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Daddy's Girl

I sit here and day dream of my future and how it seems
I can picture my wedding day,
my daddy walking me down the aisle. 110 more words



I wanna tell you something that I feel
Hell! I don’t know if it’s gonna appeal
My deep dreams which I put in a seal… 243 more words


Ms. Minos or (I Think I Peaked 40 Blog Posts Ago)

She says we went to school together. I can’t remember her name, she keeps saying mine like I forgot. Miguel is nudging me with his elbow, I can almost see his smirk. 178 more words


Humpty Dumpty

I tried to hold you together but you slipped through my fingers, crumbling to the ground. I scrambled to pick up the fragments. But how do you fix someone who has broken into a million pieces? I’ll miss you darling.


Adventurous Soul

The world is in my heart and my eyes are craving to see it. Adventure is in my bones.