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Practice Universal Love


Love is you! and you are everything so every thing is love. Love is that feeling of life which make our mind peace and satisfied all the time. 981 more words

Love Everybody

3 Years & Counting

I just realised that HLP turned 3 yesterday. The first post was 21/05/2012! That feels like a long time ago, but it went by so quickly… scary monsters! 41 more words

Heavy Little People


“A Word”

Too often we toil in darkness when it comes to love. Many live life ignorant of loves true meaning. If we know not love, then how can one truly love?  217 more words


How to feel better about yourself

Paradoxes never ceases to amaze me. Our world is full of them and when I find another one I feel like I have figured out the next clue to help me navigate through this game of life. 313 more words


Chicken Little Go Home, You're Drunk!

I am currently living on a ranch in the middle of no-where with no TV. I have been finding myself spending a lot of time on FaceBook getting irritated at all the Chicken Little’s on there. 447 more words

The Journey

Guilty of Impersonating a Judge

You heard me.  I would love to deny it, to plead my innocence, but the truth is undeniable and the evidence damning.

I’m guilty.

I’m guilty of making unsubstantiated accusations, guilty of false testimony, guilty of impersonating a judge, and guilty of denying that guilt.  1,182 more words

Today's Thoughts