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Moment #10: Love Happens (2009)

The kindest thing that can be said about Love Happens is that it’s functional. An eight year-old movie, more romantic drama than rom-com, that washed its face at the box office and now fills out the Film Four schedule. 246 more words


Dear S (Part 2)

When I open my eyes in the morning,

I pretend to be not lone in bed,

Because maybe if you were here,

You would be sleeping by my side. 264 more words



Kuch arse hue tumse mile,

Lekin kuch aksh sa baki hai.

Janamo janam intezar ne li hai intehaan humari,

Par iss bar mar ke bi tumse milne ka vada kiya hai. 119 more words


Dear S

I want you to be my shield for I will be your sword,
I want you to be my autumn and I will be your blooming spring, 129 more words


'Love' or 'Like'

Is there a difference between “TO LIKE a PERSON” and “TO LOVE A PERSON”. Me and my friend were having tea during the break at the tea stall outside our office & were discussing, rather debating on this. 285 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Richard parked Maya’s car in his designated slot in the underground parking of his building, half an hour after they left her place. After getting out of the car, he assisted and led Maya to a private elevator which opened directly to a foyer leading to the single unit on the topmost floor. 3,208 more words


The Bewildering!!

Moving to a new house always exited Monish, this was after quite a lag of years that he changed house. He selected his new place quite wisely this time as he wanted to reduce his distance from his academy where he was giving guitar classes. 1,858 more words