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Insatiable Discontent

Dear Darling,

I presume it was sensational sunset tonight. After being overcast, with a grey misty chill settled in, the sun finally pierced the veil as it disappeared over the horizon. 1,260 more words


To the Overseer of My Soul

To the overseer of my soul: 

For the life of me, I’ll never understand why you are so quick to hold and protect and nurture me when the glimpses I throw your way are so fleeting. 409 more words


To That Lead Guitarist and Violinist of My Favorite Japanese Rock Band

Dearest SGZ-san, greetings.
I’m that Suketchiihara person you replied on Twitter last year.
Sorry if I’m bugging you so much that time, it was my sister who gave that idea to tweet that much to grab your attention. 563 more words


Edík milovník - Eduardo Casanova :)

Spring time, love time

There has never been the greates time for love. There simply is great day every day. Our son Eduardo is 6 years old and starts to… 142 more words


a love letter

If I could I would stay here with you forever, between tangled sheets and the open window and the hush of cars on the wet street outside. 277 more words


That Macro Beer Guilty Pleasure

I like to call myself a beer snob, but sometimes I’m at a place that only serves macro and I still want a pint. In those situations I’ll skim through the menu and hope that there’s that saving grace; Labatt 50. 372 more words

Love Letter

Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 4, Episode 11 - The Tao of Dawson

Today’s post come from guest contributor and repeat offender Alek.

The Tao of Dawson is a terrible name. It reads like a shitty essay that Dawson Leery would write thoughtfully about himself. 1,303 more words

Season 4