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Self-love and External Hate: Reciprocal Mindmates to Perfect the Self-universe

I am the greatest lover to have ever existed in the history of humanity, and I am the greatest hater to have ever existed in the history of the universe. 956 more words


A Poem For...

And so within this journal she would write,  just a few words before saying goodnight. About the times gone past and times to come, of her life under this great big sun. 226 more words

Three Fearless Loves

How do I help. What do I do. When will I learn how to pass love to all of you.

My desire from the blue, to write a song, letter or poem that’s true. 238 more words

The Most Difficult of all Forbidden Truth Mind Reconciliations

The greatest struggle of the superior and untouchable human-born who has successfully rejected and transcended his humanity, is to fully reconcile within his very Self-universe, the Forbidden Truth facts that he is already dead and doomed to become retroactively unborn, to literally have his uniquely perfect and brilliantly created Self-universe erased to eternal oblivion, with the Forbidden Truth facts that technological immortality is functionally feasible as of this very moment, and that his sacred entitlement to be born and to exist in the… 906 more words


Love of God allows love of self? Jacques Philippe "Called to Life"

Philippe links loss of belief in God to loss of appropriate self-love as a source of our modern misery.

He says: “I’m convinced that people several centuries ago didn’t find it as hard to love themselves as we do now. 280 more words

Catholic Explanations

Trial Rooms and Women:

I entered the space

It was the smallest room

Possible in the biggest mansion

Covered with clothes and drapes

Shining with pearls and jewels

The artefacts stood in one corner… 248 more words

Words do hurt

People say Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

That is a lie. Words hurt.

Not only that but they sting and can separate. 155 more words