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Welcome to Love Handles, Our New Podcast

I grew up in a very musical family. For anyone who has grown up in a similar situation then you will completely understand where I am coming from. 257 more words



Now we are all aware of the fact that how difficult it is to get rid of lower belly fat. There is one other reason that’s called ‘love handles’ where it’s difficult to get rid of fat and do trust me when I say as pleasing as the name sounds there’s nothing pleasing about love handles it’s just excess fat above your hips and side belly which gives a muffin top look with your shirt it’s unpleasing for mens as well as womens. 589 more words

Personal Care

Food every Fitness Fanatic should eat.

Foods that everyone should have in their diet.
What you eat is what you become. If you eat stupid junk food you’ll end up fat, weak, and lazy. 328 more words


How to get a flat belly ?

Getting your belly flat is one of the most difficult thing to do but it’s not impossible. You have to just read some tips and follow them for 3 months and I’m sure that you will get that flat belly. 300 more words


Fitness for Teachers 

How many teachers that you know have love handles?  This advice from EverydayHealth.com may help!

Say Good-Bye to Your Love Handles

If you’re not in love with your muffin top, use this easy guide to amp up your cardio to burn those fat pockets and sculpt the muscles that lie beneath. 1,023 more words


Body Image

“I don’t know what you see in me.” — I’ve said this to Alpha many times —

Like most women, I struggle with body image issues. 290 more words


Rock the Crop Top

How to Rock the Crop Top even with a Tummy

This article is catered to all the beautiful ladies who are perfectly healthy but may not be comfortable in investing in clothes that they think are meant for flat-stomached skinny women. 153 more words