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Love Live and the Two-Sided Christmas

I’m writing this while the first snow is falling.  It reminds me that the holiday season is upon us.  I really don’t like winter; dry air, cold temperatures, and overall miserable environment sucks, especially when you have eczema.  1,207 more words

President Nico Nico Nii

Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 Episode #10

Oh look, it’s the Kazuno sisters as they visit Numazu not just to say hi to Aqours… 415 more words


5 Reasons Why Ohara Mari is Best Girl

Here’s the second installment of the unpopular “Best Girl in Aqours” series! 523 more words


Love Live! Sunshine!! and Improved CG

Animating nine girls dancing onstage is hard work. It’s why the Love Live! anime usually reserves 2D animation for moments with three girls or less, and has 3DCG do the grunt work when showing the entire ensemble. 305 more words