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Love It or Leave It?: Denim Jackets

Seems like denim everything was super popular over the summer, but I’ll be honest, with the exception of jeans, I don’t really dig denim. I mean one outfit can only handle so much denim before you graduate to Brittany Spears status. 641 more words

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The Fatalists

That last year of college was going to be odd. In the spring of 1968, so long ago, Martin Luther King was assassinated. Many cities exploded, and after the riots burned themselves out, in the summer, it was Bobby Kennedy shot dead out here in Los Angeles, followed by those massive riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. 3,359 more words

Donald Trump

Love It or Leave It!

Happy Birthday America! It’s another July 4th and you’re another year older. Let’s reflect a bit on the ways that you are another year wiser as well. 656 more words

Social Justice

Love it or Leave it

when i was a hippie

in the ‘60s

and i protested the vietnam war

with other hippies

you said, “loveitorleaveit”

when i was a hippie… 146 more words


Let's Talk Real Estate Make Overs on a Budget!

If you plan to place your home on the market soon, then you should get around to some of these home-improvement projects now. You can accomplish all of these on your own for less than $500 per project, and the result may be a quicker sale of your home at a much better price. 213 more words

The End of the Mental Age: an article in German "evolve" magazine.

I have been meaning to post this for a little while–an article that the German magazine ‘evolve’ asked me to write a short summary of my thesis for an edition on We Space practices. 1,115 more words

Love It Or Leave It.

Love it!  

We tried these two organic soups and I have to say I love them both equally. It is such an easy addition to a meal. These are a better choice than your average prepackaged soups. 20 more words

Love It Or Leave It