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It May Have Been In Bits And Pieces, But I Still Loved You With All My Heart

You came into my life quietly… unexpectedly. I wasn’t looking for anyone as I was just recovering from a heartbreak myself, the pain of which I didn’t think would end. 874 more words

Vaughn Palmer: Notley, Horgan cut from same cloth but wear different suits in Kinder Morgan fight

VICTORIA — Always a pleasure to be back in British Columbia, observed Alberta Premier Rachel Notley Monday, well aware she would also be negotiating a minefield on a critically important visit for her own province and political fortunes. 905 more words


11 Things Traveling Taught Me About Love

1. You can’t help who you love. You will come across people who are so not your “type” who you never would have imagined falling for, but you do because love has a funny way of showing you up and knocking you off your feet. 705 more words

Stephen Hume: Fentanyl focus? Yes, but don't disregard the demon drink

A drug crisis fulminates in Metro. Fatal overdoses zoom toward a record, each statistic a tragedy.

The B.C. Coroners Service links fentanyl to 60 per cent of these deaths. 704 more words


Douglas Todd: Yes, Virginia, there has always been a 'war on Christmas'

The Canadian debate over whether public school educators should expect students to take part in aboriginal smudging rituals is turning into the latest chapter in the legendary “war on Christmas.” 1,258 more words

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Pete McMartin: ICBC's death by a thousand fender benders

In the wake of Wednesday’s column on the 25-per-cent discount seniors receive on their basic auto insurance, I was contacted by a former ICBC claims officer. 870 more words


Vaughn Palmer: Notley has a pipeline sales job to do in B.C.

VICTORIA — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley was quick to get started this week on the challenge of persuading British Columbians about the merits of twinning the Kinder Morgan pipeline through this province. 955 more words