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Not so random acts of kindness

When I was in Mexico I left my wallet at the pool of a hotel/condo-like place. I don’t know where my head was at, but it was thinking more about my stiff margarita than my credit card and drivers licence. 1,025 more words

Being Real

Sound & Motion Pictures: impromptu dance scenes

When you hear certain songs you just can’t help yourself: you must dance! These are funny, contagious dance scenes that happen rather unexpectedly and it’s impossible not to related to the characters. 179 more words

Odds And Ends

A Night at the Movies, Part I: Cinderella, Feminism, and Me

I grew up on fairy tales. For years I believed that I too could instantly know a guy was “the one” without getting to know him first and hoped that someone might sweep in one day and—just like that, … 866 more words


31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

DAY 5: Favourite movies you never get sick of watching

Most films I don’t really watch more than once purely because I hate the fact I know what’s going to happen already. 290 more words

31 Day Blog Challenge

My favourite music scenes in films

It’s a common fact that music triggers memories. Hearing back a song from your childhood can bring back sweet memories of your family or a memorable day with friends. 804 more words


About Time (2013) - reviewed by George

I had the impression that this movie was a rom-com about time travel and using it to get a girl. And it kind of is, at least at first. 458 more words


Danger! Human love zone in effect

I’ve been surfing at a beach where the waves break really close to shore meaning that if there are people surfing then you get a front row seat on the beach. 830 more words

Let Go