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Love of Learning

This week we’ll talk about the Love of Learning and specifically how anyone, adults in particular, can leverage it.

Why does it matter?

The love of learning has quite a few cool things associated with it, the most notable being good general mental health.   686 more words

24 Weeks Of Virtue

I Wonder, February 24, 2015

I Wonder….

  • Can I carve a dog out of wood?
  • Can I carve sling out of wood?
  • How are fish scales like tree trunks?
  • Can you use the AM radio after noon?
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Inspire-not Require

The National Theatre Drama Teacher's Conference 2015: Day One Recap

Image Source: The National Theatre

I was lucky enough to spend Thursday and Friday last week attending the inaugural Drama Teacher’s Conference at the National Theatre… 595 more words

Drama Education

Column: On the pursuit of knowledge


The Chinese teacher began class by asking us why we decided to take this course. 526 more words


The Circle of Courage - Native American Model of Education

“Anthropologists have long known that Native Americans reared courageous, respectful children without using harsh coercive controls. Nevertheless, Europeans colonizing North America tried to “civilize” indigenous children in punitive boarding schools, unaware that Natives possessed a sophisticated philosophy that treated children with deep respect.” 429 more words


Homeschooling a Dysgraphic or Resistant Writer

If your child has illegible handwriting well into elementary school, struggles with spacing, has an awkward pencil grip, can’t seem to put his thoughts down on paper, and shuts down when you put a worksheet in front of him even though he may know all the answers, there’s a good chance his struggles with writing may be caused by… 2,385 more words


Why Corporate School Reform will Eventually Fail

The bottom line is this, you cannot get professionalism, compassion and commitment from teachers when you treat them like Starbucks employees. The corporate model of school reform, with it’s focus on charter schools, high-stakes testing and Common Core standards, ignores the reason the best teachers went into the profession in the first place. 1,746 more words

Creative Systems Thinking