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Fresh baked toll house cookies

When she came home from school

Swedish Orange braids

Apple pies

Pumpkin chiffon pies

Swedish meatballs



Of the warmth… 120 more words


Enlighten:Love, Light, Hatred and Darkness


If we stifle the hatred and deny the darkness within, our love and our light are thin and superficial and easily blown off course by any storm erupting within. 531 more words

Facing Darkness And Hatred

Releasing Fear: A Channeled Message from Archangel Michael

Nearly 2 years ago, during a workshop conducted by my spiritual teacher and mentor, Jasmine Miller, I channeled a message from Archangel Michael, angelic protector and upholder of the highest truth. 928 more words


Three minutes past Three

When do we make the changes we want to see in ourselves? When others stop doing something unpleasing to us? When circumstances are optimal or when we have enough money for that course on Thai massage or enough time away from our responsibilities (that seem always to be taken for granted)???? 618 more words


Deafened by Silence...

When your body is not your body

When your heart is just an instrument

When your life is a reminder of regret

When your dreams are disabled visions… 185 more words


Florence the Love Machine..

This is part of the universal consciousness crying out through all the pain Gaia is being allotted and our voices are rising up to the frequency of pure LOVE and INSPIRATION Florence is the Vibration of the Love Machine…Serine beauty..If only for a moment…I hear ABSOLUTE TRUTH in this sanctification of LIFE and LIGHT ..Oh this feeling, oh this heaven. 483 more words


The Universe conspires to shower us with Blessings..

Everyday upon waking gratitude floods into my mind filling my heart. The cells in me hear me willing this feeling of joy to believe it can stay in me for the whole day. 240 more words