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I killed myself inside to make you happy.

You killed yourself outside to make them happy.

I was dead long before you were gone, but you were too caught up in the ones that didn’t matter to realize that.


A Falling Out

A single tear wanders down my cheek,
A path similar to my own wandering,
As I pick footing among fallen leaves,
Wondering if trees regret letting go.

Do I Know You?

Do you hear the quiet violins of thought,
The frenzied breaths of anticipation,
For time is in my control,
Love within my hands,
Yet all that stands, 108 more words

The Photographer's Cataract

The gentle descending tune of the piano,
Carries memories snapped in photos,
Clipped in half where I stood with you,
Now I’m living in dark rooms of lows, 47 more words

Slow Drain

The universe expanding and collapsing,
All in the rise and fall of your chest,
A breath shot out in the longest sigh,
The indication of the imminent explosion, 114 more words

what doesn't work

when you show yourself vulnerable

and your friend pulls away

your deepest feelings fly into a tailspin

it hurts when someone treats you special

then at once their affection, it fades away… 96 more words

My Life In Prose

Inaudible Heart

You hear not the accent or tone

of my feminine or frail voice

and strain to absorb reticent letters

artful, but disguising the full rendition… 149 more words