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Could love more than Wished

I could love you more than,
You wished.
But alignment of line,
Was not sure.

We turned in all directions,
Sometimes my predictions gone wrong. It’s you or your beauty, 129 more words


Strings of the heart

Breaking the relationship,
Not easy as we think,
Bonds are knitted together,
By the unknown strings of-
The hearts and woven like
The clouds under the sky,
Not easy as we think.


Embarked as swine

I can report you myself dead,
Yeah! It’s a moment just i faced,
When you left.

This winter my throat,
Feed up by same pain. 55 more words


Give me a reason to hate you

Days merge into nights

As I sit here,

With no one but myself;

Loneliness looming over the room

Like a dark rain cloud,

Making me claustrophobic. 117 more words


Merasalaayitten Chapter 5 - Never would it be her

Never had I thought that a beautiful woman would meet me.
Never had I thought that she would love me.
Beautiful were the moments between us… 181 more words


The steel sweetheart

How quickly “sweetheart” turns sickly,

and hopes slip into cold ash pits

one wrong word, romance unscripted.

one negative emotion shown

an inconvenient teardrop

in an instant- damage is done. 126 more words


Young TV Anchor Commits Suicide

Young TV Anchor Commits Suicide

TV Anchor Nirosha, who is working with a Music Channel in Hyderabad, has hanged herself to death at a working women’s hostel she’s staying in Sindhi Colony, Hyderabad…..…..Read More……