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Day 23: A letter to someone, anyone

Day 23: A letter to someone, anyone
A part of me really wanted to write in the formal letter format we have learned all our lives, to the Principal, requesting him to grant us two days leave. 554 more words

Lady Doritos?

Pepsi is facing big backlash on a statement that their chief executive, Indra Nooyi, made.

She was telling a reporter the difference in chip eating habit between men and women, and she stated, 317 more words


The MLB hit a home run, but Cleveland may have struck out

Sports are a huge part of our lives. At least they are a huge part of mine.

Growing up, not only did my brother and I play every single sport that was ever offered to us, but we also watched every single sport that we could. 456 more words


Christmas Inheritance

Netflix is knocking ’em out of the park. Here’s another strong B movie. Gifted but immature big-city heiress with unresolved grief issues cute-meets smalltown innkeeper with heart of gold (and unresolved romance issues). 54 more words

Christmas Movie

Visible into Invisible - Fragment #82

She despises the thought of him, or rather, despises herself for allowing him to treat her in ways that left her scarred and still feeling marginalized even after all this time.

113 more words
Creative Writing

Why PR?

Like most 18-year-old newly graduated kids, I went to my college orientation with no idea in the world what I wanted to do with my life. 266 more words


What's So Good About France Anyhow?

I think we will all agree on one thing, and that is that France is not the most wonderful place in the world to live in. 577 more words

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