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It is well with my soul


On July 7, 2016, I was alone in a hospital room with Oscar, shades drawn, lights off, trying and failing to coax him to sleep despite a mass of heavy wires attached to his scalp. 1,770 more words


16 Stations of the Cross

16 Stations of the Cross

The ground too rough, the shards so sharp,
tyres of wheelchair can’t make it round,
nor legs of those who only strain to push. 280 more words


My Miracle At Lourdes

The water is freezing but somehow you don’t really notice, the women wrapping your unclothed body in a tired linen cloth speak broken English through thick accents but you understand their instructions perfectly well, the statue of Mary that sits at the edge of the baths is ruddied from having been kissed a thousand times. 1,189 more words


That time we went to Lourdes and our son was healed

After the baths, during the rest of our week in Lourdes, our pod members commented on how alert Oscar seemed. He was, too! I chalked it up to having the undivided attention of seven (or 400!) adults — being the constant star of the show certainly would have been engaging. 2,572 more words


Associazione Di Volontariato Siloe

Pellegrinaggio a Lourdes 30\04\17 – 06\05\17

Questo viaggio con tutti i ragazzi e i volontari è stato molto emozionante e un’esperienza del tutto nuova. 133 more words

Alternanza Fuori Dalla Scuola


Is there anything in this world like it?

A child looking into your eyes, and he or she smiles.

It is the most genuine gesture in this fine world, a great gift from the greatest of gifts. 621 more words

What really happened in the baths at Lourdes

After lunch on Friday, we began our third procession of the trip, and this one was the Big One: we were going to the baths. We had been in Lourdes only about 24 hours, and I was still jet-lagged and foggy. 1,633 more words