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Podcast ep - Interview with Lilith Dorsey

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Thanks for tuning in to The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast, the show that examines witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, activist lens.

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The Basis of a Good Love Spell

Every year I am asked by many clients to do love spells. Many are looking to recover lost loves.  As we go into Venus Retrograde the energies are ripe for a return to love, but many are still frustrated because Karma refuses to allow a reunion until karmic debts are paid.   488 more words


Love On The Brain: Eros vs. Pragma

Last week we discussed the ethics of love magick, and knowing what you will and will not do when doing a love working. So we now know what kinds of love magick you are comfortable doing. 1,489 more words

Shadow Work

Love on the Brain: The Ethics of Love Magick

February is now upon us. Valentines Day is right around the corner, and Spring is on the horizon. Now seems like the perfect time to start talking about love magick. 633 more words


The Energy Model and An Unusual Approach to Love Magick

This approach involves looking at energy in a slightly different way than what we are taught is standard, even in most modern metaphysical schools.  Rather than thinking of the point of manifestation as using energy, visualization and other magickal technique to manifest the physical experience of a romantic relationship, a sexual encounter or a specific person….we are looking at the internal reaction afterwards as the last event, the final manifestation of a scenario. 803 more words


Healing Love Addiction, Clinginess, Emotional Dependence and Other Sticky Feelings

Where do I start?  How about if I point out that the point of spirituality is to be completely aware of your Oneness with the Divine?  1,743 more words


Why Are We so Loved by the Lovers that We Cannot Have?

The Fairy Tale:

Once upon a time you fell in love. You got married. You stayed together forever. And you lived happily ever after.

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