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Love Happens - Chapter 6

“Maya, are you okay?” Jeremy asked Maya as they sat on two big boulders before the majestic Katibawasan Falls. They have been gazing at the waterfalls for the past several minutes or so, both lost in thoughts. 2,493 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 5

“Please have a seat, Ricky!” Maya said softly, breaking into Richard’s turbulent thoughts, gesturing for him to sit where Jeremy sat earlier.

Maya was unsure on how to proceed after Jeremy departed unexpectedly. 2,672 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 4

The sound of a door opening and people talking penetrated Maya’s consciousness. The first thought that registered in her sleep-clogged brain was that, the resort have more guests that day as compared to the days she had been there, and the guests who arrived the day before! 2,767 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 3

Maya stared at the breathtaking view before her, took a sip of her brewed coffee, and sighed, contented. This was just what she needed at this time of the year, and especially with her current state of mind. 2,266 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 2

Richard and Maya were both mostly silent on the short walk to where the elevator banks are. Both of them were intensely aware of each other. 2,829 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 1

Richard Lim stared at the view from his floor-to-ceiling office window, without really seeing anything. The beauty of the afternoon, when the sun is at its brightest and most vibrant and the distant mountains looking majestic and mysterious, was lost on him that day. 2,599 more words


Love Happens - Prologue


The beautiful centuries-old cathedral was decorated elegantly, fit not just for a society wedding, but THE society wedding of the decade. The wedding that will transpire that afternoon will not just be a marriage between the most eligible bachelor in the country and the current society ‘it’ girl, but of two very powerful and very influential families in the world of business and politics. 1,699 more words