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Here's to You


For some reason I still to this day ponder on the thought of what we could have been. You know if you hadn’t met this girl. 584 more words


Love & Marriage:  the Finale strip and unpublished comics

Shown below are nearly a dozen never before seen comics of my one time running web series Love & Marriage. I chose to end the series in 2010 when I ran out of ideas and it became apparent this feature was never going to truly get off the ground the way I had hoped. 55 more words


Don't Spare the Love

I need to go somewhere

in my mind, even if

my body does not follow


A private space.  Free from

cares, free from worries. 84 more words

Beginning, again.

Folks who know me personally will expect this to be about the news we recently received. I am not yet ready to put words to that. 454 more words


I Wish I Was You

I am the shade
Following you vigorously
I am envy remade
Yearning your life eagerly

Candles and cake
Family and comfort
Sticks hurt and break… 54 more words

The look of love

When I was a teenager, I would have to walk to the train station. There I’d wait to catch the train across five suburbs, then to walk about a kilometre to school. 1,429 more words