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In Tarots:

For tarot users: My birth date is 1141987 Nov. 4th. If you would put that into a Tarot you get the main key of: “The Bestower” (IV The Emperor, XIX The Sun, V The Hierophant, X Wheel of Fortune, X I Justice) and a minor key of “Tarot Arcana” – (XI Justice and XI The Hermit) 277 more words


Coco - a lovebug and channel to all dogs

The youngest member in our family is little precious Coco. She is a love bug, just chubby enough to look more adorable than the cutest stuffed bear you can ever imagine – but still wonderfully healthy and vibrant! 260 more words

Love Guidance

Assistant Director

I said I needed to do this every day. I feel like the only thing holding me back at this point is some fear I can’t really put my finger on. 289 more words

Name meanings and Etymology, etc.

Here is some name meanings and etymology for people that will read through my posts and my full Skype chat logs. It helps to read them side by side since he switches between them at times. 842 more words


How the story goes

Here is the full on story in full or just a rehash of it all again. I will touch base on things further and show some evidence to support my claims but it is all something that has truly happened to me, Benjamin and Chelsea. 903 more words


Some concrete evidence

I will show some evidence that I have at the moment. Here is the talk I had while Benjamin was possessed on the night of the Snow full moon, lunar eclipse, and comet while at a hospital. 378 more words


My spiritual vibrations

Sometimes I can’t help myself when thinking of my personal connection with God. I start to push up my head and shake it┬áback and forth lightly when I have intense thoughts of oneness with Jesus Christ, with God and the angels. 184 more words