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Vaughn Palmer: A Green deal can give Clark or Horgan keys to power

VICTORIA — When Elections B.C. finally finished counting the votes Wednesday, the B.C. Liberals ended where they were on election night, one seat short of a majority, clinging to power and hoping to reach an understanding with the Greens. 916 more words


Daphne Bramham: Rumana Monzur's courageous and graceful triumph over abuse

Rumana Monzur hoped that she wouldn’t cry Wednesday when she spoke at convocation, received her law degree, and said goodbye to the University of British Columbia, which has been her home, her solace and her strength for the past seven years. 808 more words

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5 Clichés About Love You Owe It To Yourself To Take More Seriously

I’m not afraid to admit that I freaking love love.

I think that love is magic. It leaves us vulnerable yet strong. Terrified and certain. It makes us cry then it makes us giggle for absolutely no reason. 1,036 more words

Vaughn Palmer: Vote verdict in Comox will clear political picture

VICTORIA — As the day wore on and the final count of ballots proceeded, B.C.’s closest provincial election continued to tighten up.

On election night, the B.C. 910 more words


Daphne Bramham: Granville Island reboot lacks a daring vision for the future

Granville Island was one bold, big idea. Never before had industrial land been reclaimed as public space with a food market as a centrepiece.

It gave birth to a foodie culture and sparked imitators all over the place. 925 more words

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Daphne Bramham: Preserving Chinatown should be a local and national priority

Great cities have texture. They have buildings, places and communities that reflect their unique character and history.

Vancouver may yet become a great city. But for now, it is, as Douglas Coupland so aptly described it, a City of Glass, all shiny and new. 843 more words

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Ian Mulgrew: Surrey Mounties take liberties in banally 'boxing in' suspect

From Hill Street Blues to Law & Order or Making of A Murderer, getting the suspect in the box is key: Detectives confront the quarry, lies unravel, alibis shred, perps collapse. 965 more words

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