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I'm Sorry. 

I’m sorry for the nights that you lay,
Awake for hours on end with your mind restless.
Soaked in perspiration, feeling uncomfortable in your wetness, 105 more words


Somewhere in a Dream

Somewhere in a Dream

I’m walking in the morning light
from somewhere in a dream
the colors, taste and sound of love
are never what they seem… 125 more words


Forever Hurt

You were my angel, my mother, my sister, my best friend

I thought we’d always be together till the very end

I was always loyal, no matter what, I’d stuck by you… 232 more words

In The Time ( It Takes To Love You )

In The Time ( It Takes To Love You )

in the time it takes to hold you
I’ve gone dancing with the stars
to the rhythm of the oceans… 127 more words


Final Memory

They say dandelions are weeds. So I guess I’m doing the environment a service by plucking one from the ground. But then I pucker my lips and blow the seeds into the wind. 295 more words


The Beauty of a Memory

Despite our pleas and pathetic memorials to souls who couldn’t care less,
Darling, the dead are meant to stay dead,
And they only live on in the stories we replay in our head, 504 more words