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My body loves to be fed

good tasting, local, fresh

food.  Fruits and vegetables

only hours out of the ground

or off the tree or bush. 78 more words

I Don't Want to Miss This...

It’s the middle of the night…I reach for my phone…has she messaged me?  Did I miss it?  Damn, I never want to miss her messages, her texts, videos, pictures…I don’t want to miss a thing. 393 more words

General Blips

Happy or sad in love

Do you know someone
Who is happy in love?
I know people
Who are happy in love;
They are happy
Not sad in love;
They love and are loved; 62 more words

You Are The Master Of Your Destiny


Good morning Monday.

Start my week with positive quotes. Do not blame others for your own misfortune. You are the master of your destiny.  Some people without the right mindset, they only want to gain sympathy from others by complaining to others about their problem instead of truly resolving them. 28 more words



It was a hot day, the passenger side car window was open. He yelled to me from the house, “Laura, call the police! She dumped paint everywhere!” Immediately I used my cell to call 911. 228 more words


Breadth Height Space

Do you ever stop and take the time to notice the lives of those who have come between when you look into the depths of a painting; or a book, a flower or a sacred place or something you’ve never seen before… 406 more words


Dating with anxiety 

1.Aniexty tells you “they ignoring you on purpose” . They don’t care ,they going to leave,they’re mad at you.

2.Anxiety is anticipating the worst in people even though you may have the best intentions . 109 more words