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How could you be so familiar with someone or something if you only just met?

How could you even feel so comfortable sharing your stories if you barely know each other yet? 238 more words


To My Friends Starting Their Senior Year

Dear Class of 2017,

Hello from the other side! You are a week away from starting your senior year of college. I am at my parents’ house, with a degree but without a job, gazing wistfully at your back-to-campus snap stories while I plan out my next move. 884 more words

Love letters to my FB friends #19

Dear J. (who would probably never friend me on FB, but still…),

Even a love letter can intrude. He taught it to me, he’ll teach it to you. 322 more words

I Write

An Open Letter To My Wonderful Boyfriend

I can tell you right now, this will be my best attempt to tell you how much you mean to me, but at the end of it I know it won’t seem good enough. 652 more words


An Intimate Letter To Father God

In the depth of my being I desire to be close to Your Heart. Millions of things push me away from You but billions draw me back into the depths of Your Heart. 460 more words


Dream Boy Reality

Have you scrolled your Facebook feeds and bumped into a post that stunned you?

This was one of those days that I was lost in how real the pictures are that completely describes the love of my life. 791 more words