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A Tale of Two Cities

When you go through Mission Year you end up self reflecting more than you even knew possible. I had no idea there was so much in the depth of my soul that allowed me to tap into who God has fully created me to be. 830 more words


When I shut the door in the face of Jesus

The following is a story that happened a few months ago that brings me great shame.

I shut my front door in the face of Jesus. 832 more words

Love God Love People ~ poem


Love God

and you

Love People

than you know to participate in ignorance is to initiate evil

you feel fake

like you ain’t keeping it straight if you skate on your boys… 62 more words

relationships is why we are here

I am strengthened through the relationships that edify the best parts of me. The relationships that make a demand on your purpose are the relationships that are Divinely appointed: … 122 more words

Mama's Always Right

People always comment on the differences in people and things across the United States.  I’ve always known that the south is different, but like they say you don’t appreciate the differences until your across the country and people look at you strange when you say yes mam and no mam.  844 more words

Always Look Back

Someone I hold very dear in my heart has gone home to be with the Lord. I loved her. She never knew my name, but she knew my heart. 227 more words

Put your love on the map!

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook this morning and it practically jumped out of the screen at me. It’s funny that I think practically all of my Valentine’s Days my whole life have been spent single, and yet I think I love Valentine’s Day more than most people who actually have a significant other to spend it with. 279 more words