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Love Letters

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I ever pulled you in, only to push you away.

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The Pleasure of Corresponding with a Friend

I love letters! Letters have in them a way of communication that transcends many other forms of communication. My friends know that I would rather write a letter, e-mail, or text more than I like talking on the phone. 770 more words

This And That

Love Letter Passages

Victor Hugo

“Since the soul is superior to the body, to which it is united, it would remain on earth in painful loneliness were it not for the fact that among other human souls it may choose a companion – a partner in the trials of life and in the joys of the hereafter. 256 more words

Beautiful Words

Love letter # 491

It is time that keeps us apart. Or more precisely, years. My age, your youth. My yesterdays, your boundless tomorrows.

It is the heedless, evolutionary logic of mortality which shall shut me out from the dazzle your love – which has closed your eyes to the lustre of mine. 138 more words

Paul Ransom

#102. Floetry by JulietKego: #TheAlphabetSeries Love Notes A, B, C

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A: Asking

I kneel,

I pray, I plead,

I ask you, beloved

soul collector and keeper

of many hearts. My love, I ask… 267 more words

Floetry By JulietKego

Forever and Always, My Heart Unstrayed

I stop, look over my shoulder, freeze ~ I know it is a new day…but looking inward I
become lost in dreams and shadows ~ throughout You quelled the dark echoes that… 147 more words