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My head's under water, but I am breathing fine.

Dear…..  ,

I spoke your name while writing it. And as usual I had a shy smile on my face where I scratch my forehead looking down, so that nobody notices it. 252 more words


[Listen] Salonymous: Do I Tell The Truth?!

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Freddy is a barber and he found out some dirt between two of his clients! 27 more words



It’s been almost two decades since the events described herein took place. Better late than never, plus I’m at a juncture where it’s finally okay to revisit portions of my life when I still cared about the fact that I didn’t quite fit in. 720 more words

Love Letters


Hey, John.

(I know, I know that’s not your name. But it’s the only appropriate way of addressing you. Because sweet but common endearment that I throw around all the time is wasted on you, and it’s past the time when we still refer to each other with a trashy-but-cute nickname. 990 more words


Last Letter From Your Lover (Part 2) |Book Review

“Letters from Juliet and The Notebook Mash up”.

This are exactly what you’ll feel if you read this book. For the second time Jojo Moyes played with my feelings again! 172 more words

Love Letters

From now on, I’m going to do a mini series of love letters written to men (can be applied to homosexual relationships, however this series will be geared more towards male-to-female relationships since I only have so much knowledge of it on my end) who are in relationships. 98 more words



Beads of sweat still glistened, trapped in the soft hairs of his chest and belly. She gently wiped them away with the tip of a finger, one by one, reminiscent of the chasing and popping of bubbles floating through the air during a childhood summer. 281 more words