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The Stupidity of Love and Why Ignorance is Bliss 

It is a powerful spell that makes us capable of looking at another human being and seeing no faults. Sometimes it’s so intoxicating that it engulfs us completely, to the point that we expect the person we love to be flawless. 393 more words


Men who talk hunter stories

Do you know about kind of guys who always gossip women after they slept with them? For sure , if you are woman you will possibly judge them and think that they are monkeys or social trash. 505 more words


Dear Subconscious (Those were your words, not mine)

“Well, do you ever still think about us? About what we shared?” Her tone is somewhat insouciant, but a subtle curiosity clings to the back of everything she says. 1,818 more words

Poem of the Week: The Breakup

The Breakup
April 17, 2017

It’s over. It’s done. It’s finished. We’re through.
What else can I say to get it through to you?
I’ve broken up with you a while ago as things stand, 399 more words


Do you feel you will never love again?

Dwell in past relation is not just sabotage of your future. Bad flash back could ruin your new feelings, and you might feel sterilized. This time i will not talk how to get over your ex. 521 more words


Sh*t F*t

She had to quit; on that very day
She, handed back love that was gave
Knowing the other, very ill-behaved
She knew the shit fit was on it’s way… 111 more words

Let it what?

It’s been a pretty universal “go to” phrase for about 2 years now. When things go wrong, when we are confronted with harsh realities or impressions we don’t want to face. 526 more words