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House Bill 971 to be heard by House Education Committee on May 4th

House Bill 971 is scheduled to be heard during the next House Committee on Education meeting tomorrow, May 4th, 2016 at 9 AM.

As reported on previously by… 543 more words

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The Effects of House Bill 971 on Louisiana Tech Athletics

If House Bill 971 is designed to reduce athletic travel costs for Louisiana public colleges and universities, how much money would be saved at Louisiana Tech? 974 more words

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House Bill 971: A bill restricting where Louisiana public colleges and universities can travel for athletic events...unless you're named LSU

House Bill 971 was introduced yesterday by Rep. Stephen Carter. According to the abstract of the bill on the Legislature’s website, the bill would prohibit “athletic programs at public postsecondary institutions that receive state general fund monies from traveling more than 375 miles for athletic competitions.” The bill does provide exemptions for all football programs, basketball programs, and all LSU institutions. 893 more words

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god is my campaign manager

You know things are really and truly in the political dumpster when ted cruz is considered to be the great taupe hope of the republican party. 432 more words


March 2, 2016

LSU is whining again.

The university has been in the news constantly since the beginning of the year.  Every news report has dutifully echoed the LSU administration’s laments about how the university will have to shut down, eliminate classes, fire professors and burn down the university for the insurance money.   262 more words


Editorial: Scare Tactics with the Louisiana Budget Crisis

Before I get into the actual article itself, a couple of caveats first:

  1. This website typically does not get into politics too much unless a policy change and budget allocation directly impacts Louisiana Tech University.
  2. 993 more words
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Let's Kill The Loop

It appears that Kip Holden’s pet project for the destruction of Livingston Parish is still alive and well. The Capital Area Expressway, generally known as “the Loop”, has arisen from the ashes once again.  939 more words