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Daphne Bramham: Music brightens the often bleak lives of elderly in residential care

With one thin, veined hand over the other, he tapped in time as the Borealis String Quartet played a very special concert.

Across the room, a woman nodded her head along with the beat, while a man closed his eyes, perhaps transported somewhere else. 849 more words

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Douglas Todd: Taxpayer funding of political parties the norm in democracies

British Columbia took a step this week to join the club of advanced democracies.

But you might not realize it, in light of the feverish reaction to the B.C. 817 more words

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Vaughn Palmer: 'Class clown' questions circus over taxpayer subsidies

VICTORIA — For all the talk of a new mood in the legislature, the first two weeks of the fall session were mostly business as usual — at times raucously so. 929 more words


Douglas Todd: Men do well in science and tech, but lag elsewhere

It’s assumed that men generally do well in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, collectively known as STEM.

In light of this, high-profile efforts are usually aimed at… 1,105 more words

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10 Lessons on Love

Ten years ago today was one the most significant days in my life. It was the day that I pledged, in front of 150 of our family members and closest friends, that I would forever stand by one man’s side. 729 more words

Being A Grown Up

Vaughn Palmer: Rush review on Site C digs up a myriad of mysteries

VICTORIA — The B.C. Utilities Commission barely made the cabinet-imposed deadline for a preliminary report on Site C this week, posting the findings just four hours before the clock ran out at midnight Wednesday. 893 more words


Vaughn Palmer: Leader-seeking Liberals aim to refresh, ease red-blue tensions

VICTORIA — The field of candidates for the B.C. Liberal leadership race is expected to fill up over the next week or so, owing to looming dates on the schedule laid down by party headquarters. 901 more words