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Words Can Bring Me Down

The washroom door bursts open as Amelia rushes in with the strong urge to throw up, but her empty stomach brings out nothing. Her tears fall onto her pencil skirt, creating dark gray spots wherever they touch, and her nose waters like one of a child in the cold. 1,778 more words


Love Never Makes Sense

“Josh, does Coby like Amato?” Vess reluctantly asks, a sad tone to her question. He looks at her face, sort of neutral and doesn’t look away. 371 more words


When Love Stabs You in the Heart...

This afternoon

Class is almost over, and my heart starts to beat faster at every second that passes on the clock. I’ve taken all that I need, and I won’t require going to my locker. 665 more words


Love, what I now know.

About a month ago I wrote an article titled: “Why I gave up on love”, it was probably my most popular article, but since then, I have changed my mind about a lot of what I wrote. 1,100 more words


Post office Love

Same bumpy and creepy road ,alongside with little puppy twitching, I was scared ,with my red cheek; heard a voice 😉did you get my mail? I checked and reply ,yes ,yes .Took me half an hour to find that letter from my box.I am not sure if I intentionally could not find that mail.I was shivering, it was cold and frosty morning .I took off ,with my little puppy ,got home cook my dinner and feed my puppy then sat on a couch with woodfire on my front .I was rushed and tired ,every day is a messy day for me ,never got time for my house ,its a mess,I hardly cleaned up once a week. 645 more words

Love Tragedy

The Answer Is No

Is there anything greater in life than to feel loved?

Love is Everything 'is' Starts with Self #Video

Love really is everything. Often we spend time striving for fame, recognition, identity, approval. It’s not going to create any type of inner sense of happiness. 34 more words