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Letter to a Loved One in Pain

February 2016 Blog Challenge: Blog 6 of 29

What can you do, when someone you are close to is having an intensely hard and painful time in life…? 1,941 more words

Love Letters

In The Company Of. . .

In the company of. . .

Love; on days like these when I wake up and feel like a poorly written song. When nothing can pull me out, I’m just as sure your warmth will be with me. 333 more words


Why I don't write Love Letters

I had the misfortune of stopping by the “Love Letters” category on this blog yesterday. one fledging letter, written to a girl that I was pretty sure, I had fallen for last year. 310 more words



Human beings are not defined by generalities – none of us are anything all the time. In one situation we may be confident, kind, funny or generous; in another, we find ourselves nervous, angry, hurtful or selfish. 151 more words



Dear Pterodactyl,

When I met you a year ago, I had no intentions to care about you. I saw you as just another classmate who I would never see again after the semester ended, or if I did, I would just wave at casually and continue on with my life. 1,211 more words


Love Letter to Acceptance

February 2016 Blog Challenge: Blog 5 of 29

Love Letter to Acceptance

My Dear Friend

The concept of Acceptance, if you think about it, could easily be a contradiction wrapped up in a word. 971 more words

Love Letters

A Love Letter To New York City

Over a year after moving to Manhattan, I found myself standing in the middle of Times Square, waiting on a grimy city block with a horde of camera-decked tourists for the light to change. 644 more words