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Let’s Fall In Love On Paper

Let’s Fall In Love On Paper

Let’s fall in love on paper
frozen feelings
heartfelt hieroglyphics
sensual stirrings
where love can do no harm… 121 more words


Rear View

Rear View

I took one look
And there you were
How long I had searched
How lonely I had been

The way you wore your hair… 66 more words


Lada and the Moon

Every so often our writing group meets. Yesterday we sat under the bliss of morning air while a mother duck and two ducklings wandered by. Flowers bloomed around us as we feasted on food that filled our bellies and communion with one another that filled our souls. 464 more words


I deserved better.

in this wicked world
who still believes
in love
has to remember
that most others…
do not.

It is the loneliest… 42 more words


The Ruins of Corinthian

Life there is returning
It’s long overdue
Results of separation
When one became two

The walls no longer bleed
The screams have all but died… 58 more words

Love Lost

The Castle of Hope

You’d cry me a river
I’d bring out a boat
As every drop simmered
Equating a moat

Your fortress unfortified
In the Castle of Hope… 48 more words


What I learned about Goodbye

Goodbyes suck.  I wish there was a more eloquent way of putting it but sometimes we don’t need a beautiful description of something we all already know about. 521 more words