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I Will Love You Even If It Hurts

You will always be my greatest adventure. I love you when you are happy, but I love you even more when you are sad. I love you on your joys, but I will love you even more on your struggles because I know life gets difficult for everybody. 731 more words

Forgotten Bands of the 70s: Nazareth

Long before there was AC/DC or Krokus or Guns n’ Roses, there was a band from Scotland that established the sound of heavy blues riffs topped by a raspy, full-throated singer. 445 more words

Classic 70s Rock


She belongs on the cover of a glossy magazine,
With her perfect skin and arched brows.
She belongs with you,
Since she radiates adventure.

Jealousy has got a hold on my obsessive mind, 82 more words


Espasmos noturnos de um fora mau cicatrizado / Nightly spasms from a bad healed end


Eu só espero que, talvez, amanhã o frescor de um novo dia irá me levar para longe, esperando que os pensamentos sobre você irão desaparecer da minha mente e o amor que sinto irá se dissipar do meu coração. 850 more words


Reminiscing (Love)

NB: This is not the usual Christian article you know of or expect; this is a straightforward talk about the realities of life.

Love is many things, and people talk about it so much. 569 more words


It Feels Like I've Loved You For A Long Time

It’s been 71 days and my love for you is still growing.

I can tell it will continue to grow. It’s been 71 days, but it’s felt like a hundred and fifty. 391 more words

An Ode To Lactose Intolerance

My stomach fills with bricks,
Just from looking at you.

Still, I long to consume you.

You send shards through my intestines.
When I taste you, my insides burn. 41 more words