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In The Way Of Love

Love is the water that quenches any fire.

Nothing stands in the way of Love.


Love Conquers All

This statement is cliché and overused, but I know it to be true. God is love and He is the conqueror of all things. Love is the most powerful force on earth because it is an attribute of God. 239 more words

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Chapter 6 & 7 (Love Conquers All)


After the risky surgery with Abbigail, Joliet was still worried. The pregnancy had been unexpected, and certainly high risk. She was well past her prime for birthing pups, as evident with the delivery. 790 more words

Love Conquers All

I believe in true love....

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. Drake

I’ve wandered down many roads in this life, even taken a few wrong turns. 157 more words

Love Conquers All - Chap. 4 & 5


Walking out of her small study, Joliet glanced up at the clock in the hall, 8:15. “Shit, I’m going to be late for work,” she muttered. 1,268 more words

Love Conquers All

Chapter 2 & 3


Now I mentioned that this was only the beginning of a sad chain of events and it was just that. About a month or two after Granny’s death, our family cat, Shadow, started getting very weak and sick. 1,890 more words

Love Conquers All