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so he said its not love !


So there goes another screwed up relationship :-

Trust me wen i say men take u fr granted wen u say u hd a relationship before. 321 more words


so he said its not love !

okay don’t get me wrong am not gonna cry about my love story .


It’s just i don’t understand how can a person can go from baby i love you to – i don’t think we were in love and gives you tones of reasons why we shouldn’t be together. 40 more words


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#part1 #firstlove So its been 3 yrs since we broke up and i still can't forget him. I know it sounds so cliche but trust me i tried not to feel sad or feel heartbroken. Is just the feeling never goes away. I tried to date again but you knw men are always men the minute you say you had an ex they think i am easy. (Am not saying all men r like tht.. Just the guys i met)


“Love isn’t intimidated by failure. Failure is something people go through. It’s not who they are. Love them back to wholeness.”



உண்மையை உணர்ந்த காதலியின் இதயம்...

வெற்றிக்கும் தோழ்விக்குமான ஒரு சின்ன இடைவெளிதான் நம்ம காதல்… காதல் புருஞ்சவுங்களுக்கு கண்டிப்பா இந்த இடைவெளி புரியும்…

வானத்துல ஆயிரம் நட்சத்திரம் இருந்தாலும் நிலா தனித்துவமானது… நிலாவின் வெளிச்சமும் தனித்துவமானது… அதே போல என் வாழ்க்கையில மாமா நீ கூடுத்த வெளிச்சம் சிறப்பானது… நிலாவோட வெளிச்சத்த நாம அனுபவிக்கலாமே தவிர நிலவ சொந்தமாகிக்க முடியாது… அதே மாதிரி தான் நான், என் மாமா உன் அன்ப அனுபவிக்க முடிஞ்சுது ஆனா சொந்தமாக்கிக்க முடியல…


She said….she walk before she run 

It all started after I completed my college & I was doing a job, I arranged her number from one of my friend. I texted her on whatsapp but as usual the million dollar question needs to answered before she will starts talking to me.  782 more words

Love Criss##

Suddenly, I came out of thoughts to my phone ringing to the tone “Tujhe Dekh Dekh Sona” from an unknown number just to get the utter shock of my life. 1,559 more words

Curse of Love

“My priorities have changed and we cannot be together anymore” she said and left. She was leaving that cafe and I was just watching her. I could still smell her regular perfume, her completed coffee mug was still there and at the corner, there was a cover filled with all the greeting cards, gifts and letters which have exchanged during our good times. 822 more words