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This week my boy wanted me to buy this $20 insulated mug for a fund raiser at his skool.  He had the perfect sales pitch: Hey mom they have one you will love!  721 more words

The Island~

I am the baby in my family and the only girl.  My brother was 16 moths older than me and we fought like CRAZY! I loved him fiercely but became an only child back in 1998-that is a subject for a whole different post. 1,063 more words

Editing.....no thank you~

When I wrote my first post I really thought I would have 10 people read it (my mom and her BFF’s and a few of my friends).  754 more words

Spilled Milk~

I have always held to the belief that there is “no use crying over spilled milk.” When my boys were little I would remind them at meals to “keep it up high so you stay dry.” This was always in reference to their cups. 836 more words

VD bittersweet-just like dark chocolate

I do not get a sweet, lovey VD card anymore, but when you get something like this….man, this is FIERCE LOVE speaking. If your VD is not what you “planned” may you get to a place where you celebrate the SWEET and not the BITTER. 306 more words


The power of a smile~

I have not been able to smile for almost a week.  I wish I had a great story, but here is the real life, what happened.   797 more words