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Episode 235: Shock Me

Yo, POTheads! Episode 235 is now ALIVE! Andy, Chris and Nick analyze “Shock Me” from the 1977 KISS album Love Gun!



4 Sides of the Same Coin: KISS Solo Albums Ranked

KISS.  Four letters, one kickass band.  If you were alive (no pun intended) in the mid to late 70’s, you know exactly who these 4 gentlemen are.   2,140 more words

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Album # 3 for James came along in 1979 and funks along well enough, but fails to gain any new traction. The sound here is very much an extension of the Mowton (“Stormy Love”) meets Clinton-esque funk (“Fire It Up”) he already had mastered. 328 more words

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Love Gun

Black bubblegum. What KISS lack in musical chops (the lyrics are unironically stoopid and the riffs are lousy), they more than make up for in terms of chutzpah. 54 more words


"My First Time" with Ted Nugent's 'Cat Scratch Fever'

This month for “My First Time”, I am going to go back to the first Ted Nugent album I ever owned which was ‘Cat Scratch Fever’.   1,332 more words


Episode 213: I Stole Your Love

Yo POTheads! Episode 213 is now ALIVE! Chris, Nick, and Andy break down “I Stole Your Love” from 1977’s Love Gun. Also, the guys play another round of everybody’s favorite trivia game: Scorpions Song or Fireworks Kit? 17 more words


365 Days of Album Recommendations - June 30 [the WITH APOLOGIES edition]

Kiss – Love Gun

With apologies, I am including this album. Because THIS is the very first LP I bought with my own money! And it was released on THIS date, June 30th, all the way back in 1977. 31 more words

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