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Why I Cry

He doesn’t cry for me,

He cries for himself.

The magnitude of the pain he has caused

Makes him uncomfortable.

He can’t believe he is… 318 more words


Waiting for You

I have waited for you
my whole life
In the dark secret places
And in the multitudes of everyone
and at places where I was sure… 57 more words



Gone are the glory days
Where we could set the caged bird free,
Look together at how far our roads paved,
Breathe in the songs they carved out for us on that tree. 78 more words


Down In The Feather

She fell from the branch
immediately shaping a figure S
then soared on a wing full of air
while I remain here unamused
lacking desire to fly

Chagall 2015


Les Principes

She said
I’m a frigging avatar
who’s gonna know?

I told her
I’d know.

To which she smirked
then faded.

Chagall 2015


The Hold of You

I woke up today with you on my mind,

Same as when I had finally fallen asleep:

Restless from the memories

Bidding me to take another peek, 118 more words


Making Space for Uncertainty

My boyfriend of 4.5 months recently broke up with me.  And so it’s been a process of untangling our lives and letting go.

After a couple of weeks of not talking to him and crying a lot, the crying has stopped and I’ve slipped back into talking, texting with him. 191 more words