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Memorial Day Post of Thanks

When many think of Memorial Day their minds automatically wander to thoughts of backyard BBQs, the opening  weekend of the local swimming pool or sales in department stores.   287 more words

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If you could give advice to start-up entrepreneurs...

I recently attended a bridal shower and this question was posed… “What would be the one piece of advice to give to a new couple?” 583 more words

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Essential Oils: Helping De-stress Dogs and Humans

Dog anxiety is no joke.  Dogs can exhibit anxious behavior over what humans think are the “silliest” things.  When we first adopted Bayla, our Rhodesian Ridgeback / Shepherd/ Lab mix,  she would shake uncontrollably whenever she saw a white panel van.   804 more words

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Dear Mom, I think we need to leave Dad ...

Dear Mom,

I think we need to leave Dad.  I know that he doesn’t mean to be angry at us –  but he is “out of control” with his drinking and abuse.   683 more words

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UPDATED: Yoga for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis - MS

This weekend the skies above the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles will be lighting up “orange”! The ballroom will be turned in to a huge party as the benefit for  670 more words

Chair Yoga

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Updated blog about the benefits of CHAIR YOGA with DL SWEET. Including sign up information.

Writing Your First Blog

You have heard about “blogging” and maybe even attempted to start your own without any guidance. Yet if your experience is like many people I know, before you knew it frustration settled in and you gave up!   746 more words

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Am I too old for social media? Survey for those who dare to answer

Am I too old for social media? I am getting the sense that my “mature” demographic is not necessarily the one desired by brands, unless it is for medical equipment or pharmaceuticals.   565 more words

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