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Swimming camp in Greece

Last Saturday (April 15) Emilie came back home from a swimming camp organized by the Finnish Swimming Association. The team – consisting of 10 girls (aged 14 – 15) and 10 boys (aged 15 – 16) -spent a couple of days in Piraeus before continuing to Loutraki, approximately 80 km west of Athens, where the camp itself was held. 199 more words


Μακάβρια "αμέλεια" σε κηδεία στο Λουτράκι Κορινθίας

Δεν χώραγε το φέρετρο στο μνήμα και χρησιμοποίησαν … κομπρεσέρ!

Η αναλγησία και η εγκληματική, πολλές φορές, αμέλεια «υπευθύνων», προκάλεσε ένα μακάβριο περιστατικό, που οι οικείοι ενός νέου ανθρώπου που έχασε τη ζωή του μπορεί να μην το βγάλουν ποτέ από το μυαλό τους. 


The Aegean dream

From Rome we boarded the train with seconds to spare (literally – the sophisticated Italians looked at us with distaste when we burst on to the train, red faced and panting, having sprinted up four sets of stairs and across the expanse of the station to leap on, the whistle blowing and doors shutting behind us) and travelled south to Puglia, to stay in the coastal town of Brindisi. 778 more words

No filter.

I am sitting in what will likely be my new office and am admittedly in a bit of bliss. It has now been over a month that I have been in Athens, and things are going better than I could have imagined. 322 more words