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A Man, A Plan, A Hobbit, A Goblin, A Bat...

… a Game: Golfimbul

Ladies, Gents, Hobbits, Elves, Dwarrow, Orcs, Wizards, and Esteemed Residents of Middle Earth, Numénor, and Beyond, I give you the Post that was Promised: Golfimbul in all its regulated glory! 1,147 more words

The Nerds Have Made Me Their Queen!

Spontaneous Top 5 List #8: My Favorite Kentucky Breweries, At The Moment

It’s Louisville Craft Beer Week, so I feel compelled to put together my current favorite breweries in the KY now that I have been down here long enough to develop a true taste and opinion. 527 more words

Craft Beer


Zombieland is a grim film. It provides a commentary on society’s ills, and demonstrates humanity’s failure to manage an apocalypse of grand proportions contrasted against civilized utopian values. 514 more words

Zombie Apocalypse

And The Beat Goes On

Announcer: Live from the WARN newsroom, it’s Anchor Neal Jurkison…

ANCHOR: Thank you for joining us. I’m Neal Jurkison. Our top story – the tragedy that has truly shocked the nation, if not the world. 768 more words


Southern Tour

So it was a crazy drive to Nashville. I’m down here in the hot, humid south-land to look, listen and choose some musical treats for the Bakersfield Community Concerts. 392 more words

Bats, Bombers, and Bosse Field

To the Bat Factory! No, not the place where Bruce Wayne has his alter-ego’s accessories manufactured; I’m talking about the Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger factory where baseball bats are turned out by the thousands every year. 281 more words

2015 Road Trip

Zombie Apocalypse: A Survival Guide

Two years ago, I wrote an article called Zombie Emergency Kit based on the CDC‘s Zombie Preparedness page. In the article, I go on in detail about what kind of items people should keep at their disposal in order to survive a zombie apocalypse. 684 more words