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Love - not always pink and fluffy

Edward I comes down through history to us as a man not much given to romantic gestures. This after all, is the man who implemented being hung, drawn and quartered for treason, who expelled the Jews in 1290, and who spent a considerable part of his life hammering the Welsh and the Scots into submission (wasted effort when it came to the Scots). 1,517 more words


Borders And Fathers

After the last weekend had been really, really demanding, John invited me to a spa about an hour away from us (in Germany it’s called Therme which actually means they’ve got natural wells there). 256 more words

Love Hurts

Love Hurts

Love stories aren’t usually my thing, so I am thrilled to have a story – The Boulevardier – ¬†appearing in this forthcoming anthology, out on December 1st. 9 more words

Loving Soup Hurts

Hot and savory.

I love you loads. But why do

you burn my mouth so?



I’m fluctuating somewhere between ‘well, I must be some sort of author if I’m on an author page‘ and ‘don’t be so needy, Stevens’. 23 more words

A Task

The past days have been a constant struggle. I don’t want to be chaste, instead I feel the urge to wank and cum. The more inner pressure I feel, the worse it gets. 477 more words

Love Hurts

The Dark Side of the Love Ballad

It’s said in politics that “If you’re young but not liberal, you have no heart. If you’re old and not conservative, you have no brain.”, true or not, what happens if we take this quote and turn it into a variation applying to popular love songs? 481 more words