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New Friends

Today I finished my first week of public high school – I’ve learned a lot, ironically, what I  learned wasn’t in the classroom persay. I’ve become oddly comfortable walking in the crowds, raising my hand in class, becoming… 387 more words


Joys And Sorrows

Pierced by our sword,
Your Sacred Heart pours forth Its contents.
Love, embodied in Your Blood,
Bursts forth, given to the last drop,
Mingling with the water… 158 more words



You’re fingers through my hair
Coupled with your enchanting stare
Eliminates worries, fear and my care

A soothing touch so assuring
A gaze so desirable and alluring… 41 more words


Through Time And Space, We Exist ~ (4 ~ collaboration)

We always try to count our blessings
Take a stroll on the sunny side of the street
Meet, greet, smiles shuffling to a beat
Stop by a cart, pickup some street-meat… 560 more words


A Tale but Pending 

I wrote
to write you over,
to bury you in vowels
that didn’t sound so much
like broken vows.

you didn’t turn out to be… 132 more words


"Silence When I Need You Most"

when I need you most
while drenched petals fall
under feeble moonlight
from rose-shrubs uprooted,
tumbleweeds blown
by the howling wind —

Would I need the finger- 46 more words


10 Things You Learn When You're Single

  1. You can order whatever food you want, whenever, and nobody will judge you.
  2. You can go on a lot of first dates.
  3. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, including travelling the world over.
  4. 85 more words