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July 9

God. I leave tomorrow. I hope P at least did something nice for when I get home because his last email to me was shitty. He puts no effort into me anymore and it hurts. 1,520 more words


July 8

Valencia. I don’t particularly like this city. Yes. Now I just sound like a whiner. But I knew I wouldn’t. Something or someone had told me to stay away. 631 more words


Boys can be 75 plus...

Happy Sunday.  I have had some funny things happen these past few weeks leading me to blog about boys who are older than 75.  Yes, they are out there.  517 more words

What makes him right for you?

And it is not just what drew you to him in the first place.

What makes him right for you boils down to five distinct components. 887 more words


July 7

Yesterday was horribly drab. It was one of those days where your misery outweighs any of the usual attempts made to “snap out of it.” It was written all over my face, despite a fair attempt at trying to cover it. 465 more words


July 5

Despite wanting to stay busy for these next five days, I also want to just stay close to home and WAIT it out safely. Although I did have a great dream that I was in Paris again, and when I awoke, I thought of the possibility. 389 more words


Filling Holes: So Maybe I’m a Sex Addict

Illustration by Ellen Hoffman

Am I sex addict? I read through the 50 questions to ask yourself to determine whether that’s the case, and I answered yes to about a third of them. 714 more words