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$8 to rinse your mouth or rinse it with toilet water!

Hai Gaise!!!!

So this blog, is more of a rant as opposed to my usual happy merepek (nonsensical) post. As you gaise have known, I recently got my wisdom tooth extracted by the wonderful people of… 898 more words


My bestie

All this time I have been writing  sad stuff only related to my crush.Rather ex-crush but the person whom I want to write about today is my best-friend.I dont know whether he considers me as one of his,but I do know that he considers me as one of his close friends.He is the funniest person I have ever met.He immitates me and irritates the shit out of me.He can literally be so annoying.He always makes fun of me when me girlstache likes to show its roots.He is the reason why I go to the parlour once in a while because I know that if he catches a glimpse of it ,I have had it.He made fun of my girlstache right in front of my ex-crush.I used to get pissed off at him ,but one day he told me”yes ,I know I mention that you have a girlstache,but you dont have to get embarrased ,it’s a natural thing….be proud of yourself ,even though youre hairy XD” and with that he burst out laughing ….so did I .Yes,he can get on my nerves….We argue like all the time,some people might think he is a little offensive ,but he is truly a great person , even though he is a little stingy.He is the only one who never fails to make me laugh and I’ll miss him when he moves away.

A little space in heart

“I have no more space for other love in my heart,” ah it’s just a while. I don’t know why I’ve always been remember this phrase, “Heart is just a companion, ” yes it always been just a companion! 26 more words


3 years and counting....?

It’s the time of the year when I kind of love and hate what I am doing. No scratch that. I would love to love what I am doing regularly but there is something inside me which wants to break free. 190 more words


I am a runner in training

Okay, so here is where we get real. I have struggled with my weight since I was 10. Gaining weight and losing wight and the constant back and forth has taken a huge toll on me. 264 more words


Murphy's Law of Love: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE <3 <3 <3

I absolutely became a fan of the 2015 series starring Danson Tang, Murphy’s Law of Love, from the very first second. 214 more words


Ayoko Na Sa Iyo, Hindi Na Kita Love!

I had a very heart-breaking moment with Enzo last night.

We’ve been having issues with her constipation for almost month now.

My rule is, if she has not pooped for almost 48 hours, I have to insert her a suppository. 329 more words

Mommy Me