück

You’re stepping on your father, my mother said,
and indeed I was standing exactly in the center
of a bed of grass, mown so neatly it could have been… 402 more words


Louise Glück

You came to the side of the bed
and sat staring at me.
Then you kissed me—I felt
hot wax on my forehead.
I wanted it to leave a mark: 39 more words