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Bring Me The Night

I still look up in to the heavens at night remembering the days when we used to share the same skies. It is not out of a hobby.

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Day 17 100 Happy Days

Today was a rough day for happiness but I still for it! My sister from Nebraska showed up at my office and made me smile and give me hugs! 26 more words


A Beautiful Mess

Undiscovered love.
I’m a hopeless romantic with no one to be romantic with.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been romantically involved with someone in real life and not just in my dreams. 141 more words


No Thank You, Feminism!

It is disheartening to witness all of these individuals with their “I don’t need feminism” q-cards all over online communities.

Don’t need feminism? Am I to understand that you don’t need equality? 108 more words


Dating My Forever Boyfriend. And some random relationship advice.

I’ve only been married for 2 years 8 months and 15 days. (But who’s counting?) That doesn’t seem very long in the span of forever. It can actually even kind of be considered newlywed in the grand scheme of things. 2,804 more words


I Love You

“I love you”,

are the closest words that my mouth can ever utter

but deep down,

I know my soul knows better.


Wishes for Lizzie

Dearest Lizzie:

I have so many wishes and dreams for you that I feel like one of the three fairies who cared for Sleeping Beauty – only I don’t have wings or the ability to whip up a dress out of thin air! 512 more words