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My Darling

I miss you. Our love story feels… unfinished.

I feel as if there was so much that we never had. So much that we never got to say to each other. 144 more words


i can't let you know how I feel

A warm flutter at the bottom of my belly It’s just like the first time I saw you

You were standing by the bar,I saw you through a smoky haze and just like that was the last time I saw you… 328 more words

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

OK, so you walk out into the garden on a quest for the biggest brightest Barberton Daisy that, today, has been preferentially selected as the author of your fate. 552 more words


I'll Wait

I’ll wait

Until I can find someone

Someone who thinks I’m worth it

Worth the wait

Worth the effort

Worth the trust

Worth the affection… 26 more words

Written Word

The End

How in the world will I ever forget you

When every air I breathe is the scent of you

When every vision comes from the light of you… 77 more words

Ephemeral Wanderings

The Diary of A Homeless Romantic

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                          October 17, 2009

I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. This was reminiscent of the time when dad bought me those candies. 882 more words


I don't know if I love him anymore...

I’ve only been going out with this guy for just over a year and I realised around the 6 month mark that I did in fact love him…a lot, I fell pretty damn hard for the guy…I then found out around 9/10 month mark that he had in fact cheated on me with a coworker who he had previously told me I had nothing to worry about with and that he would never do that because he’s had it done to him in past relationships, finding this out seriously broke me…and sent my depression and anxiety into quite a spiral downwards, crying a lot, not eating or eating way too much…I did stay with him as he seemed determined to make it up to me and to make things work and I loved him so I agreed…but lately, I’ve been feeling less and less like I am in fact in love with him, I’m so damn confused about what I’m feeling, he himself has never said the words to this day, I don’t think we’re even close to me getting keys to his place despite him saying multiple times he wants to make some for me and then he backs off….I feel like walking away a lot…but then I turn around and think, he does make me happy, he genuinely does, I just dont think he realises or sees how well I’m not coping with everything, I had a meltdown last week and he wouldn’t even/couldn’t give me a hug…I’m emotionally exhausted!