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Honorable Monogamy

Met a couple beauties.

Met a couple heartbreaks.

Met a couple painful memories.

Met a couple adventures that ended with them smiling in their sleep. 164 more words


Personality 2 

Every girl I kissed I remember.

Every girl I’ve layed with I remember.

Every girl I let into the chamber of secrets I remember.

They cut slices from my 12 ounce organ. 191 more words


Day 234/365 I SAIL. I'M A SAILOR

There is no heat in my bedroom.

I don’t mean that metaphorically (smirk) though, sadly it does play in that context as well. I mean… 645 more words

Love & Loss

Day 230/365 A Virtual Family

There we were, a virtual family…

Sunday night the girls had an impromptu change in their schedule by spending the night at their dad’s on a school night. 598 more words

Love & Loss

Day 229/365 It May Be What You Want, but It Was Never What You Wanted

The thing about divorce is that even when it is absolutely what a couple wants, it was never what they wanted.

A few months after my separation I wrote a letter about how I was feeling, and I addressed how my loved ones (who were struggling to know how to help me) could help. 892 more words

Love & Loss

Day 227/365 Signs

After my dad died I went to see a medium.

“Have you received any signs from your dad since he crossed over?” she asked.

“Umm…I don’t know, maybe?” I said, awkwardly. 376 more words

Love & Loss

Day 224/365 Just Breathe

Over the past 223 days, I think I have missed four here on the blog. Four days that I didn’t write anything for you ( 557 more words

Love & Loss