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Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 9 Synopsis

Here we are, folks: episode 9 of Sunshine. By the end of episode 9 in the original series, μ‘s finally became complete. Will Aqours also manage to recruit the third-years this week? 1,439 more words


Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #09

Here’s You Watanabe… grabbing a school idol costume in the most dangerous way!

Good thing Riko Sakurauchi and Chika Takami managed to grab a hold of You’s legs and pull her up. 463 more words


Love Live School idol Festival!! --Aftermath Report, The Night Sky Knows Everything

Yousoro—uhm nyaa~? I flubbed it! Hey there folks and fellow SIF players! For the Love Live SIF EN players and just anyone curious reading this, the Aqours event featuring Chika Takami and Riko Sakurauchi recently concluded and the two week’s worth of painstaking level grinding and loveca spending heaped upon us our just rewards. 814 more words


Summer 2016 Spotlight: OP and ED of the Season

There may be something wrong with me. By the 8th week of a season, I usually have a lot of opinions about every OP and ED from shows that I’m still watching, but this season there’s nothing. 572 more words


Anime Meets Fast and Furious With SMASH! 2016's Car Showcase

I’m pretty sure Vin Diesel and the rest of his Fast and Furious gang would approve of SMASH! con’s choice to showcase some anime inspired cars at their event this year. 162 more words


A Crunchyroll Of The Dice: Love Live! School Idol Project vs. Lupin III Part 4

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to the first quarter-final match of ‘A Crunchyroll of the Dice!’ As always, I’ll start with a brief run-down of the rules: 3,440 more words

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Love Live: The School Idol Film- μ's Takes Manhattan

I’ve talked about the first two series of Love Live. In both cases the results were fairly positive and I rather enjoyed the experience. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “but you’re literally the biggest killjoy in existence, you aren’t allowed to like things.” I’m sorry, but that accusation is still hilarious to me. 520 more words