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Love Happens - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Maya gave up. It has been more than an hour since she went to bed after her wonderful evening with Richard, and yet she was unable to sleep! 2,310 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“So, how’s your island experience, so far, Ricky?” Maya asked Richard while they were drinking coffee after eating the delicious lunch that Marina had prepared for them. 2,609 more words


Bebet & the Pis

Here’s a lil’ story of me and my Bebet.

After my darling mother (Sabiana) told me, ‘you need to go out, you think a man is going to turn up on your doorstep? 990 more words

Love Happens - Chapter 6

“Maya, are you okay?” Jeremy asked Maya as they sat on two big boulders before the majestic Katibawasan Falls. They have been gazing at the waterfalls for the past several minutes or so, both lost in thoughts. 2,495 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 5

“Please have a seat, Ricky!” Maya said softly, breaking into Richard’s turbulent thoughts, gesturing for him to sit where Jeremy sat earlier.

Maya was unsure on how to proceed after Jeremy departed unexpectedly. 2,669 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 4

The sound of a door opening and people talking penetrated Maya’s consciousness. The first thought that registered in her sleep-clogged brain was that, the resort have more guests that day as compared to the days she had been there, and those who arrived the day before! 2,760 more words