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Day 37: sunsets create energy

Hey all you beautiful butterflies!

It’s evening here in Calgary and I am experiencing a very peaceful and happy moment: watching a warm sunset.

It’s brilliant how much energy this common phenomenon can bring with it, yet so many times we just take it for granted. 322 more words


Developing a Spiritual Practice 

Spirituality is not a cloak that is worn as needed. It’s not something that is done on Sunday’s. You can’t take it out of the closet on holidays, dust it off and publicly pronunce how spiritual you are. 245 more words


Life is for living, so what are you waiting for!

Life is a game, life is what you decide it is, a party, a mystery, a nightmare…….

For me there was a turning point……before my father had his stroke I had a huge amount of injuries, bad back, bad knees and bad attitude. 381 more words

Inside the mind of a trans-gender- An interview with Lisa Savern

As you might have all seen Bruce Jenner is trending on twitter today, and not just for any other reason but because of his coming out as a woman for the first time… 1,639 more words

Love And Light


This piece was created for a dear friend – Love and Light.


One hundred forty-seven. 

**My blogging has been on a bit of a due to a few unfortunate events that left me without a phone, iPad or access to technology, so I was writing posts by hand and am now catching up.** … 691 more words

happy shakori

This weekend, I attended a GrassRoots music festival –– Shakori Hills. 225 more words

Music Festivals