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Editing: Plot

OK. Let’s recap. You wrote the first draft. You’ve given yourself a break and you’re ready to look at your work with fresh eyes. That original first draft is saved, hopefully in a few locations… you know, just in cases. 797 more words


Rambles of an Insomniac 2

Hello friends! Welcome back to more of my life rambles!

It is currently 2:25AM, and I am sitting here watching Love Actually, which is an incredible movie, and if you haven’t seen it, you absolutely have to. 612 more words


Going to Harrods in London

Going to Harrods in London was such a surreal experience. When you’ve seen something in movies and TV shows countless times it’s always awesome when you finally get to experience the real thing, and Harrods was no different. 115 more words


a little reminder to myself

Exams have been going on for about three weeks now, and I’m due to finish my third next Tuesday. Final year prep has been hellish, to say the least. 767 more words


Love Actually Is All Around Us

Sometimes I find myself feeling sad thinking about the friends I’ve grown apart from and the people who are no longer a part of my story. 191 more words

Chronic Daily Headaches

Lust, actually

By Abi Doyle – Edinburgh Student Newspaper / Wayback Machine

Aside from talk of rugby, Robin Hood and roller-coasters, Abi Doyle speaks to Alan Rickman about his new role in Love, Actually, and gets a little over-excited in the process… 1,302 more words


What I learned cheering the London Marathon

*image credits: Virgin London Marathon website

It’s been a while since I’ve written on the Blog. Sure enough I did just start full time, but to be honest I haven’t been there a full week yet; I got this nasty hay fever + cold/flu that completely threw me down for a week and half! 864 more words