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Love at 'First Meet'

Love Happens when you least expect it..!!!

He entered one of the cafes, Cafe LaTTea. It was a small L-shaped cafe. He reached out to the counter and ordered for a Mango Rose Iced Tea and some muffins. 381 more words


Sex... "happens"?

Your job as a man is to create a romantic fun-field, mysterious opportunity for SEX to happen“- signed by a relationship coach.

Relationship coach?? 515 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“Ma’am, what would you like to drink? Coffee, tea or soda?” The beautiful flight attendant asked Maya, giving her  polite, professional smile. She and Richard were the last one in their row to be served drinks and snacks on their flight back to Manila. 2,960 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Maya gave up. It has been more than an hour since she went to bed after her wonderful evening with Richard, and yet she was unable to sleep! 2,310 more words


Love Happens - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“So, how’s your island experience, so far, Ricky?” Maya asked Richard while they were drinking coffee after eating the delicious lunch that Marina had prepared for them. 2,609 more words


Bebet & the Pis

Here’s a lil’ story of me and my Bebet.

After my darling mother (Sabiana) told me, ‘you need to go out, you think a man is going to turn up on your doorstep? 990 more words