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Slow down! 

I don’t understand why some parents are so impatient for their little ones to grow up? “Cant wait until he’s weaned… Can’t wait until she’s walking…Can’t wait until he starts school…Can’t wait until she graduates…” 98 more words

Love | Musings of a Muslimah

As a teacher, I was recently asked to run workshops where pupils explored the purpose of their studies. We looked at themes such as intentions, tawakkul (trust in Allah swt’s plan) and ihsan (excellence in faith) and it led me to realise that they all lead to one path- the path of loving Allah swt. 1,416 more words

Love for Allah SWT

Do not let anyone’s words, or actions, be it an imam, a religious scholar, a psychologist, a lover, a friend; anyone who has any emotional power over you, sway you from your Trust in Allah, your Love for Him and your relationship with Him. 268 more words

Increase Your Love For Allah

Increase Your Love For Allah,” If you wish increase your present take pleasure in regarding Allah and then once each Fajr and also Asr salah obtain the following… 118 more words


Testing times...

Human nature is so predictable in times of pain or sorrow. The moment something goes awry, we start to whine and throw tantrums on our loved ones, or at a more intimate level we start throwing tantrums at our creator. 315 more words