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Heavy Gear

On the weekend, when it was really hot, John decided I needed a nice break from everything. He knew I was sad and a bit upset because of the conversation with my GP and thought I needed a reminder of my main purpose in life: pleasuring him. 838 more words

Love Hurts

Love saves

Love saves, It over comes, It conquers, It changes people, It changes things, Love wins!

Love is speaking truth when you do not want to hear it.   170 more words

Loving Even When It's Hurting.(7)

Hello… are you there? Say something! Mosun couldn’t find her voice, she wasn’t sure if it was out of fear or just not knowing what to say. 464 more words



Somewhere along the line, I guess we fell off

I'm not sure when and I'm ashamed to say I didn't notice.

I suppose I'm to blame

For the lack of effort

For not even bothering to fix things

I pushed you away and you know what, I regret it because, I ended up pushing you into the arms of another

Why didn't I notice how distant we became? 120 more words

Love Hurts

Love hurts. Movies, shows, music, they all paint love as this great magic, this great wondrous thing that makes the universe align, but people who believe that are really naïve. 94 more words


love hurts, we say~by Elven Debi

love hurts, we say

love hurts, we say
yet the love I feel hurts not,
it rises in my chest
like an angels nest
bound to a freedom worn pure… 521 more words