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Long distance romance

Plenty of couples would go great lengths to continue wooing each other despite the distance separating them both. Bouquets surprising them at their door, specially picked out gifts, love letters and even mixtapes. 223 more words


My Name Is Fred...Just Kidding, It's Amy

Hello my lovelies! Today I have a super exciting announcement for you all.

After doing the annual reader survey this year, I found that many of you wanted to read about the lives of regular people – people like you. 1,667 more words



She noticed.

She saw that I was “back”.

I was “here.”


I look her in the eye and speak TO her and not AT her. 255 more words


Ch 77: I have her against the wall, lights off, and soaked in water

I finally have her. I have her against the bathroom wall, lights off, and we’re both soaked in water. A ray of clarity makes its way through my cloudy, inebriated mind, and I am surprised to feel myself pressing gently against her. 1,934 more words


All Sorted!

Jesus accomplished on the cross, all that He set out to accomplish on the cross. Your righteousness, your good health, your sanctification and a whole lot else… all sorted. 10 more words



When I met you first,
you looked at me,
with those big brown eyes.
And i knew deep within,
my angel has been found.

Your tiny paws, 105 more words


Things that Christine taught me

A List

– The names of trees, rocks, and animals.
– The song of wind through blessed throats.
– How to be kind.
– How to be strong. 18 more words

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