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Create: Love Actually Quote Art for Hootie

Hootie is my “German sister” and I am with her right now!!! That deserves at least 14 more exclamation points but I’ll spare you.

We are both fans of the author Janet Evanovich, the legendary (yep I said it) TV show Gilmore Girls, and the best holiday movie ever… Love Actually. 366 more words


Little things that made my day

Usually I start my day as the most nervous person in the world. Today, it was different. I don’t know why, but it was. Not nervous, not so happy, but something in betwen. 345 more words


Ham Legs

You know that scene in Love Actually (I know you’ve seen it, don’t lie) when the cute secretary is in Hugh Grant’s office and says that her last boyfriend told her that her legs were starting to look like big tree trunks. 196 more words


You still haven’t left me.

You still haven’t left me. Every day, in most moments, when the feeling is unbearable, You still haven’t left me. Whenever a piece of me is taken and given away to poachers and frauds, you come and see the inmost part of me and reason with me to make me whole again, to understand that wholeness is in You. 145 more words


New Trailer 'Thunderbirds Are Go!'

Premiering this spring on CITV in the United Kingdom, “Thunderbirds Are Go!” stars Rosamund Pike Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Rasmus Hardiker, David Menkin, Sandra Dickinson, Kayvan Novak, Andres Williams and David Graham. 94 more words

5 Roles Liam Neeson Played Before Becoming Bad Ass

By Scott T. Sterling

Thanks to the runaway success of 2008 movie Taken, Liam Neeson has become one of Hollywood’s most bankable action heroes, best known for a particular set of skills: stealthily kicking bad-guy ass up and down the big screen with steely-eyed ease, all while delivering lines in his signature Irish brogue. 534 more words

The Route 103

Old Indifferent Lee

And so we deliver a review of a vague time period by combining two film scenes with the usual aim of commenting on the world. It’s a time that has seen continuing misogyny, continuing inequality, and continuing attempts by those in authority to pull the wool over our eyes at any opportunity. 28 more words