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I never feared writing a piece worth reading because I believed in writing away my fears.

It is easy to jump into something you are good at.

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What Are the Things That Really Matter in Life by LUMINITA D. SAVIUC from www.purposefairy.com

Browsing through the internet searching for quotes, my attention was caught by this article about priorities. This article touched my heart and now I’m sharing this to you. 477 more words



Retomar viejos hábitos, como escribir, viajar, respirar, vivir.

Han pasado más de 2 años desde que deje de escribir y me hacía falta, mi mundo está patas arriba y cada día que pasa trato de ordenarlo, a veces siento que sin éxito pero sigo intentando, ya llegará el día en que todo esté mejor por dentro y fuera. 25 more words

Poem - Matthew 5:14-16

Matthew 15:14-16

It is late at night,
so dark you cannot see the path home,
and you are suddenly lost
in this place
that once felt familiar and safe. 229 more words


There’s a chasm resting deep within my eyes. I was taught that loneliness is peace. I was taught to find solace inside the depths of anguish. 450 more words




You think there are no virgins anymore? Well, there are so many of them and sometimes we don’t even know some people around us are virgins. 845 more words


My Heart

​My heart

That’s what I call you

You beat inside me

Showing me that I

I am vibrant and alive

Your pulses pump

The love through… 54 more words