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brief encounter

Frank shows up looking rough,
love on the rocks,
house on the line.
I drank white wine, Frank left.
So did i…


This Is What Love Is

1. Love is not always about a relationship between two people. It’s about you and your surroundings. It’s about you and how you value every single thing around you. 404 more words

Our Past; My Nightmare

I tried my best to reconcile my heart
And convince you I was worth it
But you had your mind set
On being content without me… 59 more words


This Is How You Lose A Good Girl

You lie to her.

Maybe it’s something tiny, but it all starts there. A lie of omission. A half-truth. A little piece of your life that you embellish, or minimize, or keep hidden, thinking, … 789 more words

Our Love Song Is Ending, And That’s Okay

The melody has come to a close. The last beats of the song have come to an end. We are in the final seconds of the song where you can hear the sound of the music in the background but it’s too quiet for you to sing along. 292 more words

In the Autumn

In the autumn
the mind and heart
detach from each other
much like leaves from a tree
first raging in wild color
until they take flight… 112 more words


You and I, No Longer

​I started to feel it

Finally slipping away

As I tried to reach for a hand

That no longer was there

And as much as I try to grasp… 59 more words