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Care Less/Careless

Although I was not married at the time, I had an affair.

My partner and I was on the outs, arguments daily, and just in a state of unhappiness. 174 more words

Living Life

Feb 10

​I gave up everything for a counterfeit dream

Trying to be your queen

But the truth is much better than the dillusion

We are no longer stuck in confusion… 82 more words


Bittersweet Goodbye 

​I spent a long time trying to be a little bit different from myself. A little nicer, a little more charming, a little richer, a little more caring, a little bit away from who I am so that I could be a little more appealing. 420 more words



​Lyrics once written for someone that wrote me off…

I have ideas, I’ll suggest a few/ come over so I can molest you/ you sneeze the day and I bless you/ if you show me what those breasts do/ Jk, you feel me? 449 more words


Intense Relief 

A poem about finding my ability to relieve myself through writing only after writing for someone that didn’t care…

​Align with my intensity or find I have a calculated propensity reiterated dearly in my mind that you are clearly fated to be defined, in all your density, merely as a moment of time I left behind. 58 more words


Where the Palm Trees Grow

​I wrote this poem 3 years ago after going to see my girlfriend who had recently moved away to Florida….
I did not and I could not cast the first stone/ I took the path less chosen, the high road, alone/ Eventually I found myself as she kicked rocks/ Now I run the path that we would merely walk/ Together she alone made me more of a man/ When she panders to ponder I hope she understands/ If someday you see her be sure to let her know/ My path was never where the palm trees grow… 234 more words


Born To Forget

​Drove past your house tonight

Wondered if you still think about me

Thought about

The thoughts you’d have about me

Do you remember me fondly? 76 more words