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Try Not To Hurt Myself

Yesterday evening I had a chat with a T-gurl from the U.S. We’ve been texting for some months now and she has told me that it’s her biggest dream to be allowed to go on chemical castration by testosterone blockers, and later on she wants to take estrogen to develop a more female physique and yes, boobies. 528 more words

Love Hurts

I tried so hard to hate you.

I tried. I really tried.

You broke my heart. It wasn’t intentional, of that I am completely certain, just inevitable, and I knew that would be the way things ended. 517 more words



For a while now John and I draw a lot of pleasure from letting other men, preferably older man, use me. When we were in Greece he allowed a guy to fuck me in return for a Coke, and I still get turned on by the thought of that. 351 more words

Love Hurts

I Can't Stop

You exude passion, you bring a certain warmth
The way you look at me just drives me crazy
Your free spirit inspires me to be better, too… 105 more words



What specter visits me in these hours? In those I should hold her, alas not. What words should be whispered, yet held so tight in my chest. 59 more words


Yes, you know the word that start with initial ‘S’…

Indeed you can feel the pain in every inch of your body and the word himself… 162 more words

Get ready to be written?

if a poet falls in
love with you be
prepared to be
written about

in every possible way
from the way your eyes
sparkle under the moon… 35 more words