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Holding Hope

Sometimes the greatest expression of love is simply to stand shoulder to shoulder, holding hope for each other.

via Holding Hope — Colleen Briggs


A simple ritual for the New Moon.

New moons are all about new beginnings, new projects, and making changes. We can tune into the energy of the new moon to help manifest positive change in our lives. 194 more words

Rose Oil & Third Eye

Get high the divine way.
Doing this on a consistent basis will raise your vibrational frequency in the least amount of time.
Try it for yourself & you’ll feel the happy high. 41 more words

How do I find my spiritual source?

Experiencing my centre and spiritual source isn’t something that just happens for me. I find I need to make a conscious effort to search out this higher power and that means turning in the right direction. 684 more words

How to Deal with World Politics and Fear, the answer is to send light and love

A few weeks ago I asked myself why it was the defense budget was being raised by Trump. I didn’t really care about the dumb politics and party fighting that was going on, I just figured there was probably a reason for it, and felt a heightened sense of awareness to our military and the U.S.’ world affairs. 427 more words

Always start with gratitude

I did it. I taped my first blog post. It was terrifying and it has taken me YEARS to get this first one out… but it is finally here… in all its glory! 85 more words

Let that beautiful light shine

Dear Beautiful Person,

Yes, you. I’m talking to you. You are a beautiful, amazing person with many amazing gifts, and while you might not always feel you are – you certainly are. 402 more words