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Having little trust is not such a bad thing. We think we have to immediately begin trusting people as soon as we meet them. Phooey! Being suspicious (especially after what we’ve all experienced) is a way to protect ourselves. 738 more words


July 18: trouble communicating

No more heavy duty topics from me to P. We can’t handle it. I can’t handle it. I got really upset after what he wrote but I should have just dropped it, let it go, and I didn’t. 543 more words


happiness, precarious.

On good days, I think about how the perfect lover is going to enter my life any moment now. It’s a comfortable daydream: my life continues uninterrupted, and I get to experience the pleasures of romance. 57 more words

Is your price tag high?

Happy Sunday readers.  I want to begin by thanking my friend Carolyn who shared this writing with me yesterday when I was not certain what I was going to write about today.  489 more words

July 17: keeping it light

It’s almost eight in the morning and no one is awake yet except me. And I slept eight hours myself. Woah.

Marie and I hung out until about noon when I took her back to the station. 411 more words


Exclusivity in dating?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could meet this really hot guy,  have a few intense, passionate first dates, and then seal the deal with a commitment of love and exclusivity? 2,248 more words


home again

It took me some time to figure out why the break-in destroyed me – why it sent me spiraling out of control and brought back the mood swings that I thought I’d overcome. 511 more words