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black bird bye bye

But life is complex 

black bird,

it is a multi coloured carpet 

dreams are, 


expect to be disappointed 

and to disappoint, 

not to always follow through… 18 more words

My gift

My gift to myself
is this freedom
to choose
not to live with disrespect,
not to live in regret,
not to keep secrets
you only tell… 102 more words


Giselle's portugese Permission

Dance therapy day one .

a slim blond middle aged woman opens the door to the studio with a warm smile dressed in pretty loose soft grey material moving with poise and grace like a gassel.. 654 more words


Your Magic Power

You have a magic power.

Did you know that?

Within you lies the power to change the world, to change the lives of those around you, one smile at a time. 173 more words

Returning and turning to love

It takes courage ..to endure the sharp pains of self discovery 

rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that 

would last the rest of our lives. 169 more words


Our deepest

“what holds us back in life is our fears and sometimes when you take a very close  look you find out that your fears are not exactly what you thought they were … 449 more words


Our last hope, the final frontier, and I see the horizon drawing ever nearer.

As the periphery of life expands, this margin of death becomes clear. 448 more words