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I Hate How Much I Want You

I hate how we have known each other for a while now, yet I barely know you.

We can talk from the crack of dawn to nightfall, but it is nothing of substance. 455 more words

Maybe It Wasn’t Real For You, But It Was Real For Me

Isn’t it strange that we can feel something so strongly, but the other person might not? That your heart could literally be bursting out of your chest at every touch, and yet, to him it may be ordinary? 680 more words

A Colder Winter

As much as it hurt
I know I couldn’t have been
What you needed
Back then
In those cold winter months
But now
As the summer fades… 9 more words


Sealed with good-byes

​Theres a violent storm outside my


And I’m writing letters

To dead lovers

In explanation of how I tried

But I just couldn’t shake the feeling… 13 more words


Some days you're the bug

I’m 40. I’m divorced. I’m a mother of two fantastic sons. I have a good job. I’m learning how to date. Those are the basics. 433 more words

Emotional Crap


I can hear my heartbeat in my head and I wish it would just stop.


fog rolling in

doubt has started to creep in

like fog rolling in off of the water

im searching for answers that I know will never come

questioning constantly if any moment was real… 124 more words