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Defining Love...

I ask her, “What is your definition of Love?”

She replies, “Acceptance. Allowing another to just be…without judgement.”

And I think to myself, Here I am thinking that perhaps Love couldn’t be defined – only felt and sensed.

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Defining Love

When I think about love I think about my first two encounters of love. One, the love that I received from my parents and two, the love I received from Christ. 187 more words

Love Defined

Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love is the concept of affection without limitations of conditions. It is the notion that love is not earned, it simply exists between two people. 398 more words

Love Of People

Love is... Love is not...

The first thought that typically comes to mind at the mention of the word love is the concept of romantic love. Romantic love is often unrealistically romanticized in pop culture as this near instantaneous, flawless, and complete bliss. 494 more words

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What does Webster say?

Love can be really difficult to define. There isn’t a simple definition. The Wikipedia entry on love even goes as far as to state “ diversity of uses and meanings combined with the complexity of the feelings involved makes love unusually difficult to consistently define.” Because of this we learn love not through textbooks, but through experience. 432 more words

Love Defined


My best friend got married to the president! No not that president… the anime club president! In high school, an anime club was started by a man named Hunter at the helm. 593 more words

Love Defined

Love: A Mutual Exchange

In her epic novel Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand presents an opinion on love that is unique, going against much of the popular opinion. Instead of stating that love is blind, unconditional, selfless and sacrificial, Rand believes that love is earned, rational, selfish and very much conditional. 459 more words

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