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Day 323/365 Totally Doable

Lately I have been feeling really happy…

Sunshine-y, even.

I have been in a make-sure-you-tell-people-you-love-them (and not because you’re afraid they’re gonna die but just because you love them) kind of mood. 479 more words

Love & Loss

Day 321/365 Her Lens

I have told the story before about how, after my father’s death, I became more keenly aware of a lack of photos of my mother. The reason being, she is an avid and talented photographer, thus is always behind the lens. 348 more words

Love & Loss

You still haunt me.

I hate that even though you aren’t even in my life anymore you still haunt me.

I hate that there are some days that I miss you and you don’t even deserve that, especially if you don’t miss me. 166 more words

Messy Feeling

Loneliness did reach through my chest
though I tried my best
to resist its angry pull.
It left a space between my breast
that once beat red and blue. 37 more words



Hold your heart in your hands,
out to the warm rays of the sun.
Someplace safe and sound –
As though it’ll never be found. 36 more words


A Relationship That Lasts?

I’m sure the internet is riddled with formulas and fixes for relationships. I’ve just entered a new relationship after two years of being single. I’m very mindful of my past mistakes. 426 more words