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Selembar Tisu dalam Botol


Apa kabarmu di sana? Maafkan Mas yang masih belum tahu bagaimana caranya pulang. Mas ingin sekali ada di sana, di rumah kita yang seharusnya sekarang sudah selesai dibangun. 265 more words



I thought I could fix you.

When you came to me, you were all smiles. But I could feel that behind those smiles, there’s something you’re hiding. 366 more words



Dear Pterodactyl,

When I met you a year ago, I had no intentions to care about you. I saw you as just another classmate who I would never see again after the semester ended, or if I did, I would just wave at casually and continue on with my life. 1,211 more words


The Health Benefits from Writing a Love Letter ♥ ♥ ♥

For most of us, our childhood days of pre-internet caused most of us giggling middle schoolers to write notes and stuff them into the lockers of our friends and secret admires. 248 more words

For Your Mind

Love Letter To My Grown-Up Children

Dear Kieran and Kaila,

I hope you don’t mind that I’m openly sharing this personal peek into my heart. I was going to mail this letter, but then I thought about all the other mamas who are where I am or will be one day and I wondered if they needed words to attach to the jumble of emotions that are inevitably part of this “letting go” process. 855 more words


Cinta Selamanya

Aku masih bisa merasakan sentuhan tanganmu di leherku. Tanda yang kamu tinggalkan di situ bukan lagi sekadar merah, tapi sampai biru. Masih terbayang deru napasmu yang berat dan peluhmu yang menetes. 54 more words


FREE Printable Valentine's Day


Hello! I’d like to share with you these gorgeous little pencil notes that I designed. All you need to do is print out the download, and pop them onto a pencil and gift it to your someone special this Valentine’s Day.   68 more words