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"Self" care.

  I am a crazy human being, and the following mass of disorganized thoughts will give a reasonable explanation why. 

Suddenly, I am 36 years old. I know, I know. 699 more words


Watch "What is Love by Swami Niranjanananda" on YouTube

It takes a wise person to be able to take a complex concept and explain it in simple words,he does not make the concept appear simple but is able to see through the complexity to the heart of the matter. 50 more words

Understanding Ourselves

Watch "Yossele Rosenblatt Live - My Yiddishe Mama" on YouTube

One of my favorite films is “the jazz singer”with Neil Diamond
telling the story of a cantor who seeks modern secular life.
The original film features one of the most well known cantors… 124 more words

Songs To Sing

Little Room

Coming with you was different.  It was a new vibration.  A new frequency.  I’m in love with the new, and maybe, maybe someday I’ll be there with you, too. 199 more words

Watch "‪Barbra Streisand sings Avinu Malkeinu & People for Shimon Peres 90 birthday‬‏" on YouTube

Simon Peres,in blessed memory,
three years ago ,during celebration of his 90th year sitting next to Bill Clinton while Barbara streisand sings a prayer for the Jewish new year:”G-d our father bring us a good new year .” 142 more words


‘Todah rabah, Shimon’: Obama offers passionate farewell to Peres - Arutz Sheva

Paulo Cohelo shared a story he had heard from simon Peres at Davos Economic Forum at Davos,
the winner of the Nobel prize for peace,Simon Peres,told the following story. 189 more words