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I'll admit it to myself, I'll admit it to you

It isn’t an easy thing to talk about. In fact, people dismiss it when it comes up. Not always but enough times for me to not want to talk about it anymore. 725 more words


I woke up loving myself

It doesn’t happen often, but today I woke up loving myself.

My imperfections that would normally cause me to curl into a ball and hide were insignificant. 503 more words


I'm going to stay

I got a tattoo. A tattoo that says “Here I’ll Stay.”

I got it as a reminder. I was so tired of convincing myself that I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t have a reason to be here. 281 more words


I Hope: You Dance Too

It was one of the less-than-ideal nights of my sophomore year when he sent it to me. A blue link lit up my text inbox, and I don’t think I opened it for a few days to be honest. 1,239 more words

To put it bluntly: Loneliness sucks

I’m lonely. As many people as I interact with every day and as often as I’m surrounded by people, there’s a constant loneliness deep in my heart. 411 more words


Beating your own mind

Sometimes I forget how my mind works. I forget that it’s always at full speed with little breathing room to relax. I forget that I over-think and over-feel. 540 more words


Some days are painful

I don’t know how to make it stop. I feel as if this pain is on repeat.

But why am I in so much pain? Why can I barely breath? 436 more words