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The second heartbreak

​I remember. It was our very early days. It was about very first time when you’d said you’d like to spend your whole life with me (you knew I was married with a son). 93 more words

Love, Life, And Literature

When You Don't Feel Like Enough

In the quiet of the morning, I walked my family’s dog around the neighborhood as I thought about the events of this past summer and my future leading up to and after graduation this December. 1,180 more words


For the Inward Perfectionist

I was talking to Meghan the other day about how crazy my life has been, and she mentioned something about our "perfectionist tendencies."

I immediately thought, Me a perfectionist? 727 more words


Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I hope that when we meet, it’s uncomplicated. We strike up a conversation and then go our separate ways, but I hope that there’s something about that moment that you keep going back to. 1,269 more words


For When You Can't Bring Yourself to Sing

I hate to admit this, but I haven't attended church in weeks and have hardly cracked my Bible since then. I wake up with no motivation to put on a face that the world will find acceptable and feel so fed up with myself for not being a perfect Christian to the point where I can hardly even talk to God. 633 more words


Of a girl whom I'd seen just once

​If I were to write a poem

And this is 3 in the morning

“A man’s desire” I would put the title

And would write of you, oh girl, 6 more words

Love, Life, And Literature

Finding peace in the desert of loneliness

​So I was on one of those rants of mine. My wife was on another end of the phone call. I was reciting Ghalib’s poetry, some couplets as I remembered them from memory. 382 more words

Love, Life, And Literature