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Love is Louder


What’s your word? Clearly, my word is SHINE – why? Well, for one, I like sparkly things. Give me all the sequins, glitter & confetti! 436 more words

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Love is Louder

Last year, the Evansville community began grieving the loss of the Rinehart family. It was a tragic event that was caused by the poor decisions of a drunk driver. 481 more words

A Function of Faith

In light of  current events . . . . 

A function of the religious community and a life based in faith and practice of that faith, is the continued therapy that mimics psychoanalysis with the understanding that, “even though I maybe flawed, I continue to renew myself through Christ.” As the individual becomes to understand that there are things outside himself he may not be able to understand or control, he reflects in moments of prayer and meditation for strength. 90 more words

Keep steady, Keep calm.

It is never easy to shut out the noises and the distractions that can easily keep us off track, off focus from the bigger picture. Because the bigger picture is about maintaining that state of happiness, not to forget our priorities in life and to separate what’s real and what’s not. 479 more words

Hate and Love are not Friends

I have seen things. Things that were meant for my eyes only. Why else would they find me when I have taken precaution to avoid such. 592 more words