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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quotes


Just a humble shepherd boy
Daily tending my father’s sheep
Roaming through the hills unseen
Eyes upon them, awake, asleep

Wither will they go… 196 more words


birthday special~

here’s a little background on how we both 3 met.

Jen, the one at my back was my classmate during college back in 2004. We weren’t really that close and we seldom talk to each other about stuff, because she was more girly than me hahaha. 141 more words



i think i know now why i held on for so long.

it wasn’t that your stories were so grand or your eyes so enticing, 94 more words


Open Your Mouth

During a Sunday morning prayer service, the leader shared imagery of a river overflowing with life. We are rivers of life, she said. The implication is that we have great opportunity — perhaps responsibility — to offer abundant life from the depths of Christ’s love within us. 701 more words


real w me.

We all deserve to be held at night

To wake up with someone while the sun is still shining bright

And be kissed

I’m sad and nervous, I won’t ever again get to experience this… 325 more words

Quote of the Day

A relationship should only invole two people but what happens in that relationship effects everyone who cares about them. We all have to make our own chocies but the choices we make may effect the emotions of all the people we love.