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I will lurk in the shadows

Under the brazen sky

And in the depths of the night

I’ll raise you up high

I won’t attempt to rhyme my love… 120 more words


A Love Letter to New York

I love New York; and I don’t mean it in an overpriced-touristy-graphic-tee-shirt type of way. New York is so majestic to me in a way that simply words alone cannot explain, but I’m going to make an attempt at explaining it, anyway. 311 more words


Letter to the one I've loved.

To you – J,

If I were to describe you with just one word, I’ll use the word “almost”. Because you were almost mine and I was almost yours. 291 more words


His words

The graciousness of your words
Make the world seem lighter
The ease of your speech
Leaves a craving for more
How the construction of sentences… 38 more words


Submit to me for LoveThursday

Has ever anyone wrote you a love letter?


Then please submit it to me with the title LoveThursday and i will publish it on my wordpress blog and of course i wll give your social medias credit.PLease help me make my blog more interactive. 9 more words

Mirror Love Letters

It doesn’t matter how hard you try,

Flowers will always die.

Feed them, love them, but birds are still meant to fly.

As the saying goes if you love someone let them go, 109 more words


Broken Normalcy

I was told that everything already went back to normal when my mother started doing her regular chores again.

This easily became my favorite hasty generalization. 576 more words