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Losing love. 💔

So it’s came the day,

You feared in trepidation,

The day you lost,

All the love and admiration,

For the one you love,

They have let you down, … 246 more words


Long nights
spent working,
dwindling my time away.

I wonder,
Is it worth it?
What do I gain?

While I still
cannot answer
such simple questions, 22 more words


Before The Flood

I miss the way your touch
Made the coldest parts of my body

I miss the way your laugh
Broke a smile across your face… 40 more words


Death and Election Day

This will be a historic day in our lives.  A day most of us will never forget, Presidential Election Day 2016.  Lots emotions will be experienced today, the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and everything in between.  1,172 more words

Love Loss

I yearned for you.

I yearned for you

In those nameless hours before dawn
when the world is a mighty stranger,
or those disembodied moments in the morning, hovering on the brink of consciousness; 61 more words

Love, Loss


Fear not for our demise, love
for I have loved you sweetly, sadly

I have woven my life around our interlinked fingers,
each infinitesimal movement of your heart sending tiny pangs through me, 81 more words

Love, Loss