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I just know better

Some days I feel so crazy, and other times I marvel how together I have everything. ┬áThere are days that I feel like I’m mom of the year, busy with teaching, hugging, playing. 215 more words


Feeling hopeless?

On the LAA boards today, someone posted the following cry for help: HOW exactly do I change, get well? HOW?

I responded:

I have answers and solutions, but you probably won’t like them. 1,864 more words


June 23

Slept horribly. Went back to bed at 11:30 with a horrible pain in my lower back. Took aspirin, and fell asleep rather quickly. We all did. 512 more words



Happy Sunday and happy blog day to my readers (daters and non-daters alike). Today I’m going discuss an important topic if you are seeking your partner: ATTRACTION. 459 more words

Making Friends With The Dark Side

All of my therapists, spiritual teachers and healers, and wise friends have told me I must make friends with my dark side in order to fully heal and move on to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. 514 more words


Sex addicts, avoidants and narcissists, oh my!

There’s a reason love addicts are attracted to sex addicts, avoidants and narcissistic┬átypes. What do all these types all have in common? They offer very little in the way of true intimacy, and that, my friends, is something a love addict cannot handle either. 158 more words