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Opening of the heart

This week I am focused on opening my heart more.

To what you may ask?

I am opening my heart to create space for my soul mate, spiritual friendships, and for new clients. 161 more words

Choose Love Over Fear - Appreciate Every Moment In Life

Last week, I had a pretty task-filled week. My calendar consisted of tons of meetings, projects, and even homework for my doctoral class. Normally, I would feel confident with my weekly schedule. 364 more words


Release & then release again.

My post yesterday was all about helping others and while I firmly believe in that whole heartily I again am human and fall into these pit falls. 311 more words

If Seth Godin Can Do It...

Seth Godin is claimed to write blog posts each and every day.  He focuses on putting his life observations to work and sharing his thoughts each day with his readers. 687 more words

The core of all upset is choosing fear over love,
So choose love
Accepting all as it is
In lovingness,
And lovingness will rise
Over and above everything…

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Even this resistance needs a pause button

I begin my weekend with a restorative yoga class with one of my dearest friends. We lie on our mats, towels over our eyes while our muscles yield to each extended pose, and our thoughts dissolve in a cradle of live guitar and gentle Sanskrit chants. 802 more words

Week 37 & 38: For Better or Worse a New Year is Launched.

I have been struggling with what to post for the past two weeks…going on three.

There are a myriad lines of thought going through my head, none I’ve been able to make coherent enough to write down. 2,215 more words