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Poem of the Week: Sometimes You're Better Off Not Looking Back

Sometimes You’re Better Off Not Looking Back
October 7, 2017

Sometimes you’re better off not looking back.
The past has passed, and it should stay that way. 161 more words


If You REALLY Loved America, You'd F*ck The Flag

I am SO SICK of people acting like they “love” America when all they do “stand respectfully” while the national anthem plays. You really think that is enough? 880 more words

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Love it or Leave it

This summer has flown by so quickly! I feel like just yesterday it was the first warm day of the year and now kids are back in school and fall is quickly approaching! 1,758 more words

The Blinding Power of Nationalism

W.J. Astore

One of the challenges of my teaching career was to encourage students to think critically about American history and actions.  Since I taught at conservative institutions (the Air Force Academy; a technical college in rural Pennsylvania), many of my students had a strong “America: love it or leave it” mentality.  867 more words

US Politics

Don't Tread Or Burn - haiku by Dennis Allen Lange

Love freedom?
Love America.
Love its flag.


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* The haiku I write are lines of 3-5-3 syllables instead of 5-7-5. 22 more words


Move Along #1

There’s a lot of things I could tell you, but in my classic style, I prefer to keep things simple.

For the first time ever, I took half of a personal day today.   348 more words

A Simple Solution to the Grievance War

The trial of Betty Shelby ended exactly how most people thought it would. The people who convicted her before the trial, convict her now. The people who thought that she was justified in the September 16th, 2016 shooting that claimed the life of Terence Crutcher still vindicate her now. 561 more words