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Hourglass Eyes

Hourglass eyes

“Time is passing” look


Left last night

We have only yesterdays

Cupped palms full of tears

© Azul, 2016


Now You Need Me?

I was the bird in your hand,
You were the song in its heart,
So why did you let me fly,
Into the grey uncertain sky? 55 more words

Of Nights Without You

Orange red hope faded,
The twinkling bright,
Of silver stars painted,
Left trails of light,
Memories forever tainted,
Solitary fright,
A bed,
A home,
A life,
Now hated.

My Heart is Heavy with all the 1D Break-up rumors

It’s been a while since I’ve actually taken the time to get my thoughts down and shared with you in this blog – there have been so many wonderful posts with One Direction Fan experiences that I really wanted to share – I guess my though process is to have one place where everything relating to One Direction is in one place and that is here in Passionate About Music – You may also find the same blogs in tumblr on my blog there – Passionate About 1D.   230 more words

One Direction

Remember When

Remember when we first met two Augusts ago?

Small college town.  Tacky sports bar.  Deep red t-shirt.  Spilled beer.

Remember when we touched and talked until 4 am three nights in a row? 369 more words

Love & Loss

The Roses

Roses are like people.

We are all hopelessly affected by our surroundings.

We all start out as beautiful little flowers.




Our petals grow and unfold beautifully as we grow. 144 more words


I killed myself inside to make you happy.

You killed yourself outside to make them happy.

I was dead long before you were gone, but you were too caught up in the ones that didn’t matter to realize that.