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Happy 6 Years ♡

Today is August 6th, 2016, and six years ago, on a muggy night in front of my neighborhood Barnes & Noble, the person I’d been waiting to see all afternoon was finally in my line of sight. 1,271 more words


Day 219 Challenge

Embrace LOVE

Today’s challenge may sound simple and recurrent.  We have all heard about peace and love.  We are all likely familiar with the phrase, ‘Turn the other cheek.’, and we all know the blessings love brings.  177 more words

Daily Challenges

"Nothin' Left to Burn": California Wildfire and the Metaphor of Human Choice

For days, weeks, or even months after a fire, ash and smoke linger visibly in the atmosphere, purveying the haunting scent of autumn to the denizens of this vacuous land. 1,430 more words


Yet another (short) story I don’t remember ever having written, 16 years ago. The plight of the separated. War. Redemption. Perhaps it’s more of a “meditation” on the separation of two souls. 925 more words


THAT moment

The Pudding Club Diary @ 16w3d

Chris and I had THAT moment last night. THAT moment when you realise you have the summit in sight, when the pain, tears and anxiety were ALL worth it.   194 more words


No, you haven't wandered onto the wrong blog. This is about love.

I’m thinking about Nice, France.

My dad called me last night, in a rage. No, not about the man who plowed a truck through crowds of… 334 more words

5* Review: Jules Wake - Escape to the Riviera

Carrie Hayes is ready for the summer of a lifetime . .

Quiet and unassuming Carrie Hayes has a nice, steady life with long-term boyfriend Alan. 331 more words

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