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I <3 Calbayog

Calbayog has changed a lot since we went there in December 2012. My pop-in-law said that after Yolanda devastated Tacloban City, people have settled in Calbayog and the city’s resources immediately have run out. 245 more words


Baguio 122015 | Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay is a commercialized area filled with luscious trees and wild flowers. We had to ride a cab to get there, because there was no direct jeep coming from our… 176 more words


Baguio 122015 | Under The Tree

Google brought us here. We wanted to visit places that aren’t tourist attractions. Something that is very hole in the wall at Baguio City. Under The Tree is a Korean coffee shop located along Governor Pack Rd., Baguio City. 142 more words


Baguio 122015 | Harrison Road Night Market

It was a lovely night for a walk along Session Road. Everything feels so Christmas-y! Our target for the night was the Harrison Road Night Market. 290 more words


Baguio 122015 | Igorot Stairs and Tsokolateria

The Igorot Stairs is a steep climb that houses doors to a number of restaurants – Pamana, Hawaiian BBQ, Barrio Fiesta, and Tsokolateria. But other than the food, it is famous for the huge Igorot statues found along the staircase. 256 more words


Baguio 122015 | LeFern Hotel

I’m one cheapo traveler. As long as I get to have a bed, a decent bathroom, and a safe environment. I’m good to go. :) So for this Baguio trip, we stayed at… 254 more words


Baguio 122015 | 5 Hours to the City of Pines

We (Pao and I) needed one more getaway before the year ends. Baguio was an easy pick, but since driving isn’t an option, we had to take the 5 hour bus ride to the City of Pines.  184 more words