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Some days are painful

I don’t know how to make it stop. I feel as if this pain is on repeat.

But why am I in so much pain? Why can I barely breath? 436 more words


Stress filled days

I cannot express how stressful my life has been as of late.

It’s a new found stress, one that I’m not entirely used to.

I’ve taken on more tasks than I can handle but I continue to add onto it, completing each one with just as much anxiety as the last. 427 more words


Express yourself

I often dance and sing in public. Not very well, I’ll admit, but still I do it.

Dancing is important. Singing is important. Making a fool out of yourself in public and being silly is important. 305 more words


Suicide Prevention Day

Every year on this day, my heart aches. It aches because there was a time when I wanted to leave, when I wanted to be gone. 367 more words


When will it get better?

“It’ll get better, I promise.”

That’s what they all say. Heck, that’s what I say.

The question is when? When will it get better? When will this pain go away? 285 more words


I carry no shame

A few years ago, I was never as comfortable as I am now. Especially when it comes to talking about what I went through. I was quiet and I was ashamed. 466 more words


I am lovely

Lovely by Sara Haze.

This song changed my life. This song and its lyrics damn near saved me.

When I thought I was ready to leave, when I thought I couldn’t handle the pain or expectations any longer, I always turned to this song. 262 more words