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The Sacrifice

When you hand over your entire life to someone it takes the sacrifice of your entire heart to say goodbye. Nothing that you ever touch forever lasts. 558 more words

#ThrowbackThursday Fiction: Sunset

“I’m supposed to cry, right?¬†Every inch of my body is telling me to cry. But I can’t…”

It’s a somber Throwback Thursday today. I don’t normally get personal on this blog (though some of the stories I’ve posted here have been deeply personal…you just don’t know), but it’s been a difficult few weeks for me, and I’d like to talk—or rather, write—about it. 381 more words



For the first 2 years of our relationship, I was slightly skeptical and non committal not knowing that with each passing day, I’m pushing her away and eroding at her sky high confidence in ‘us’. 132 more words

Sounds: LLORIENT // Love Lost

I don’t know what it is, but so far 2018 is blessing us on the Left Bank with some really good tunes (keep ’em coming). 157 more words



Hands down, starry-eyed
A blip in a moment of time.
Subtlety unforeseen
Making no precious memories.
Center of your own universe
Charming, yet so perverse. 95 more words


Before You Came

There was silence before you came,
And you were a melody,
the way you intruded.
I should’ve known behind those sweet vocals
Was a siren preying and with no good intentions at all.

~*~ Reunite ~*~

One fine day we will

Reunite under bright stars;

All I crave is you.