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Free E-Book: The Harmony of Breathing.

Breathing is the foundation of all healing work, whether it is self-healing or helping others. This free E-Book (PDF format) introduces you to some simple and highly effective ancient Daoist breathing techniques for health & longevity. 72 more words


Sound Moves #4

Keep Your Feet On The Ground!

Tripping up is easy. We all do it, in  many different ways. I tripped up twice yesterday, once with my words and once with my feet! 541 more words




The other day I was reading an article about emotions and the author described emotions very simply as energies that move. Energy + motion = emotion. 274 more words


A Long Hard Fight

A Long Hard Fight

(for Jennifer Wright)

A Long hard fight

Throughout the year

Tug-of-war each day,

Bent, but not broken

The pause to take in… 92 more words


The Perfection of Life Consists in the Perception of Truth from the Light of Truth

From True Christian Religion ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

There are three degrees of love and wisdom, and consequently three degrees of life, and that the human mind is formed into regions, as it were, in accordance with these degrees; … 346 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

Spiritual Gold.

Spiritual Gold.

The creation of true harmony, personal, planetary and Divine, requires as a foundational prerequisite the death of the inferior ego. The realisation that our human role and capacity to love, will, create and be expressions of the Divine, and the spiritual initiations that some of you took lifetimes ago and some of you are presently taking are also being poured into the mass consciousness of humanity. 781 more words