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Grieving the Death of Addiction

According to therapist Lindsay Kramer, an addiction is a lot like a relationship: at first, both addiction and a new relationship lead to feelings of excitement and euphoria, craving more time with the new beloved, and putting a high priority on spending time together. 1,963 more words
Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Do they really like me

Sometimes I wonder if guys really like for anything other than physical assets, for the hunt.

Is it possible for them,  and has anyone really ever been intrigued by me as a person? 81 more words


God's Invention of Her, by #BDF

how has God made her? of fairie sprinkles and star
dust, in the hot belly of love’s fire, where earthlings
few have ever stepped, but to dance in freedom’s… 271 more words

Declarations Of Spirit

The Cosmic Comedy and Me, by #BDF

For all the masks I’ve loved to wear, It’s time I take a great last dare, and give out TRUTH that in my youth I hadn’t tools to tell… For all the costumes I would choose, it’s more the one i must now LOSE, that will determine if this play goes over well… I thought I’d played the part, but, oh, how it’s played me, The lights come up, the LAUGHS erupt, I finally SEE… This Cosmic Comedy, and Me… #BDF

Declarations Of Spirit

Living a Happy Life...

Happy Sunday to daters and non-daters. As a single woman in my mid-forties struggling to live life on my terms, I finally am realizing a happy life means acceptance of others. 357 more words

4/7/15 text to Her, from #BDF

i believe in you, my love. remember – “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”  –Alexander Pope, English poet – take a look at you through my eyes, i see you have struggles but then inevitable breakthroughs consistently, fears and then release from them consistently, days dominated by the light side and then dances with the shadow that cries for embrace in place of denial and when given peace it gives way back to the light and balance. 367 more words

Declarations Of Spirit