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Some days you're the bug

I’m 40. I’m divorced. I’m a mother of two fantastic sons. I have a good job. I’m learning how to date. Those are the basics. 433 more words

Emotional Crap


I can hear my heartbeat in my head and I wish it would just stop.


fog rolling in

doubt has started to creep in

like fog rolling in off of the water

im searching for answers that I know will never come

questioning constantly if any moment was real… 124 more words

lines in sand

You drew a line in the sand and you asked me not to cross, and I stand here cold and shaking believing if there was a way to make it across we could survive.   168 more words

A Heart Discarded

​Suffering in silence

Is where I will be

Heart discarded

No love left for me
Clouded days

Empty nights

Forgotten memories

No wings for flight… 31 more words



The exhaustion overwhelms me.

The search, never ending.

Once, you were at my fingertips, but slipped away.

I found you in a smile, or so I thought. 45 more words

We Let Go Of Our Love, But I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

You were always there. When I was blindsided, upset, and hurt. When my immature self couldn’t handle the truth, but you were always in the corner. 820 more words