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Happy wedding week! Here’s a blog that has nothing to do with that life event taking place on Saturday.

I woke up at 5:45 a.m. and almost considered sneaking into work for a little bit before anyone showed up, but I knew that as soon as I set foot in the building my coworkers would somehow be alerted and turn my happy ass back home, so I stayed in bed. 559 more words

Preston and Meribeth: A Wedding

Sometimes the weddings I shoot bring a movie to mind and all I could think of during Preston and Meribeth’s was Love Actually. The guy who did the service was the matchmaker who brought them together. 247 more words

Wedding Photographer

Weekly Reader 25: Roseburg Edition

My heart breaks for the victims of the Roseburg shooting.  I wish that everyone could go to school/work/out in public without fear of violence. 487 more words

Weekly Reader

A wedding surprise

There is nothing like Autumn days for curling up with a great book or a romantic, heart warming movie. Especially if you have a boyfriend, or a cat. 123 more words


Love Actually

This is dedicated to my loving wife on her Birthday!

“Let’s celebrate Christmas on Diwali this year. How about that?” she said and stamped the newspaper on the dining table. 4,052 more words

Creative Writing

Top 10 Romantic Movie Moments Honorable Mention: Geraldine and Stern Headmistress, Love Actually (2003)

I love this scene from Love Actually. I’d actually rate it above a bunch of others on the list, but the deal-breaker is, it’s a deleted scene from the actual movie.   310 more words


"Be Prepared To Bleed": A Case Of Joni, 30 Years In The Making

You know that song about big yellow taxis? Perhaps you believe (as I did for many moons) that Counting Crows is responsible for it. That groovy intro could hoodwink anyone into believing its credibility, and Dreadlocks’ (Adam Duritz – Google is cool) voice is husky enough to rock you to sleep on a tempest-toss’d sea. 444 more words