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Mutated Dandelions In Nova Scotia, Canada [video - Potent News Blast #7]

by Louise Koster
May 6, 2012

Potent News Blast #7

(Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

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Researchers Link Morgellons to Slime Mold, dictyostelium discoidium [video: PN Blast 2-17-2012]

By Amir Alwani
Potent News
February 17, 2012

note: Special thanks to Louise Koster for discovering this strange blob and assisting with the microscope footage. 305 more words


Static Electricity or Moving Nano-Machines? You Decide. [video included]

By Louise Koster, Contributing Writer
Potent News
February 15, 2012

Contrary to what the CDC says, Morgellons is not a delusion. I have personally felt and seen my hair move by itself, I’ve had strange fibres come out of my skin, I constantly feel like there are bugs crawling over my body. 402 more words