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Choice of Pain

The pain of getting my hopes up for nothing. The pain of trying to deceive myself into thinking this is what I want. I have chosen this pain. 38 more words


37 of 16 x 365

Walking the fine line across the great divide/talking to activists with great things in mind/writing with chalk on boards instead of as outlines/it’s high time movements are redefined/socially I’m active progressively going forward/the momentum which carries me drives me toward/my goals in a manner that moves me onward/to a self fulfilling prophetic calling/as if I’ve seen it all before the last morning/all my doubts and fears one last mourning/lay them all to rest final calling/I’m here to stand the test no more stalling/I’m all in – I’ll bear the load upon my bones/and I’ll stand tall when I dare approach the throne/this is my passion when you’re reading my poem/you’ve been welcomed as a guest in to my home… 54 more words

I do not want to be an afterthought.

The one you want when no one else is around.

The one you never really cared about.

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Love Being

Love Being


Be love, love being, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness and wisdom always,God Bless. 7 more words

Moon by Amy Taylor

There are some
People who love best
From a distance like
Wolves calling to each
Other across a moonlit valley

When I found
My spot beside you… 101 more words



“I love being alive and I love being who I am! I love experiencing my uniqueness and my unusualness in this world. I celebrate every moment of my aliveness as each new experience of life unfolds its gift to me and I am inspired to be my best self.”

– Dr Jeff Mullan II

Words Of Wisdom

The Love Song of the Mermaids by Amy Taylor

We will swim then, me and me,
When the moon remakes the sapphire blue sea
Like a glass globe at a medium’s inquiry;
We will swim through swaying glades of green and purple, 1,107 more words