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Parallelism in The Last Jedi (spoilers, obvs.)

Parallelism, often seen in literature and film, connects two concepts to show their connection. Parallelism in story telling is great – it makes whatever idea or concept it is portraying memorable. 382 more words


setting the setting.

The setting can often be overlooked in a story. Your just so excited about your characters you want to start writing their story, but it is important to remember the setting is just as important. 290 more words



I’ve written songs for you.

Songs you’ll never hear.

I’ve penned words so deep.

Sadly you’ll never read.

I’ve felt things for you.

You no longer feel. 21 more words


Life is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel. 

Recently I’ve been thinking. I’ve become this logical thinker that tries to examine every aspect in detail. Picking apart every molecule to its rarest most purest form. 353 more words


Pending Ignition

The effort of writing is the maintenance of a little campfire.

Each day since early grade school, I have struggled to feed it with pine needles and brown leaves. 274 more words

Creative Writing

jumping shoes

Writing my book, I have found myself questioning POV… Is it okay to jump POV between two characters? Why should you do it? Why not? How?  255 more words


Filling in the gaps

Your on a roll. You have been going strong for a while now and are really happy with your story and where your characters are at right now. 164 more words