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Random Review: To All the Boys I've Loved Before

That’s right friends and readers, I’ve got my teaching credential on lock which means I’M BACK. Reading books for fun and reviewing them for your pleasure. 411 more words


That night

I can hear my own heart breaking.

And I know that’s what the sounds mean, trust me. I’ve heard it one too many times already. 119 more words


Dear Wordpress,

I think we got off on the wrong foot. It’s not you, it’s me.

Ok, well maybe it is you.

When I first started seeing you, things were great, I saw the world in a different way when I was with you but now everything is gray and dull again. 236 more words


NAOTO will appear in the closet drama “LOVE LETTERS ~25th Anniversary~”
which will be put on stage at PARCO THEATER from 6/3(Wed.) to 6/7(Sun.).

NAOTO will appear on 6/5(Fri.). 272 more words


Leaving Love Laying Around

Last week, in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly, we left love laying around.

That means, I lit a candle, baked cookies and made tea. I left pots-it note love on the fridge, and wrote some… 226 more words

Life's Mystery

"The One" That Got Away

Love has this weird power that, when felt deeply enough, can scar and fragment us forever.  They often say that time is the best healer but sometimes, even time can’t help us forget… 37 more words


Game Night

So I got two game nights this weekend. With my mother being in town, the hubby and I had a free babysitter, lol. So we met up with his coworkers at a restaurant for snacks, drinks, and Cards Against Humanity. 153 more words