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My Top 10 Favorite Love Live! Sunshine!! Songs (Aqours)

Let me just say right now that you are going to see a lot of Love Live related content on this blog. I don’t know when I’ll be able to crawl out of the deep pits of idol hell (i’m just joking around, that statement doesn’t mean love live is bad), but with… 1,075 more words


I Used To Think...

I used to think a of of things that now seem absurd to me. One of those things was actually an unconscious thought; a thought I didn’t realise I had until the mirror of introspection was angled just right for me to see myself in it. 773 more words

Love... LIVE!!!

[APT507] How Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Least Popular Character Rocketed to #1

I wrote a bit about the change in fan opinion over Love Live! Sunshine!! character Matsuura Kanan over at Apartment 507. I know she became one of my favorite characters by the time I finished the anime, but did you find your impressions changing as well?


Have You Seen Nico-Nii?

Love Live’s Nico-nico-nii is a criminal wanted by the United States Federal Government for an international money laundering scheme. She remains at large to this day, several years after her illicit activities were first uncovered in a sting operation led by federal agents and PayPal’s compliance team. 179 more words

General Assessments

[Doujinshi] EliUmi formula: Four Seasons × Four Distances

Everyone who comes here for DMT9: The author planned to release it at C91 (December 2016) but changed her schedule. We don’t know more than that. 54 more words