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On creating

You wake up.
The sun shines bright.
The sky is blue.
The birds are singing.
You’re ready for a new start, a new day, a new and exciting beginning. 576 more words

Love Lessons

Project: Love, Me on BlogTalkRadio!!

Join me Sunday February 22nd at 7pm on BlogTalkRadio!
Sign up and call in.
During first episode we’ll be discussing being (powerfully) vulnerable.

Love Lessons

Do You Remember What It's Like to be Young and in Love?

If you have fond (or not so fond) memories of grade school crushes and passing notes in class, check out my latest blog on Moxy & Main: 6 more words

Lessons In Love We Learned From Disney Films

Happy Valentine’s Day, Disney fans! 💕 Whether you are spending this special day with a boyfriend, girlfriend, group of friends, or family, I hope you are having a magical day! 163 more words

On feeling it all.

Fall in love with starting again.

Don’t let your fear of it ending, messing up, looking bad or being hurt keep you from starting.

If life was about the glory of success, we’d be content and stop when we had a successful experience. 467 more words

Love Lessons

A VALENTINE'S DAY Special: She said, "So where does that leave us?". He responds, "idk...I'm Regular".


(sigh) Now, if you are reading this and have someone special in your life, then I think that’s absolutely wonderful.

But this post is in reference to my good girlfriend and the most recent romantic experience she had: 1,099 more words


Stay... I'm Begging You to Stay...

Stay… it’s such a strong command.

A small 4 letter word that holds so much power and strength,

similar to that other 4 letter word we all fear & crave at the same time, Love. 432 more words

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