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Emotions- Manipulating habits

I guess we can all agree when I say that, ” Disciplining your mind is one of THE TOUGHEST THINGS in the world”

Believe me I have tried to win that war and I lost almost every time.

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Tu Me Manques

You know in French, you don’t say

“I miss you.”

You say “Tu me Manques” which means, ‘you are missing from me…’- I love that. 384 more words

Heartbreak: What nobody tells you about it

Heartbreak is an odd kind of pain. You’re not dying, you’re not even sick, yet it hurts so much.

When you’re going through a heartbreak, it’s not the pain of losing the person you love that hurts the most.

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How to get over someone you love.

I’ve been trying to put some stuff in this space for a long time now and today, I’m finally doing it.

Why now, you may ask? 528 more words

A lost dream

I am standing near the balcony of 19th store building and I can barely see the lights in the night and all the ways from left to right also the lights from the extra-terrestrial rays from the outer space. 1,225 more words


Strings of the heart

Breaking the relationship,
Not easy as we think,
Bonds are knitted together,
By the unknown strings of-
The hearts and woven like
The clouds under the sky,
Not easy as we think.


"The last goodbye...."

The train whistled for the last time and started to move…
She clutched his hands, “do you really want to leave?” 147 more words