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Passed Over

You are a beautiful flower,
Freshly blooming with confidence,

I’d be amiss,
To pick you miss,
To clip you from your roots,

Tying up your heart with string, 44 more words

Winter's Sun

The sun shone loyally today,
Just as every day,
Though warmth flowed,
Cold is all it bestowed,

Rising faithfully to impart work,
Never a day did it shirk, 56 more words

'Does this sound like you?' - A guide to help your heartache. (for males)

Does this sound like you?
You like a girl, a lot, so much that even though you try to not let her, she almost immediately takes first priority in your life. 990 more words


This Could've Been Us

We’re in every picture,
Even if you can’t see us,

Fingering the edges of photos,
Some aged by time,
Others by my forgetful mind,
I could trace your outline, 91 more words

Jail Birds

My heart is a caged thing,
Oh the songs it used to sing!

Now though it hangs,
Suspended in brass rungs,
Tucked in by lungs, 67 more words


It was how I knew.

Of all the futures I could envision for myself, of all the scenarios that played out in my mind, one without you seemed pointless. 71 more words

Poem of the Week: Happy Little Maple

Happy Little Maple
July 28, 2015

Oh, happy little maple, I grew you from a seed
I’d planted in my back yard, and much water did I feed… 673 more words