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Routine Message of Survival

Flowering Plum

In spring from the black branches of the flowering plum tree

the woodthrush issues its routine

message of survival. Where does such happiness come from… 241 more words

On Tenacity

Lately I have been thinking about what makes a sustainable writing life. Some writers burn out young. Some keep on going.

Yesterday I picked up Louise Gluck’s essay collection  322 more words


Louise Glück: A Poem About A Dying Body

I’ve been thinking about this poem by Louise Glück for a couple of months now. It’s one of my favorites by her, mainly because it hits a nerve of anxiety I’ve been dealing with for two decades now. 51 more words


Myth of Innocence by Louise Gluck

Click here to listen to Louise Gl ück read this poem.

One summer she goes into the field as usual stopping for a bit at the pool where she often looks at herself, to see if she detects any changes. 287 more words


3 poeme de Louise Glück

Poet: Louise Glück

Traducător: Alina Roiniță

Surse: 1, 2, 3

Louise Glück (n. 1943) este o poetă americană. A câștigat Premiul Pulitzer pentru Poezie în anul 1993 pentru colecția  405 more words

Traduceri: Poezie

today's thoughts

I was brave; I resisted.

I set myself on fire.

Louise Glück, from The Seven Ages

"a flower sprang, lilylike, more brilliant / than the purples of Tyre": Louise Glück's "Hyacinth"

I wish I’d been able to celebrate National Poetry Month with more fanfare, Dear Readers—next year, I hope, will be different—but I hope you’ve had the chance to read a poem or two more than usual. 109 more words

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