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I love working with authors.  Their creative juices inspire me to want to be a better writer and I love the process of seeing a book soar from shelves in to the homes of readers.   568 more words

Louise Sattler

Need an alternative to your current WIFI source? Consider this option, I am.

Have you ever traveled to a place that has pretty slim pickings when it comes to WIFI friendly establishments? Or have ended up in a hotel that wants to charge you $8 or more a day for a single device use? 564 more words

Louise Sattler

Gems for Gems: I found a "Sparkly" Heart at Celebrity Connected!

Happy International Women’s Day!

About four times a year I receive an invitation to partake at a Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite.  This company, owned by Gene Sheynis , packs beautiful venues with vendors all waiting to meet and greet celebrities and have an opportunity to discuss with them the wonders of their product or service. 1,147 more words

Louise Sattler

Winter Activities For Kids That May Lead to Some "Dough".

The east coast is going to be hit again with potentially another foot of snow and that means a lot of kids will be  home from school.   320 more words

Louise Sattler

Lessons Learned from a Cemetery

There are a lot of valuable lessons I learned while recently traveling to Japan.  However, the Japanese culture for burials is one that fascinated me.  Hubby and I spent quite a bit of time in Kyoto in a massive cemetery. 165 more words

Louise Sattler

Please, excuse my ramblings ... but, I am pissed

I am pissed. (Sorry Mom, but I have to use this strong language)

I am pissed because our children are being bullied by the very people who should be protecting them, encouraging them and nurturing their endeavors. 438 more words

Louise Sattler