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Black and White


I am sorry. I am sorry for not loving you more. I am sorry for not letting you know how many waking moments I thought of you with endless love each day. 322 more words

Memorial Day Tribute

Being “deployed” in Afghanistan did not stop First Lt. Andrew Yacovone and First Lt. Justin Wright of the band Interstate 10 from releasing a “music video” 520 more words


May 25, 2016

Participants: Jon, David, Nadine, Gili, Nisan, Francis, Binyamin, Aaron,, Shneur, Sagi, Eszter, Binyamin R (Eszter’s son)

Eszer brought her son, Gili brought Sagi I believe. From the group chatter I thought there was going to be one more person. 593 more words

Session Reports

Just a Poem.

Softly spoken

Your ear is chosen

Secret whispers warm as june breeze

Lightly along your neck caressed

Heavy are your eyelids

Slight grin, as you… 32 more words