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Love versus Fear

Just because you’re married or have been through a lot in your relationship doesn’t mean you know everything about love. Do you know that fear can destroy love or to make the statement more positive, love conquers fear? 477 more words


Being a Realist

Bitter is a word that has been used to describe me on more than once occasion as of late. I beg to differ with this description but opinions are like assholes, am I right? 246 more words


I saw a Facebook post today of what my mil was thankful for. It just reminded me that I’ll forever be grateful to God for placing my husband in my life. 222 more words


Just looking over my earlier posts and I guess I foreshadowed what seems like the end of my marriage if I go by what the flesh is telling me. 90 more words

Walk In Love

The path we walk can seem hazardous at times.

But there can be no pitfalls when we walk in love.


You Really Can't Go Home Again

… because home is not a place.

After over a year of living a life on the road which seems to be mostly lived in pursuit of the next goal, checkpoint, or idea towards the advancement of the tenets to which I devote my service to the world, it seems like an incredibly truistic and potentially cliche thing to say, but my arrival at this conclusion is the product of a great deal of (admittedly belated) growing up. 1,901 more words

Everything and everything

Under the rock, I cannot fathom more. I don’t think I deserve more? I wallow in my blindness. Much time passes in this paralyzed state. Suddenly a couple neurons connect with alacrity. 19 more words