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Daphne Bramham: Re-entry to 'The South'

CAMBRIDGE BAY, Nunavut — The first signs of winter have already arrived: The kids are back in school.

They’ve been back since Aug. 16, much earlier than in the south because here the school year follows the traditional patterns of the Inuit. 909 more words


We have to talk...

It was a year ago, on a Friday, when my life as I knew it vanished. I’m in no way mourning it, but remembering it because it’s one of those dates that change our lives completely. 379 more words


Ian Mulgrew: Ex-premier Harcourt pumped about legalizing pot plan, likes PM's 'gutsy' move

Former premier-turned-pot-proponent Mike Harcourt couldn’t have sounded happier and more optimistic than if he just blew a big blunt.

“I did use marijuana in the ’60s and early ’70s but haven’t used it since,” he laughed. 743 more words


Daphne Bramham: Forget Franklin, Henry Larsen is Canada's true Arctic hero

LARSEN SOUND, NUNAVUT — Henry Asbjorn Larsen should be Canada’s most celebrated Arctic explorer, but he has been largely and absurdly overlooked in the recent Franklin fever that was fuelled by the federal government and the subsequent discovery in 2014 of one of the British explorer’s wrecked ships. 1,727 more words

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if i'd known...

a quarter century ago, on a steamy august sunday afternoon, i remember peeking out my bedroom window into the backyard of the house where i grew up. 1,101 more words


Ian Mulgrew: Do 'specialized courts' have real purpose, or are they just well-meaning Band-Aids?

B.C. has First Nations courts, domestic violence courts, the Victoria Integrated Court, the Downtown Community Court, the Vancouver Drug Treatment Court and other specialized courts. 765 more words


Daphne Bramham: The barren, undistinguished spot where Franklin Expedition's paper trail ends

VICTORY POINT, Nunavut — It is tragedy, not victory, that has brought us to this undistinguished spot on King William Island that was named for one of the many ships sent to search for the lost crew of Sir John Franklin’s expedition. 724 more words