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Spring "boy" fever...

Spring is almost here. For those living on the East Coast, you are well aware the warm spring air is taking its time arriving, but with my tulips struggling to rise above ground, I have unwavering faith that spring weather is just around the corner. 550 more words

When you look at him who do you see?

When you look at your Person of Addiction (PoA) who do you see? Describe him or her. Write it down. Good qualities and bad. Is he avoidant? 232 more words


Ode to Destruction (abuse)

At the dawn of puberty, the thoughts are most impressionable

Almost any painter with a skillfull brush could color that empty canvas

Usually, it is porn, or older siblings, television shows…movies and such, 507 more words

Dating advice from my nephews...

Greetings from 70 and sunny California.   Every time I’m here, I wonder why I don’t live here.   It is a delightful place both environmentally and socially.   457 more words

Man Addiction

A Mother's Love

As Mother’s day approaches I know that for many of you this will bring up mixed emotions.

For some there will be love and a feeling of closeness and connection and for others perhaps a sense of loss or disconnect depending on the status of your relationship with your mum. 1,452 more words

Accepting the boy "as is"...

Happy Sunday.  Today’s topic gets a little more “deep”, but is one I’m thinking about a lot this week in the discussions I’m engaging in with my amazing female friends.  480 more words

My love addiction

“Love addiction causes a person to continue “using” and “craving” even though the substance (person/relationship) to which they are addicted is unavailable, causes them pain or is abusive, the relationship is hurting others, and causing the “addict” to neglect his/her own health, family, and other parts of life. 296 more words