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in love with a narcissist.

Honestly though. This is going to be a personal post (which will probably end up getting deleted, since that’s what I usually do when drunk).  Just looking up traits which indicate that someone has narcissistic personality disorder, I was left flabbergasted. 606 more words


Love Among Thorns

I love you
Despite your brokenness
Despite that you have
Torn my heart apart

I love you
Because you deserve
Love just like I do… 54 more words



Women are beautiful like candy.

We come in various shapes, sizes,colors, special fillings and flavours.

As sweet as they are and may seem…

We can also come in bitter flavours. 75 more words


When Love Hurts

Ouch! I know we say that love should not hurt, but sometimes it does! Sometimes, we pour so much of ourselves into others than we are reciprocated, and we find ourselves empty and void of any type of gratification. 486 more words


 A Shoebox

My love for you is a shoebox. It contains everything, everything.

The first paper airplane you taught me to fold in class.

Ballpens we used as either swords or imaginary weapons. 256 more words


Crossing the threshold into Batshit

I will write no back story.
I will add no disclaimer.
I will make no excuses.


Tonight I backslid.

I sent the first message. 665 more words

Love Hurts

Red Flags

When I was in the 7th grade, I had a friend who carved “I love ‘insert boy’s name here'” into her skin. I was madly crushing on someone at the moment who never wanted anything to do with me, luckily. 565 more words