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I still owe you guys one more story which is Hiding it or not part 2 and i promise i’ll post it asap! Anyway, last weekend, My parents and i went to our second home for a few days well i hate there i hateeeee it because there’s no wifi. 102 more words


A Town Painted White

I think it’s the way she looks at me. Wearing nothing but my favorite red flannel shirt, buttoned only once, just below her breasts. She’s leaned up against the doorframe of the living room, holding a mug of something I’m not sure of. 1,922 more words


Love In The Woods.

In the woods, by the river, under the stars, traversed a heart.
A heart which carried two beats.
The beats which made a melody.
The melody which made the heartbeat. 324 more words



Eyes linger
a second too long
And widen
ever so slightly

Lips struggle
to contain a smile
When moistened
by the tongue’s lechery

Heart races… 46 more words


An Open Letter to All my Mormon Ex-Students

When I was 18 years old my father ordered me from our family home. He did this because I had become a Democrat. He felt I was turning my back on his way of life and he was right. 855 more words


If Liz Gilbert Sits Down Next To You, Try Not to Cry

I was fucking stoked to be there.

Tucked away in the Napa Valley hills, we sat in a grand ballroom at the Meritage Resort and Spa. 1,601 more words

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