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Time for a Commercial

Today is one of those days where you accomplish things but you feel you need a break. Life should take a hint from television. Add some commercials so you get a break from the humdrum. 301 more words


How to get Rid of Love Handles - For Women

It is true that for most women excess fat around the waistline is embarrassing thus making them uncomfortable. The tyres come out every time you wear that new jeans or look at yourself in the mirror. 460 more words

Health And Nutrition

HATE those LOVE handles? ! Follow these steps and get rid of them in 2 weeks!!!

Hello again peeps

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the history of our fitness industry. Every trainer, including me has faced this question many times and today i have picked it up because it seems to be the right topic for today. 919 more words


Love Handles: Choices

What if we chose differently?
What if our ‘no’s were ‘yes’s,
And our ‘yes’s we ‘no’s?
Would we still have chosen what we stand for today? 97 more words


Love Handles: Dreams

Sometimes my dreams would get so vivid, I’d think it’s real –

Battles against zombies,

A never-ending feast,

Family bonding over toys that are wrestling, 135 more words


Lose The Love Handles

By ‘love handle’ (also known as a spare tire), we mean the fat around the waist and hips. It tends to accumulate in this part of the body due to the close proximity of the liver, which is of course an organ that plays a major role in the processing of body fat. 704 more words

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Re-Using Pop Sockets & Love Handles

You can easily re-use pop sockets and love handles with command strips. You can watch the video below to see how I remove and re-use them. 60 more words