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Weep Not

Weep not for lost love.

The heart has known joy,

the mind contentment.

 Fear not the memories.

They hold shared adventure,

life lived.

Embrace the change. 12 more words


Sara One Day

She said flowers are for making
sweet nothing of the air, she’d wave
her bouquet in sweeping arcs,
to trace comets she saw there,
streaks of scent, slow color to fade… 20 more words


It felt so easy the first time I met you. You made sense to why people tell stories of the first time they met.

I always thought the journey was the wonder but then I had a taste of your coffee and forever and ever I wanted to taste you for the first time. 65 more words


Finely Inflated

Once as a girl I was saved
shaved in many directions
to the point, rapier wits
poised, ready to please
left me breathlessly awaiting
a pulse, passion and reasons to live, 115 more words


Couplets In The Streetlight

We’d make love early
then sit on the floor
in the dark along
the windowed wall
wrote poetry while
sheer curtains blew
warm rainy wind about us

© Chagall 2015


Apparently Not So

It’s the way Pop started to go, she said,
small things, inconsequential; so I fret
for things I did today: poured the whole well
of ground coffee beans directly into the pot, 22 more words


In the beginning.....

Finding a place to start seems next to impossible. where does my story even really begin? is it

when i was a child. is it when i began school or when i first fell in love. 2,144 more words

Almost Lovers