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Daphne Bramham: For better and worse, we are a city of constant change

Thirty years later, it’s hard to conceive both how different and yet how much the same Vancouver is from when Expo 86 opened.

Far from being what Douglas Coupland describes as the city of glass, Vancouver back then was sometimes cruelly mocked as “Sudbury by the sea.” It lived in the shadows of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. 971 more words

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Vaughn Palmer: Legislature seethes over premier's salary supplement

VICTORIA — Shortly before 11 a.m. Thursday, New Democratic Party MLA David Eby rose in the B.C. legislature to take on Premier Christy Clark.

The two had clashed before, of course. 893 more words

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Daphne Bramham: Expo 86 opened 30 years ago and changed Vancouver

It was a bitterly cold day when a shivering crowd watched as Princess Diana and her husband, Prince Charles, officially opened Expo 86 at Canada Place. 948 more words

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Vaughn Palmer: Partisan politics stall transgender rights bill

VICTORIA — For a few moments Wednesday — and it was only a few — the B.C. Liberals paused in the pursuit of their own legislative agenda to incorporate a good idea from across the floor. 902 more words

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Pete McMartin: The long slow retreat in the war on drugs

The United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs took place in New York last week, and the UN, as it has so many times before, reached a consensus as to what it would do to counteract the world’s drug problem: 777 more words

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Vaughn Palmer: David Eby stands out in rookie term

VICTORIA — During a recent question period in the legislature, New Democratic Party MLA David Eby found a novel way to dramatize the non-answers from the government side on TransLink and its troubles. 905 more words


Daphne Bramham: Hearing and seeing justice done isn't always easy in B.C.

With his head down, the defence counsel read from his notes so softly that even the judge sitting in front of him had to ask him to speak up. 780 more words

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