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I Don't Love You Anymore

I have a thing for sad songs. If you’re heart broken and are looking for a music list of sad songs, I am the person you look for. 349 more words

Facebook feed jealousy and regret

Over the past few weeks my Facebook feed has been filled with pictures of my friend’s children graduating elementary, high school or college. Going to the junior prom or the prom. 502 more words

Love Lost

When I Leave

My memories were tinted from love

but now I’m realizing you’re just somebody I barely knew

so it doesn’t hurt that much to think about you… 81 more words


The Darkest of Days

Once I was told to hold on,
To what is true that I have known;
But the treacherous wind took it all,
That someone I swore to give my all. 59 more words


Lost, out of touch...

It’s happening again. That feeling of fuzzy reality, lost in time. Been thinking seriously about what it might be like if I were dead. Mostly dead inside already, the body just hanging on. 293 more words

Mr Perfect

If Someone Leaves You, Fires You, Rejects You, or Cheats on You

Being left, fired, rejected, or cheated upon is, no doubt, a painful experience. However, if we find ourselves in one of these situations, here are some critical considerations: 102 more words


By the Unknown Poet by Ambia Guiomala

I want you to love me
Just one more day
And let me feel those nice
feelings once again
Let me forget that you have already went away… 97 more words