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Diabetes Sucks, Post #15

15. I have a serious love/hate relationship. With pizza. So high in carbs AND fat I end up with a blood sugar high HOURS after I eat it. 71 more words

By The Numbers~A T1D Journal

The 52nd by Dela: Book Review

I was a Watcher. We watched dead creatures abduct humans so they could be sacrificed in the Underworld by their God, no questions asked. – Lucas…

534 more words

My love hate relationship with....WATER

 I never was a huge fan of water…it just seemed boring to me. Why drink tasteless water when I could drink that delicious sugary ice-cold soda or a big glass of southern style sweet tea? 522 more words

The day has come!

Guys, guys, I have great news!

Last Wednesday, I had a ballet class.

*opens bottle of champagne*

I’m still a little sore, to be honest, but that’s the best part. 429 more words


My Love Hate Relationship

I have a love hate relationship with… COFFEE.

I love coffee for helping me to stay up through all the nights I’m rushing for assignments, reports… He’s the only one with me in the middle of the night every time when I have to burn the midnight oil. 67 more words


સ્ત્રી હોવું એ નિર્દોષતાનું પ્રમાણપત્ર છે?

તન્વી ને રાજ કોલેજ સમયથી મિત્રો, કોલેજમાં તો સહુને લાગતું કે બંને પરણવાનાં જ છે, પણ કોઈક કારણસર એ શક્ય ન બન્યું. એ પણ તન્વીની બાજુથી.

Mann Woman

our love-hate relationship

Yes! We are back! Back online!

When we woke up on Saturday morning, we suddenly discovered that our internet connection was broken. And while we always enjoy a holiday without internet or cell phone connection (back to the good old basics…books and talking to each other and that old-fashioned stuff!), it is always appaling to see how much we rely on internet in our daily life. 963 more words