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"Love at Home": a deconstruction

When I was a kid I was often told that singing a hymn to myself or out loud was a good way to banish Satan or to remind me to “choose the right.” And when you spend half your life in meetings these hymns become embedded in your subconscious. 695 more words


Love at Home

This is one of my favorite hymns that we sing at church. I think that my family brings love into our home when we have cheerful attitudes, are considerate of each other’s space and feelings, speak to one another in soft tones, are quick to forgive each other’s mistakes, and when we put away worldly distractions to spend quality time together. 119 more words


By Request, 'Love at Home'

This is a sweet old hymn from the 19th century, requested by Swee.

Lean back and enjoy it.