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An Open Letter to Boston 

Dear Boston,

I love you more than anyone else. I come from a city, too, but mine is much smaller. My streets are cracked and my buildings are only 10 stories. 197 more words

New Blog

July 31, 2015: Quick Journal

I get up at seven and watch more Impractical Jokers and Carbonaro Effect before work. I leave for the hut at twenty till nine and grab myself some drinks while I wait to get in. 234 more words

Reflections: July 2015 Challenges

Easy: Learn to play a new game and teach it to someone else. Share the name of it along with your reflections- Was it fun? 348 more words


Her Eyes

“Eyes are portal to the soul.”
If you ever feel confused, or unsure,
and want to find out if you’ve really begun
to fall for someone, 840 more words


Pandora's box

Pandora’s box is at the foot of my bed,
Covered in dust and time,
An invader from the past,
Staking its claim to my newfound home, 142 more words

The Problem

I couldn’t agree more. The problem has always been the heart. Let’s make a more uncompromisingly forthright statement: my problem has always been my heart. It is so impure and filthy. 615 more words


Is waiting worth it?

Dear Miss yet to come,
Lately I have been into a deep thought of you. Waiting for you has become so difficult these days when all I can think about is being with you. 701 more words