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Letters to A.D. : Part 3

It’s nice to know you’re doing better now. That’s good. Keep it up!

The plans and dreams that you mentioned a day or two after we were together, while sitting on the beachside on a fine sunny morning… Honestly, I don’t know if I will believe you at that time. 430 more words

Sad Love

Soraya and Shafi

My darling Soraya,

There is nothing about you that makes me sad or angry. You are not mine and I have accepted this reality. From a very young age I understood that not all dreams come true. 86 more words

In Every Drop Of Ink

Letters to A.D. : Part 2

It feels like it’s been a month or two since the last time I’ve heard from you. Although I was really hurt about you asking for the break and all, I have made up my mind and trying to bring back myself to be a strong and a better person for you, so that I’ll be capable of loving you, and embracing someone like you again into my life. 394 more words

Sad Love

Marriage Vows

The soul keeps the promises that the heart conceived.

When I was younger, I promised myself that I will walk down the aisle with this song. 558 more words


A love letter to my bath

I never used to see the point in baths. I had the same outlook on them as Chandler Bing, “So what you just sit there stewing in your own filth?”. 279 more words


Where are you?

Dear Miss yet to come,

How are you? It’s been a long time since I wrote to you. Seasons have changed, the birds have flown from their nests, the old dilapidated house at the corner, remember? 336 more words


Soraya and Shafi

My darling Soraya,

You unconsciously put your hand behind your ear when you feel bored. Conversations about everyday life bores you. After all, how things so ordinary may gain interest of someone like you. 188 more words

In Every Drop Of Ink