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Part III: Rekindling the Spark

The third part of this five part video series is a smashing synopsis on three principles that can really make a difference in turning the tide on a unsatisfying marriage.   104 more words

From Russia with Love and Hate: Is love cause of the war and crisis?

I am a frequent browser of the Russian news portals. This has several reasons. The most important one is the tradition: I left my home country – Georgia – in 2001. 429 more words

Big Data

Love Map of Internet – Ranking of Countries that Love the Most

In my recent post, we were looking at the dark side of the internet. I wanted to check which countries express the hate most frequently and what things that people hate the most are. 373 more words

Big Data

Seeing Again

“My love map is not static, but it’s rather places that I’ve been and places that I’ll see again.”

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Discourse In Love

The World

Heard in an interview ::

“The good, healthy stuff about love I got from my parents.  The rest I got from the world.”

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Discourse In Love

Love Map

What has shaped you,

in ways that you recognize?

Some psychologists claim that we have love maps that we develop throughout our lives.

Who you are, what you’ve seen in life and in relationships, and where you are going next. 132 more words

Discourse In Love