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As a child I believed in God, then somewhere along the way I lost my faith but I found it again. I struggled often to believe in God because it was impossible to understand why my father died. 380 more words

Love Over Fear

Do What You Love

This past weekend I taught my first yoga class to the public and I loved it. I was scared to teach but once I was in the moment and I relaxed (as much as I could), things just went. 402 more words

Love Over Fear

I Believe in the Good Things Coming

It is amazing what releasing stress can do for you. Yesterday I took the GRE and once it was over, I forgot the amazing feeling and release that comes after taking a huge test. 320 more words

Love Over Fear

Stress to Gratitude

It is Sunday. I am sitting here in the dark because the sun has yet to rise and I am trying to take it all in. 453 more words

Love Over Fear

The Present Moment

Entering into the new year, I set intentions in different areas of my life. All these intentions had one overarching intention; be here now. But I turned this intention into the affirmation “I am here.” 293 more words

Love Over Fear

The arts will see us through.

“The arts will see us through.” – @heyjessnyc on Instagram.

“I’ve sat mesmerized watching online videos of the Canadian group Choir! Choir! Choir! They somehow manage to get hundreds of strangers to sing beautifully together ….With almost no rehearsal – how do they do it?? 26 more words


The Energy You Bring

We all bring energy with us wherever we go because we all are made up of energy. Energy radiates off us and on to our environment and other people. 435 more words

Love Over Fear