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The Big Finale (Part Two)

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you lay it all out there, Big?

Then I will disappear now.  Congratulations ! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with friends and family! 1,847 more words

Penny Search - FLASH FICTION

I remember that St. Patrick’s Day when we emptied your giant stash of coins onto the carpet in your living room. How we searched.

I wanted to find a penny for everyone, with their birth year on it. 109 more words


Not Enough Light

I place my bookmark upside down
or right-side up, pointing front
or back, to easily resume
from where I’ve stopped,
top-left open or bottom facing… 20 more words


Time heals all

Watching the clock fly away, I am lost
Unhurt and unafraid, but  at what cost?
Dull ache of a missed chance pierces through
Images of tragic love and a lover untrue… 32 more words


Fight or Flight #amwriting #ASMSG #IARTG

My strongest memory of a fight or flight moment is clear in my mind, as if it happened yesterday. The bible study group had wrapped up and I was talking with my friend, Sue. 554 more words

N. N. Light

I Miss...

I miss the way your hand fit against mine

I miss the warm hood of your car against my back as we stared up at the stars… 464 more words


guitar strumming in an office cubicle

the world will always remember us

as lovers

lovers who wrote

for each other

on each other

but only I know

that you wrote about me… 51 more words