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Loving Kindness

Out of the same mouth come blessing and cursing my brothers, this should not be so.” ~ James 3:10

“At least you’ll be pious!!” he wielded at me across the counter top like a flaming double edged sword. 888 more words

Love & Loss

Howdy Do

Wow it’s warm in the sun light. These day windows capture the best for us as we sit in the warmth.

When I arrived to the second floor I asked where his room was; it’s been a while since I’ve visited, I wasn’t sure if they moved him with his health changes. 701 more words

Love & Loss

Day 180/365 The Elephant in The Blog

Those of you who pay close attention to this blog may have noticed that I didn’t publish anything yesterday.

I often don’t have time to write until after I put my kids to bed at night. 370 more words

Love & Loss

To your dear soul

It’s been nearly two years and you eventually visited me in my sleep. I really felt the connection. It was so real. But I felt like it was hard for you to come through and communicate at that frequency. 344 more words

Body Mind Spirit

Day 175/365 Shipwrecked

What I would like to share today is the most beautiful and accurate description of grief I have ever read (and it even includes my beloved metaphors). 658 more words

Love & Loss

Day 174/365 Karate Lobster

You know I’m a fraud, right?

It’s not deliberate, I promise.

It’s just…sometimes when I am writing this lovely advice about how to deal with life and loss, I am actually writing words of advice to… 641 more words

Love & Loss

Love and Loss and Love

How To Heal After Losing Any Kind of Love

By: Beren Sabuncu

While it might be easy to simply pick one definition for it, love cannot be summed up easily. 702 more words