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Orpheus Ascending IPA

Orpheus Brewing, Atlanta, GA

We take our inspiration from Orpheus, who revealed the mysteries of the gods.  His teachings broke the never ending-cycle of transmigration of souls, to finally ascend and commune with the gods themselves.  51 more words

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Reformation Union Belgian-Style White Ale

Reformation Brewery, Woodstock, GA

A refreshing wheat beer with citrus notes and a mild tart finish.


Union is opaque gold with a subdued, wheat-y lemon smell.   37 more words

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Second Self Citrus IPA

Second Self Beer Co., Atlanta, GA

6.2% ABV

Second Self’s Citrus IPA is a clear gold with a subtle citrus smell.  It tastes malty and the hops are very subtle.  34 more words

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Wild Heaven Wise Blood IPA

Wild Heaven Beer, Decatur, GA

Our long-awaited India Pale Ale bursts with lush tropical fruit flavors and hints of apricot, melon and bright, sweet orange. Wise Blood IPA starts with a vibrant hop aroma and finishes dry and clean with lingering notes of pine and citrus. 67 more words

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Monday Night Blind Pirate Blood Orange

Monday Night Brewing, Atlanta, GA

7.4% ABV

Hazy honey/caramel colored with the citrus fruit nose typical of a Double IPA.  We cannot detect much of a difference in taste from the normal Blind Pirate as this tastes like a normal Double IPA.   58 more words

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Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA

Founder’s Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, MI

When you dance with the devil, the devil don’t change.  You do.  Massive in complexity, the huge malt character balanced the insane amount of alphas used to create it.   71 more words

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Eventide Citrus Grove Hefeweizen

Eventide Brewing, Atlanta, GA

The Hefeweizen style of beer was the clear favorite for us when deciding on a Summer seasonal.  Sweet, cloudy and refreshingly balanced, this beer is made for long, hot days.   108 more words

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