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Regrets.....2nd chances

With this being “Throw back Thursday” I was thinking how about throwing way back to regret and 2nd chances.  I guess trying to help friends by listening to their problems makes me really think.   522 more words

Estranged Children

My Summer Love Still Burns

I know I shouldn’t still love you.
I know I shouldn’t still cough up my heart, presenting it to you like it’s something you want. 355 more words

Clean Slate?

“Life will not break your heart, it’ll crush it.” – Henry Rollins.

So I woke up having been blocked on Facebook by my ex, all because I told him that I could no longer be friends with him at this stage. 757 more words


When you are grow up..You will understand each and every thing..But you may be late on that time.

I hope you will mind my words. Your will get abuse with me. But don’t get afraid.I going to say about me.One day cry lot. why… what is beyond that.my love my life my dreams every thing left..she left me and take my soul.how crew.but i never can’t forget her because i realy love you my sweet angel.where ever you go.i’l be there with you.still i die.i love you shani.


With Dawn Comes a New Light

The first day of uni has been done and dusted.

Unfortunately due to stressing over it all, and then finally becoming excited about heading to uni, I have gotten sick. 547 more words



Our book for this month (Feb.) was February by Lisa Moore.

Most of us who were there had read the book and those of us who read it really enjoyed it. 430 more words