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Pack Up My Belongings, I've Got to Get Away*

One of the major sociological developments of the past hundred or so years has been mobility. People no longer necessarily spend their lives within just a few miles or so of where they were born. 1,326 more words

Agatha Christie

My Hometown*

If you’re kind enough to read this blog regularly, you’ll know that my Joel Williams novels take place in the fictional US town of Tilton (Pennsylvania). 1,110 more words



Armand Gamache had always held unfashionable beliefs. He believed that light would banish the shadows. That kindness was more powerful than cruelty, and that goodness existed, even in the most desperate places.

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War Culture

  Outside my Window

. . . I have the sprinkler system on. Seems silly, I know, to water when it’s been so hot in the valley. Most have let their lawns go brown and brittle. 514 more words

Wanna See My Picture on the Cover*

Several cultures place a premium on fame. Perhaps that’s at least in part because fame is often seen as a mark of individual achievement. Name recognition is often a status symbol, too. 1,194 more words

Agatha Christie


“I thought you’d like to hear what we’ve found so far about Constance.”

“I take it that doesn’t include whoever killed her,” said Myrna.

“Unfortunately not,” he said as he put on his reading glasses and glanced at his notebook.

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War Culture

photo101 rehab: "the long way home"

inspired by photo101 rehab’s challenge to create a new cover for Louise Penny’s, “The Long Way Home.”