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Street Scene In Paris

It was our first day in the City of Light. Getting there involved subjecting ourselves to a subtle form of modern torture.  We were taking a “red-eye” from JFK to Paris.   632 more words


Lady of Love: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz offers us a gentle pink color vibrating with an energy of comfort, peace, and sensuality. It is the stone of the divine feminine aiding  us to focus on love, healing, and attractions of the heart. 253 more words


Are you sure? (Love ties)

This thread between us is spooling into a thick braid,

from its original delicate start,

and now it’s this chain link that wraps itself around my heart… 26 more words


Radio frequency of love

To which frequency is the
Radio in your heart tuned?
To the frequency of love
Or the frequency of hate?
What music is this favorite Station producing? 35 more words


How will you feel if you receive a love letter like this? Why not respond?

I wrote a love letter to you;
I hope you saw it;
I poured out all my heart in it;
I said exactly what… 130 more words


Happy Birthday ❤️⭐️🎩

How odd that the “Bob” I never met

seemingly knows me better

than the “Bob” that I knew . . .

But . . . 25 more words