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Today I was on the phone when John started masturbating in front of me. I wanted to suck him, but he denied me. After a short while he came right into my face, while I was still on the phone, then rubbed hisself clean with my hair. 34 more words

Love Hurts

Love knows nothing . .

“What am I supposed to do now?, all our options are drying out. We need to act quickly”

“Mujhe khud samajh nai araha ki mere sath ho kya raha hai, tujhe kaise batau.

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Home Alone and Unfucked

I can’t recall how often I’ve had this now: me at home, doing chores, and Master somewhere out there, having fun with others. The decent stitch it gives me knowing that he prefers someone else to me will never get boring. 160 more words

Love Hurts

Taken Away

Talking back is connected with punishment, each and every time. So when I talked back yesterday evening, John told me to hand him out three things I love above all: my Pandora bracelet, my little horse pendant and my collar. 29 more words

Love Hurts

Again, pain.

He broke my heart, again.

I’m an idiot.

Why you came back to me? Why have you brought a backpack full or words too?

Why you’re not just who you are?Stop pretending, please. 38 more words



In this world, once that one person has appeared, other people will just be a compromise. I do not want to compromise. I refuse to compromise. 10 more words


Love Does Not Hurt, Love Hurts...

“You are a liar and you’re a bitch!”

And he spat on my face.

I spat back.

He slapped me.

I slapped him back and spat on his face again and ran. 352 more words

Relationship Status