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The shy and the bold

“Hi! I am LoveHeimer, I am 32 years old and by this age I found happiness in the most unexpected places: a fight with a boy, an angry moment of my mom, a piece of a tough advice from my dad, a bad grade to an exam, a travel far away from my family, a sharp knife cutting my belly, a cry of my own flesh and blood, a white night or a stormy day… but the last place where I’ve founded it was in a bus and since then, I live in a dream… the dream of my life and I do not want anybody to wake me up, with all risks included.” 471 more words

Up And Down

Love happens(2009)

‘Happiness is a state of mind. Fear is a state of mind, also.’
You have the power to choose your own state of mind.


Ca sa vezi! :)


Ask the Moon

When you’ve fallen in love and failed couple of times you think of things differently. Why is love not working as it supposed to be? It is supposed to make people happy. 203 more words


A Plate of Traditional Chinese Cheese, the Love of a Lifetime, a Story on Marriage


Recently, the younger generation seems to have a totally different view of marriage, compared to the older generations, they ALL have an opinion on it, some choose the single life, others are married, but without children.  498 more words


Wisdom on turning 25... A reflection

This was a post meant to be posted about a year ago when I turned 25. I didn’t realize I never posted it. Looking back and reading it, I learned that this is a complete truth. 162 more words

Elevate Your Life


“I have loved you in waves and lately everyday has been a hurricane”

-Source: Facebook pictures


“If I hadn’t met you, I would have never known what it ever felt to look into a pair of eyes and feel the world come alive. 29 more words

A Shade Of Pen