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Vaughn Palmer: Pacific NorthWest LNG reminds us of NDP's Alberta vs. B.C. nuances

VICTORIA — Among the more telling reactions to the federal government approval of B.C.’s Pacific NorthWest LNG project was the carefully crafted comment from Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. 925 more words


As Vancouver fails to enforce prostitution laws, Trudeau government needs to declare its stance on legalizing sex work

When the Criminal Code’s sections on prostitution were rewritten in 2014 the intent was to focus on the demand for sex services, in order to make prostitution a less risky proposition. 810 more words

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Douglas Todd: Canadians far from resolving not-so-minor niqab issue

Second of two parts

Symbols have power.

It’s why most Canadians are offended, or outraged, if someone tries to burn the Maple Leaf flag, even though it’s not illegal. 1,192 more words

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Vaughn Palmer: Political posturing over fine print on indigenous rights

VICTORIA — The government and opposition disagreed sharply this week over whether adoption of the United Nations declaration on indigenous rights would give B.C. First Nations a veto over land and resource decisions. 891 more words


Town Talk: Vancouver's Cause We Care Foundation reaches out to single mothers

WORKS OF HEART: Donors filled the Equinox Gallery again recently to raise a further $232,066 for the Cause We Care Foundation that Andrea Thomas Hill launched in 2007. 961 more words


Vaughn Palmer: John Horgan knows making UN pledge on rights of indigenous peoples a reality isn't for wimps

VICTORIA — New Democratic Party leader John Horgan chose a gathering of native leaders last week to lay out a major promise in the platform he will take into the 2017 provincial election. 887 more words


Vaughn Palmer: Signs for scandals past might ignite interest in B.C., too

VICTORIA — At mid-morning Monday, reporters were invited to the west lawn at the legislature to hear two cabinet ministers issue an open invitation to British Columbians to suggest new heritage signs around the province. 879 more words