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Lois & The Love | Pinocchio

Christ I’m incosistent. I go through period of weekly posts then a desert of any motivation either here or in my overall life in general. As my finger has been slightly off the pulse in recent weeks due to my slow level of productivity I’ve relied on my email inbox to help provide with some new stuff to glean on my pallet and I was drawn to Lois & The Love’s new track “Pinocchio” coming off the soon to be released LP “Love is Louder.” Uncomplicated and simple, which is perfect for me, I was also interested in the band due to my own current inclusion in a female fronted band (although we play significantly more punk). 9 more words

New Music

Warning: This Post Contains HEAVY Subject Matter

When I was a kid, I used to believe if you swallowed a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow inside your belly. While I now know that’s not true, I do know if you are fed certain seeds they will not only grow inside of you, they blossom outwards as well, like seeds of kindness, seeds of peace, seeds of hope. 780 more words

In Which Mel Makes Resolutions

Happy New Year.

In Melanie-like list form, 2014 looked a lot like this:

1. I tried an SEO internship and hated it.
2. I celebrated a real Valentine’s Day. 308 more words