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I’m trying something new here & I have to say I’m thankful for my graphic design background. You know those Facebook posts that say, “take a screenshot to find out what is”? 96 more words


Love Out Loud

On November 29, 2017, it was another day for me just walking the streets in D.C. Then I saw a wall of flowers before the Capitol building and went to investigate. 51 more words


Constellations # 2 - Ronit Lentin

Dr Ronit Lentin is an activist, a writer and a former Associate Professor of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin.
She has been an active voice for the freedom of the Palestinian people. 133 more words


Episode # 2: RAMSI + MASI - Ireland

Thawab Shibly,, Ellen O’ Keeffe, Richard Duggan (RAMSI), Lucky Khambule (MASI)

RAMSI (Refugee and Migrant Solidarity Ireland) is a grassroots, non-hierarchical volunteer group based in Dublin. 382 more words


Constellations # 1 - Lucky Khambule - Ireland

Lucky Khambule is an activist and human rights campaigner based in Dublin.
Lucky is an inspiring and tireless voice for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees in Ireland. 160 more words


Mighty People - Episode # 1: Andrew Sweeney & Calvin James - Ireland

The first episode of Mighty People features Dublin based brothers Andrew Sweeney and Calvin James. They have set up SCOOP Foundation and the Syrias Vibes Campaign. 184 more words


Mighty People

Mighty People is a grassroots social project about global changemakers.
Dreamers, schemers and doers. People like you and me that dare to think and act outside the box, standing up for social justice and actively working to change the world. 68 more words