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Love hate relationship with Canada

Well, it’s official it’s winter :(. We just got so much snow. LIKE WHAT THE HECK CHRISTMAS ISN’T UNTIL NEXT MONTH. Well, time to shovel.

Things To Love About Lodeve

Lodeve, Where Is That?

It is a charming small Ville in the south of France near Montpellier. I moved here about two months ago right at the end of summer. 422 more words

I hate that I Love You.

For those of you who don’t know, I am an English teacher in a British secondary school. I am go my 4th year of teaching, and on my second promotion (to second in department). 628 more words

Love Hate Relationship

Most troubled marriages have a spouse who wants to Save My Marriage

When fans start and also state their swears, they sincerely desire their conjugality to last for a life time. 599 more words

Good Husband And Wife Relationship

Why Should You Love The People You Hate?

Every now and then, we start hating someone at some point of our lives for some reason; it can be your sister because she ruined your wedding or your friend for lying to you. 507 more words

Relationship, Marriage, Divorce

Military Man

Fatherless boy
You stole my father
My friend
And something from me within

Fatherless boy
Where were your boundaries?
You take and take
And wondered why… 294 more words

Love Living South

I have recently moved to the south of France to a small Village in the Languadoc Rousillon Region. I noticed the difference from Paris the first day i arrived! 263 more words

LOVE/ HATE Relationship