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It Was Love



It was Love.

Not events.

Not places.

It was love,



Our hearts.

I did not bump into you. There is no bumping in love. 467 more words

Love Letters

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger,

I’d ventured the writing of this letter to inform you of your indebtedness to me.

It is unfortunate that the amount you seemingly owe me has grown astronomically over the past years, and is now valued at $1e +18. 129 more words

Love Letters

Hammock by the River

Cradled in the hammock
you beside me
with the wind through the trees
a melody just for us

Sunshine mottled on our faces
through the leaves… 52 more words


Day 497: How to Annoy My Boyfriend (Part Two)

Day 497: How to Annoy My Boyfriend (Part Two) (Letters)

20 June 2018



I miss you so much. It’s been about two days since our last call and I feel so empty without having to hear from you. 226 more words

Monday Love

Hello my staggering beauty.

I wonder what magic your beating heart will stir up today?

The smiles that will flow, the opportunities to grow, the rivers of joy… 32 more words


A Letter to a Lover Parting Ways

It was the two of them, together. It always had been. I’d seen it and not let myself believe it, because I thought so little of her as a person. 422 more words


The Music Room

I fall in love too much, too quickly. As soon as I saw the room, I was in love with it.  I could see posters and decorations up on the walls, my horn on its stand in the corner.  61 more words

Love Letters