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Torn over time

I see it every day. I even say it occasionally…”Life is too short”. Too short to have regrets. Too short to follow all the rules. Too short to not say the important stuff. 510 more words

Picture day~

I love pictures.  I can get so lost in pictures that an entire day is gone before I know it. This typically happens when I’m cleaning and a picture catches my eye, then makes me think of something else and before you know it I am in the closet floor with boxes all around me. 929 more words

Love you more~

My boys will often ask me (usually after they have done something helpful around the house)-“Now am I your favorite?”

My answer, ALWAYS is a resounding- 1,044 more words

Independence Day~

Right about now, bazillions of families are packing up and hitting the road or the skies for a 4th of July getaway. I know this because the news feed on my Facebook page is gradually taking a turn from rainbows/ confederate flags  to funny posts/pictures  regarding travels, American flags🇺🇸, and barbeque recipes😋. 882 more words


This week my boy wanted me to buy this $20 insulated mug for a fund raiser at his skool.  He had the perfect sales pitch: Hey mom they have one you will love!  721 more words

The Island~

I am the baby in my family and the only girl.  My brother was 16 moths older than me and we fought like CRAZY! I loved him fiercely but became an only child back in 1998-that is a subject for a whole different post. 1,063 more words

Editing.....no thank you~

When I wrote my first post I really thought I would have 10 people read it (my mom and her BFF’s and a few of my friends).  754 more words