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It Should Have Been

The poetry of my heart

Follows the song of my soul.

Although this heartache drowns me and

Its sorrow depletes my very being,

I hold my love for you close, 50 more words


We Spend Our Time, Leaving it Behind

“I must think of it constantly in order to take care not to think of it. In this connection it must be understood not only that I must of necessity perpetually carry within me what I wish to flee but also that I must aim at the object of my flight in order to flee it… Thus anguish, properly speaking, can be neither hidden nor avoided.”

79 more words

Night Shadows

Sheets of white surround me in

A blanket of feathered softness as dreams of him linger

 on the edge of sleep, my being cloaked in night’s darkness. 103 more words


Life Is Terrifying but We Don't Know Any Better

I am circumspect –
it’s not the first time it’s happened
since I left your bed,
and it’s been a long ten years
since I left it. 124 more words


like tree roots in an old graveyard

wasted is the day

staring into mirrors,

where no one comes any longer

to lay flowers,

to sit beneath trees,

86 more words

The love and stillness of forever.

Our destiny is love,

In its form of being and nonbeing.

It flows from the source,

From the beginnings of timelessness.

From the place of no time or deception as time is limiting and… 227 more words


WHY ME? WHY am I Here?

I realize some reading this are not believers, do not have a spiritual guide;  or have been broken to the point their faith has been shipwrecked. 1,784 more words