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Nerd Louisville hosts an annual game-playing convention called Nerdlouvia. I’ve attended all of them, and I volunteered to help organize the event this year (12/7 to 12/9/18). 561 more words


Vincent Q - The Tank @ Veteran's Park 12/19/18.

One of our most solid PAX members – StarChild is not quite 100% thanks to an ailing back.  Therefore, I have offered to take the Q on Wednesday at the Tank!  45 more words


Least Creative Backblast for My Least Creative Workout - Bag of Wrenches 11/18/2018

Pax (17): Nugget, Busssccch (Larry Birded the whole thing), Shank, Grinder, Short Stacks, Joanna Gaines, Red Roof, Star Child, Flo Jo, Wham!, Gillespie, Violet, Zoolander, OJ (also Larry Birded the whole thing), Zima (1- year F3 anniversary), Pope (awesome to have you back; thanks for the hair tussle after COT), CI… 342 more words


Whiskey in a Teacup

I went to see the Reese Witherspoon Whiskey in a Teacup book tour with my friends. If you are on Instagram, I suggest following my friend… 38 more words


Modern Life Is Awesome Tour Hits Louisville Tonight!

L-Ville! The first time I went (with Shane Rhyne and Aaron Chasteen last summer), it felt like indie rock summer camp. This time, it’ll be the summer but I’m assuming no less awesome. 36 more words

On The Road

1 Year Later: The Bridge PreBlast 12.19.18

To some being a part of F3 for a year isn’t a big deal, but for others it is. The reasoning is different for each individual PAX…1stF? 92 more words


BB - Worm Q - HEAVY @ BIG MO 12/17

For five weeks we’ve brought some creativity to “Big Mo”. Sledge Hammers, Tractor Tires, Sand Bags, 2×4 Deadlifts, Battle Rope, and Metal 8″ Pipes. It’s truly amazing what our Q’s have prepared. 316 more words