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Malachite can be used to attract business success, customers and increased revenue

General Properties of Malachite: Grounding, protection, love, peace, business success

Color: Pastel green to medium and bright green to dark green with lighter and darker bands and swirls… 458 more words

Magickal Correspondences

The 3 Branches of the Occult Tarot

by Tony Willis       

The Occult Tarot operates on several levels. I have chosen to write on the magickal tarot but there is a mystical tarot and a theurgic tarot which are also studied and practiced by occultists. 803 more words

Occult Tarot

Introducing Tarot Magick

Auntie has rather a lot on her plate at the moment. She is perfectly well, just snowed under by mundane demands on her time. She has, therefore, asked me to step into the breach for a short while. 1,263 more words

Tony Willis

Spell Work for Litha 2015

Spell Work for Litha: Healing, love magick, protection, purification, energy, faery

The gift:
From the union between God and Goddess comes many thing great and small, but one of the most powerful gifts from that union is Divine Love that is shared with all creations. 757 more words

Wheel Of The Year

Love and Passion Altar

If you’ve been a good little garden witch, you’re probably overflowing with herbs by now.  When all your meals are starting to taste like the same herbs, and you’ve given away all you can, there’s still plenty more to do with them besides drying them for the fall and winter.  75 more words


Flame Dove II

New to the shop, as of only a few days ago, this necklace would be a stunning signature piece to wear every day as a stealth devotional talisman for Aphrodite or another love goddess, and would also be completely appropriate for a special occasion, such as a summer wedding or pagan festival. 184 more words


Love Magick - Wicca subject of the week

Hello everyone,

Well I thought I would talk about love magick this week. When performing love magick you have to, as they say, look before you leap. 125 more words

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