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(Note: This post, like any other of my posts, is just purely my thoughts, emotions, realizations, opinions, and such. You don’t have to necessarily agree with them and please don’t judge me for my way of thinking. 750 more words


Are there Standard Procedures for Romantic Relationships?

When I wrote about How to Tell Your Catholic Parents you’re Moving in with your Boyfriend last week, a commenter who disagreed with my decision suggested every relationship, no matter how unique, must go through “standard procedures.” He was respectful in his disagreement and this post is in no way intended to bash or disrespect him. 868 more words


Sara and John - A Story I'm working on

This is one of my love/romance stories – I’m currently working on..

If you have time, I will be more than glad to hear your opinion about it, and thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful insides. 984 more words


Happiness of being unhappy

Being happy is just getting out of fashion it seems, I mean you tell someone that he is happy and lucky to have the life he leads and he would be so offended as if you said that he was ugly. 818 more words


Walk Alone.

My dear, sweet child-I give you permission to weep-

Leave your body resting in a broken heap.

My dear, sweet child, there is no need to reap; your suffering, your screams-are part of your sheath. 57 more words



It was easy in the beginning when you were open,

further on I needed a secret password and permission to enter,

near the end I found myself in a limitless labyrinth with a thousand locked doors, where you sent me to find the key. 67 more words