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With Dawn Comes a New Light

The first day of uni has been done and dusted.

Unfortunately due to stressing over it all, and then finally becoming excited about heading to uni, I have gotten sick. 547 more words



Our book for this month (Feb.) was February by Lisa Moore.

Most of us who were there had read the book and those of us who read it really enjoyed it. 430 more words



First, my father hits me up. I haven’t talked to him in at least six years. Out of the blue, he messages me on Facebook. 481 more words


Love is Hard

Love is hard.

It can make you or break you.

What can i say that poets and writers from the past

have not said already. 161 more words

On Love


Having so many animals can be such a big responsibility. I have found having quails quite stressful recently. They have been laying eggs, sitting on them, and then abandoning them. 402 more words


Pancake (Shrove) Tuesday

“Living a good life is like flipping pancakes. If you hesitate, it splatters all over the place. ” – Matt Simpson.

The day I have been waiting for has finally arrived. 366 more words


Remember That Corner?

Do you remember? Everyday in that blissful summer,
We’d meet by that corner, walking beside each other,
And you tried to show me what love is? 81 more words