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Day 280/365 The Wind (A Flashback)

Early morning, September 22, 2017…

Standing on my front porch with a warm cup of coffee between my palms, I assess the damage. Strong winds from a tropical storm off the coast have been lingering for days. 594 more words

Love & Loss

Day 278/365 Neither Here Nor There

Harveys are dreamers…literally. We tend to have very vivid dreams. I know I have mentioned this before, but…

It’s late, and I am up writing because Beau (my eleven year old) woke me up from a sound sleep by calling out for me, urgently. 562 more words

Love & Loss

More Than a Woman

I think of long summer days spent swimming in my parents’ pool. I was with my daughter, about 9 years old. We played silly games together. 1,664 more words

Day 274/365 I’ve Gotta Go, I Love You

Sometimes I find it really hard to write the blog because my head is so filled with something that I don’t want to share, either because it’s too mortifying (yeah, there’s stuff in here I don’t share – … 575 more words

Love & Loss

Day 271/365 It Isn’t The Dying That Matters

It has been a rough couple of days.

December 27th was the one year anniversary of Dad’s passing. Well…technically it was January 5th that he died, but he was never conscious again after his collapse on the 27th. 556 more words

Love & Loss

Day 268/365 May I Sit At Your Table?

Writing is hard to do right now. I could tell you I have been busy, and that I am exhausted at the end of the day…and both of those things would be true, but the real reason is that… 452 more words

Love & Loss

Day 267/365 Christmas Tree-age

This past week I have been thinking about the idea of triage…ranking injuries according to severity, to determine which ones take priority in terms of attention. 264 more words

Love & Loss