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Cherry Blossoms

 I supposed when it’s all over, the memories just come back in flashes. Like a million pictures vividly imprinted into my mind.

    I remember the long stares when I sat at the back of your truck, listening to a Greenday song that was humming from the radio. 627 more words


Forgive me.

I sought to find my happiness and purpose in you when they were within me the whole time. What a fool I was to place my fragile heart into your rough hands.


TRIOLET (using 9 syllables not traditional 8)

For you must live for me


For you must live for me, come what may,

take this my last breath and set it free, 48 more words


UK Web Series: Shrink TV - Love & Loss (Season 2 Episode 1)

Two women, worlds apart but cut from the same cloth, come together on an unplanned journey of discovery and closure over rum and cocktails. Natasha (Vanessa Donovan) and Alexis (Samantha Earle) decipher and break down societal notions of marriage, motherhood and womanhood, violence they have encountered as women, and the lengths they have taken to protect themselves.

Love and loss and their impact on my life

Loosing someone who bought me in this world at a tender age of 7 was something that impacted me a lot. It made me envious of all the children who had a mother to share their apprehensions, joys,secrets and the most coziest lap to rest their head. 372 more words

Life Lessons

Booz Allen Hamilton

A strategy and management firm, with no strategy and bad management.  They offer consultancy services in both the Private and Department of Defense sectors with about 16,000 employees spread across the United States and overseas.   5,292 more words

Human Disasters

The Stupidity of Love and Why Ignorance is Bliss 

It is a powerful spell that makes us capable of looking at another human being and seeing no faults. Sometimes it’s so intoxicating that it engulfs us completely, to the point that we expect the person we love to be flawless. 393 more words