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24th June - Walls

Our love will never end but will grow stronger every day and I want the relationship built on the love to grow stronger too.

Dear Bandru, …

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For the one I have to tell. (One day).

I’ve still not told you that when I talk of running away, escaping our small towns, and finding a cottage by the sea,

It’s you I imagine in the drivers seat next to me, whilst I’m too busy looking at you instead of the road signs. 140 more words

The One About Words

I love words. I love the way they look, all neatly organized into sentences. I love the way 26 letters can be formed in such a way to enlighten, inspire, and uplift. 922 more words


23rd June - Loving You

One day, you will get a notification on your cell phone Bada Bandar is coming to visit you, you will press the accept button and I would come out of the phone to hug you!

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a fusion of
mixing colours
by hand.
Our master
at over 1,000 degrees.
five generations of
artistic flair

cultivating his vegetable garden on her balcony… 41 more words


A Love Letter to Singapore

To Singapore,

As I write this, it hurts me to think about the fact that I have to leave you and all of your tropical beauty in a mere few days. 292 more words


21st June -??? 

Nothing in the world is perfect but that does not mean we should stop working towards achieving the perfection. 

Dear Bandru,

After our last phone conversation, we figured out that there are a few gaps that we need to fill.

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