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Letter written 27th May 1916

Hopkins Jewelers disappeared off the map..

James Finn to May Fay

My dearest May,

I wonder what I’m going to write about today. My mind seems to be an absolute blank so far as news is concerned except perhaps the yarns and rumours of all kinds that are going about Dublin at present.

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Love Letters

Running: a Love Letter

Dear Running,

I’m writing to apologize, and to say that I’m so happy we’ve found that spark again.

I know it’s been a journey. And I’m glad you’ve stuck by me, even when it probably seemed like I was abandoning you. 606 more words


Sultry Love Letter #2: Just Friends

Dear Friend,

Like I said in my first letter, you intrigue me. To this day, I am enamored by every little thing you do. And that’s exactly why I had to know you. 401 more words


November 4, 1941

Sterling Sta, N.Y.
Nov. 4, 1941

Dear Virginia,

Well you see I didn’t forget to write to you tonight. I just came back from voting, and at the present time am listening to the radio. 103 more words

Love Letters

Letter written 26th May 1916

“And just this moment see an Army Zeppelin cruising over our heads here in Merrion Square.”

James Finn to May Fay

My dearest May

Thank you very much for your letter of this morning.

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Love Letters


The clock will tick
And the tock will click
And life will pass us by.

The oil will stick
In a blackness slick
No voice to ask us why.

What happens, happens


Once Upon A Time

“Once upon a time” that’s how all the “great” love stories start out, right?

No, not all of them. Mine went more along the lines of, “so how do you think you did?” 184 more words