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I Don't Believe In Soul Mates

As I was getting ready to cheat on the Daily Prompt by using an article I wrote long ago emulating my favorite blogger, Penelope Trunk; … 727 more words


My love addiction

“Love addiction causes a person to continue “using” and “craving” even though the substance (person/relationship) to which they are addicted is unavailable, causes them pain or is abusive, the relationship is hurting others, and causing the “addict” to neglect his/her own health, family, and other parts of life. 296 more words

Men in my life who teach me to wait for "my man"...

Happy Sunday. This week, I am inspired by the men God has sent to me over the years who teach me about patience and the value of waiting for “my man”. 457 more words

A Sexy Saturday Addiction

I’ve been invited to join the romance authors from My Sexy Saturday — a group of writers who love sharing those special moments from their stories. 344 more words

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

Chemistry or chemical reaction?

Now that I have been in a stable relationship for six years (longest passionate, loving relationship EVER. Thank you very much.) that feeling of initial urgency, deep passion and lust has naturally faded– the longing and feeling of “I can’t wait to devour you” is no longer there. 725 more words


Call for stories: childhood

If you haven’t already heard, I am attempting to write a book on love addiction. And so, I am currently reaching out to fellow love addicts (in recovery or not) and asking for their “childhood story.” It doesn’t have to be very long, in fact, the shorter the better (under 1000 words, please), and I am not looking for worst case scenarios either. 219 more words


Waking Up With To My Ignorance; I Was The Drug

Yesterday, as I was having my melt down with Luv Baby who is just relentless when he wants something, and I just cave because I know it’s all good, and I enjoy my time with him. 619 more words