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He Loves Me or He Loves Me Not Enough

He loves me, he loves me not enough

As my fingers touch the petals
whispered words slip from my lips
begging not for an answer… 326 more words

Ink Drops

Love And Lost

Re-watching Lost is like catching up with old friends. I tend to have friends that are part of my life one moment and then the next they’re like dust in the wind perhaps we’re all the same connected to other people one moment and then disconnected the next. 1,095 more words


If You Had Loved Me

if you had loved me
i would have raised you

a bridge over the shifting red dunes of my soul
on spider silk threads
beading with nectar… 94 more words


How my relationship ended 

I saw this picture posted on someone’s blog on WordPress. I didn’t know how to save it from here so I just looked it up but anyways this definitely relates to my situation. 2,797 more words

I'm So Vague

So vague…
I bet you think
This blog is

So vain…
I know you think
This blog is

Share… 227 more words


Getting over a long distance relationship 

I have looked this up many times online to see what others would say about this and a lot of the time I see people saying it’s easier getting over a long distance relationship. 644 more words


I thought of you today…again.

Good God-this has been going on for too long. Your name keeps showing up in the movies I watch, the books that I read…why won’t you just go away? 280 more words