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Manica, An Abandoned Hope

I want to share an experience that i had since the past year till last week.

I met a person online from the country of philippines, located in the south pacific, the person was exteremly loving, kind and humbling, innocence was what she was all about, “Hate” was the most remote thing in her personality, she was by far the most beautiful person i had met to date, she was fun loving, sarcastic girl wishing only happiness, prosperity to the people around her, she had absolutely no room for negative things. 1,109 more words

Madness of Mind...

Being a fun of my Hands,

Love dwelling into my Nails.

Scratching my Heart,

That I love her, Apart

Truth of my Veins,

Stops me to Rain. 144 more words



Look into my eyes,
And whisper in my ear..
That it won’t hurt,
That I’ll be fine.

Coat your knife with tears
Before you slide it into my heart, 36 more words


Strings of the heart

Breaking the relationship,
Not easy as we think,
Bonds are knitted together,
By the unknown strings of-
The hearts and woven like
The clouds under the sky,
Not easy as we think.


Love Failure - TamilKavithagal.tk

Love Failure

Valkkaiyil Patta Adi Konjamillai,

En Parithavippum Minjavillai,

Tharkkolaikku Naan Muyala

En Manamum Adharrkku Paniyavillai,

Maaman Magal Neeyena

Un Manathirkkaga Vaadugiraen,

Kudittha Nanju Kooda, 15 more words

Love Failure

Kathal - TamilKavithagal.tk


Marandhu Vidu Manasae,

Avanai Marakka Vendum
Endru Ninaipadhai…


Love Failure

Broken Heart - TamilKavithagal.tk

Broken Heart

Naan Unnai Ninaithen Nee Ennai Kaipudippai Endru,

Aanal Nan Idai Ninaikkave Illai Nee Ennai Kaividuvaai Endru…


Love Failure