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Feel like Shit Part.1

I met a guy, i met a guy. Great. I can’t stop thinking about it, it feels so bad, i feel so bad.

How is it possible? 182 more words


Humiliating Clothes

Yesterday’s note in my Advent calender said I should dress in humiliating clothes and go to work like this. So I did today. In my opinion there are different kinds of humiliating wardrobe, for example all the slutty stuff that merely covers my body and tells everyone what a whore I am. 353 more words

Love Hurts

Left Unaswered

You left me with thousands of Whys’ in my head.

Why you had to let me fell in love with you deeply if it was just temporary? 320 more words


Last weekend John and I were invited to W’s and M’s for dinner and to watch a movie after eating. We had planed to watch another film, but during the dinner M talked about a movie he had recently seen and that had shocked him so much that he had to interrupt it several times before he was able to finish it: Irreversible from Gaspar Noé. 313 more words

Love Hurts

December Is There :)

It’s gotten really cold here and I needed some new winter clothing for Ginny. I’ve ended up with a cute coat, a pair of jeans with some butterfly ornaments on it and two pullovers with a lot of glitter. 266 more words

Love Hurts

Madness, love & f**k everything!

I sank in this madness, I thought myself clever enough to be able to resist this feeling, now I only regret. You know I want you, you know I need you, but I was wrong to let you control my being, open the door of the most secret place hidden in me, now I can no longer close that door, poor me! 427 more words



In many ways I felt humiliated by the mere presence of all those beautiful ladyboys in Thailand. Sometimes when John ordered me to go out all dressed up, I knew people were looking down on me like I was crap, and indeed I felt like shit compared to the ladyboys. 630 more words

Love Hurts