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Newbie EFL teacher mistakes, part 1

I taught for a long time but I can remember with cringing clarity many of the mistakes I made in the first couple of years. I don’t blame my early teacher self since the TEFL course doesn’t really prepare you for teenagers or one-to-one executive classes, let alone kids’ classes. 699 more words


Lonely Hearts Pre-Reading List, Badges, Tour, Party, and Grand Prize Giveaway

It’s only eleven days until Lonely Hearts releases, and a lot is happening to celebrate!


The Lonely Hearts blog tour starts soon, and you’ll want to make sure you stop by each blog for inside information, contests, reviews, and more! 406 more words

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Mustache Will Tell Her..... not now!!!

They say, the only constant thing in this world is “CHANGE”.

It maybe a change for the better or a change for worse.

How will we know if it is for good or for bad? 348 more words

Love Lessons

Guestpost - Nicola Prentis/Jane and The Two Mes

Is my pen-name the real me?

I’d been writing as Nicola Prentis for a few years before I became Nicola Jane.

Nicola Prentis wrote, and still writes, in the English Language Teaching (ELT) market with three published books and articles for various ELT publications. 657 more words


I'm venturing into self-publishing ...

Well, this feels highly exposing.

But, now I think of it, so did having books published by a publisher. The moment a book is ‘out there’ and judgeable, if it’s one you care about, which, so far, all of mine have been, is like holding yourself up to the public and asking them to rate you out of ten. 908 more words


Moonriver and Me

I’ve had my fair share of Love Stories – from romantic comedies, drama, to action.

Just like any other I was a hopeless romantic. I always fantasize. 430 more words


Love is about moments & memories not human bodies!

Love is not something you can command over, you just can’t start or stop it instantly whenever you want, that’s certainly not a mobile phone, that happens all of sudden, again you are not going to get any notification on your phone, well it’s a kind of feeling that you would have never had before and certainly would never have that in forever. 414 more words