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Severe. Unbearable. I seek treatment for unfortunate symptoms.

Runny nose from crying into lonely hours.

Heartaches.  Arrhythmia. Skipping beats to cacophonous lies.

Anxiety.  Out of body experiences where I’m having visions of naked bodies that do not look like my own.   282 more words

Its Complicated


Happy Sunday and Happy Boy addiction blog day. Since I gained much of my weight back after a running injury I am thinking much on this topic and how it relates to my boy addiction. 323 more words

On Sex and Love Addiction

In late 2015 – on the back of my third major relationship ending – I was looking at what I wanted from a romantic relationship. After much self-searching I knew I had to stop my sleeping around and the constant dating to find my centre again and dig deeper – at least for a while. 1,072 more words


當個傻瓜又如何 有些痛會成癮的

Dāng gè shǎguā yòu rúhé yǒuxiē tòng huì chéng yǐn de

So what if I am a fool, there are some types of pains that will turn addictive… 165 more words


流著淚擁抱回憶 又有何不可

liúzhe lèi yǒngbào huíyì yòu yǒu hé bùkě

Crying while embracing the memory, what’s wrong with that

只有被愛折磨著 我才覺得活著

Zhǐyǒu bèi ài zhémózhe wǒ cái juédé huózhe… 305 more words


不夠熟的 都說我天真

Bùgòu shú de dōu shuō wǒ tiānzhēn

Those that don’t know me well all say I am too naive

身邊的朋友 卻罵我笨

shēnbiān de péngyǒu què mà wǒ bèn… 200 more words


The Cave

When you decide to walk through the dark caves, searching for light, you may eventually find that you ARE the light.

On a sunny day in April of the year 2006, I woke up in a cave. 1,240 more words

Be A Badass