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The 23 most wonderful women cosplays at Summer Wonder Festival 2016【Photos】

We trekked out in the height of summer to get the hype on this summer’s popular cosplay. 313 more words


Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 4 Synopsis

A Hanamaru-and-Ruby episode! Will the first-year duo join the newly formed School Idol club? 961 more words


Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #04

So after that epic concert from last week’s episode, Mari Ohara has approved Chika Takami’s School Idol Club because she’s impressed on the outcome!

Then again, their clubroom needs some fixing to do… 210 more words




私はイエロースプリングス (ヤロスプリングス?)、オハイオ州に休暇から戻りました!夫と私はとても楽しい時間を過ごしました。

^ ほてるです。

それは非常に楽しかったです! これは私が私の休暇中に読んだものです:

< “ここにいるよ!”Kodansha.私は英語でそれを読みます。私は日本語で再びそれを読みたいです。


< “ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! ”

私は “ラブライブ! “オリジナルが見て、私は見て止めることができなかった何らかの理由で一度私が始めました。wwwww (*≧▽≦)

(⁎⚈᷀᷁ ▿ ⚈᷀᷁⁎) 南ことり

南ことりは私の好きなキャラクターです。音楽はとてもかわいいし、インスピレーションです。 10 more words


Love Live Sunshine on being a sequel

When Love Live Sunshine was announced it was subject to a large amount of discourse. Fans and critics of the original accused it of it coming about solely due to a desire for more money. 808 more words


Summer 2016 Anime – First Impressions

Ah yes, the summer heat is now truly upon us, giving us the perfect opportunity to stay indoors and watch anime (thank you 112 degree Arizona heat). 1,793 more words


Wednesday's What About: Insert Songs

I published this a day early, oops. Oh, well.

Two weeks ago (I’m sorry, I was too busy looking for a job to write one last week), I wrote… 216 more words