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Being a Foreigner Gomsin (곰신)

Hi! I am writing this article to celebrate the anniversary of my boyfriend enlisting for the mandatory Korean military service. I still remember it like it was just yesterday, that heartbreaking day of August 21st, 2017. 826 more words


She's Your GIRL

So she’s supposed to be that curious person who wants to know where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re with so she can have peace of mind. 174 more words

Falling In Love

The Hows of a broken heart

Love as they say is like going into war. it is hard to win it alone. You need your buddies to back you up, and someone to fight it with in order to succeed. 401 more words


Types of Friends

Throughout life, you will meet hundreds of people, maybe thousands – no, MILLIONS! I don’t know your life but I don’t think I’ve met millions but that is because I enjoy being a hermit. 956 more words


The First of August 31st 2008

I’m writting this on the 31st day of August 2018 @ 1137 pm. Contemplated if I should but in reality, I woke up today realizing that 10 years now, today means a lot. 589 more words

Love And Relationship

I wouldn’t want it any other way

Long before, I only dreamed of myself – of how will I be successful in the field I chose and how will I be great in everything I do. 317 more words

Love And Relationship

EDEN HAD NO PRIVACY - protect it

Despite the beauty and glory of Eden, it couldn’t support marriage. Yes, Adam and Eve were forced to pack out of Eden in order to continue with their marriage. 575 more words