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Chinese Mom Buys $6.5 Million New York City Apartment for 2-Year-Old

Think you’re spoiling your child? Think again. A CCTV story is making international headlines after a New York City real estate agent revealed that a Chinese mother purchased a $6.5 million apartment for her toddler. 295 more words


Bling-Free Beijing: China Bans Ads That Promote Luxurious Lifestyle

The Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce has banned outdoor ads that promote a lavish lifestyle and include words such as “supreme,” “royal,” “high class” and “luxury”.  186 more words


The Story of the Love Padlocks

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

How does one proclaim their love for another? How do you express “I want to be yours forever?” Flowers, chocolates, jewelry? 237 more words


Is Wall Street Draining Hospital Talent? Bankers Still Make More Than Brain Surgeons

Traders on Wall Street may be griping about this year’s pitiful bonuses, but according to a recent New York University Stern School of Business study reported in… 221 more words