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Love actually- Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day:

Spring is coming soon. We all are in the mood of celebrating our love. That means, we are all looking for the Valentine’s Day.   997 more words

February 14th

Baconsale Episode 43: How to Lose a Listener in 10 Days

You wanted Baconsale to show off its softer side and discuss romantic movies? As you wish. Kent and Joel will have you at hello as they talk about their favorite rom-coms, rom-zom-coms and dramas. 40 more words


The 5 Most Iconic Moments in Five Keira Knightley Films

In 5 Frames features the best in cinema, showcasing five iconic images of an actor, actress, or director in their most acclaimed and famous films. These are the scenes that captured our imaginations and have endured as timeless. 14 more words

Z: The Films


I used to love structure very much; I used to love it too much.

I was squeezed, squashed, almost destroyed by my pursuit of political blogging.   281 more words


Out of hibernation

So … how do you say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy 2016 all in one post on the last day of January? I’ve been in heavy hibernation the past two months. 141 more words


RE: Sm:)e.

Open your eyes and flip the sm:)e switch.

So, some days ago I wrote a quick post about the positive effects of starting your day with a sm:)e. 275 more words