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Choice of Pain

The pain of getting my hopes up for nothing. The pain of trying to deceive myself into thinking this is what I want. I have chosen this pain. 38 more words


37 of 16 x 365

Walking the fine line across the great divide/talking to activists with great things in mind/writing with chalk on boards instead of as outlines/it’s high time movements are redefined/socially I’m active progressively going forward/the momentum which carries me drives me toward/my goals in a manner that moves me onward/to a self fulfilling prophetic calling/as if I’ve seen it all before the last morning/all my doubts and fears one last mourning/lay them all to rest final calling/I’m here to stand the test no more stalling/I’m all in – I’ll bear the load upon my bones/and I’ll stand tall when I dare approach the throne/this is my passion when you’re reading my poem/you’ve been welcomed as a guest in to my home… 54 more words

I do not want to be an afterthought.

The one you want when no one else is around.

The one you never really cared about.

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