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Real Change: your addict doesn't need to die, she just needs to shut up already

We often think that big change is black and white. That for growth and change to occur, one must become completely different. This isn’t exactly true. 2,866 more words


Dating: do you have too many rules?

Dating is such an enormous challenge for people coming out of bad, toxic relationships.  We get signals crossed, often don’t pick up on subtle clues and,  because we’re still a little flinchy, we try desperately to dodge any future problems by creating a set of dating rules or expectations, just so as not to get burned again. 1,724 more words


It's (not!) all about you

The other day, as I sat in a cafe in Philly having no plans, I took out my cell and checked Facebook–my all time worst time-waster. 488 more words


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

By Jean Collins LCSW, LISAC, CSAT, Executive Director of Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows

What is love addiction and love avoidance and what does it have to do with love anyway? 769 more words


Birthday Gifts

Sunday blog day falls on my birthday, so I decided to write about birthday gifts. In the photo you see all the unconditional love I have in my life. 258 more words


Love is in

Your delusional lungs

Not the air


On Being A Secret Love Addict

So love addiction. It doesn’t have a definitive place in the medical community and in a way it is the “less raunchy cousin of sex addiction”. 1,213 more words