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The Day We Said Good Byes is the Day Love Ends for Me

The day we said our good-byes is the day love ends for me.

For some, one closed door means another will open. Either you search for the key to unlock it or you wait for that someone to bring it to you. 544 more words

Life And Something Like That...

Let's Take a Hike

It’s a beautiful spring day, the kind with just enough crisp in the breeze to start out with a light jacket, just enough sun in the sky to later slip it off. 572 more words

Life Lessons



Don’t bat your eyes girl it won’t make a difference
Pick up the pace you’re falling far behind
He’ll just keep taking the path of lease resistance… 104 more words


13 Love Lessons You Have To Check Out From Romance Novels

It’s no secret that we’re TOTAL fans of the romance novel. They’re juicy, they’re intriguing … they have the perfect mix of escapism and romantic inspiration. 1,045 more words

more conversation with God: how to love

Today we learn about how to love. It has been a long and difficult journey in healing from the lack of love. Many hurt because of lack of love: feeling unloved; feeling unlovable; feeling inability to love. 257 more words


Supergirl Loves Superman

Because this is my first post, I am naming it after the very reason I made this blog.

Supergirl. Loves. Superman.                                                

I am supergirl, and I love Superman. 339 more words

Communication = Key

Communication is key. For every relationship; boss/worker, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, co-workers… Everyone. When you can’t communicate with someone it’s absolutely impossible to get anything done.

I have been involved with someone who literally refused to communicate with me. 1,309 more words