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Love actually Prelim task.

This was the breaking down of the opening scene of love actually of editing techniques.


Me and Bridget Jones

I first met Bridget Jones in the basement of a friend’s from high school. I was 15, she was 32 and had already been around for a few years. 591 more words


The Liebster Award | Love Actually, Advice & Pie

Though I was nominated for this Liebster Award quite a while ago, I thought I would go ahead and write a post about it anyways. It’s always fun to answer some interesting questions, ask a few of my own, and then highlight a bunch of lovely bloggers. 844 more words


Could Love Actually 2 really happen?

Love Actually has become a bona fide Christmas favourite for families since its release in 2004. That’s largely because it manages to wrap up all its multi-stranded love stories into one pleasant little bow by the end, leaving everyone involved to enjoy their turkey and live happily ever after. 243 more words


Over 500 Famous TV and Movie Props To Be Auctioned

If TV and movie memorabilia interest you, the Prop Store in London will soon auction over 500 pieces of celluloid history, including:


The Struggle Is Real - Being New to a Language

I just watched Love Actually – a romantic comedy that was released some years ago – and there was a scene in there that, I think, perfectly encapsulates the reality of being new to speaking a different language. 192 more words


들었다 놨다 Love Actually - 데이브레이크 Daybreak Guitar Tab

Following Music Commander, there was An Out-and-Out Escape (or 하면 된다 백수 탈출) a.k.a. 더 원 (The One) on King of Mask Singer.

That was how I came to know the song, 들었다 놨다 (Love Actually) by Korean indie band 데이브레이크 (Daybreak). 330 more words