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Why does it have to hurt so much 

As I lay here in a puddle of my tears, all I can think is…. why does this have to hurt so much. The pain is unexplainable. 435 more words

{Ten Word Story} #26

“You weren’t the only one to lose your anchor, y’know.”


Right here waiting

Do you feel like you’ve always waiting for something that’s not going to happen? And you find it difficult to give up because it is the thing that you really want? 175 more words

Love Hurts

Continently Divided

When you don’t matter anymore
Your color blends with the others
When the game has changed
Your hits don’t go anywhere

This is different
Not like before… 81 more words


No Promises, No Commitments

This pain,
Is something I like.
Something I’m used to.
Something even more dear
Than my name is to you.

These tears,
Are something I missed. 114 more words

To The Lover

This is us

You laugh when I do.
You see me through and through
Every face that I conceal,
Every trace of a memory.

You care like I do. 93 more words

To The Lover