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The sound of rain

The sound of rain,
the song of birds
good thoughts.

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Watch "Elephant Baby-Mother love will make U cry" on YouTube

what wonderful beings!
That baby elephant is precious
the mother incredible.
I wish all elephants would have a happy long life!
How we treat animals is how we treat humans too. 64 more words

Love And Light

Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine

As of lately, the energies of the Divine Feminine has been in full-effect. Society has been and is still currently going through phases where these energies are most needed. 280 more words

Watch ""Where is Love? from Oliver!" on YouTube

Could be the dark night
or the silence of the stars
but the question seeking
an answer found a melody
at last
out of my mind… 9 more words


Watch "Owning Alone: conquering your fear of being solo: Teresa Rodriguez at TEDxWilmington" on YouTube

A beautiful odysee
to seek who is me
and knowing
as you go inwards
you expand outwards!

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Dear Husband, I was wrong....oh so wrong

So my blogging has almost been non-existent for a couple of months now…..

Why you ask?

I went and got married….. yup. No, I did not elope…… I actually roped my folks in on this one. 1,002 more words


How to use social media ( as a writer)


 We live in amazing times, especially for content creators and entr epreneur.

With the click of a button you can make thousands all from your home or phone, but who says that click millionaires don’t apply to writers? 594 more words