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A Christmas Story

Twas the night before Christmas

And I had just closed my country store.

Turned the locks, shaded the windows

When there was a frantic knock on the door. 625 more words


Drunk Writing

Excuse the grammar that I’ve made, I wrote this while I’m tipsy. This is what I thought about life, and I felt that I couldn’t just leave the world one day without saying this. 676 more words


Ani's Advent - making Christmas

Dear Santa,

It’s funny, you know, you spend all year making Christmas, don’t you? But you don’t get to spend it at home. You’re running round the world making Christmas for everyone else. 492 more words


Vlogging on YouTube, and more...

Ah!  I managed to actually sit down and film a vlog on YouTube tonight.  I haven’t been that interested in keeping up with my vlogging on there in the last year or so.  548 more words

Butch Stuff


She wasn’t just another girl. She was passionate. Her eyes lit up when she explained things to me that she loved. Her favorite book, a fact about history. 181 more words

Absent Friends...Quote Vincent Van Gogh

“I often think of you all, one cannot do what one wants in life. The more you feel attached to a spot, the more ruthlessly you are compelled to leave it, but the memories remain, and one remembers – as in a looking glass, darkly – one’s absent friends.” 66 more words


O Christmas Tree

Every night of every December, I look down this hallway as I’m going to bed and think about one of my favorite verses, “A light shines in the darkness…” And I think about how we are celebrating the arrival of a Middle Eastern family seeking refuge. 56 more words