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Last Kiss

The clouds raced,
My tears streamed,
Winds’ tendrils swept the trees,
With misty eyes and thoughts,
Autumn kissed me,
Cold as winter.

One You Should Be Loving

I miss your words as the ground misses rain,
I long for the sayings that water me washing away pain,
In this still morning so much to be said, 277 more words

Confusion In the Sails

We all fall in love,
Just not always at the same time,
We all get angry,
All to often at each other.

Perhaps I should leave, 51 more words


I hoped in an empty heart,
Wished a fourth wish,
Dreamed the impossible tragedy,
Prayed without purpose,
Ran a race against my shadow,
Cried with no one to wipe tears, 23 more words

Chasing a Retreating Love

Imperceptibly narrow distance,
A slightly growing silence,
Details but never too much,
Concerns of love and such,
Writings never shared,
A soul slightly bared,
A mind locked in fear, 12 more words

Mistaken Identity

It was solitary,
Hanging still,
Feeling lifeless,
Along you came,
Slipping yours in,
But for a moment,
Then with shock,
You fled shyly,
With apology, 77 more words

My Review of Walking in Grace with Grief by Della Temple

My review today is going to be a little different as it is in two parts. First, my review of the book and my second post will be about my personal experiences while reading the book. 349 more words

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